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Car itinerary in Trentino Alto Adige

A tourist destination of excellence, the Trentino Alto Adige welcomes its visitors with a true spectacle of natural beauty. We have prepared for you a very special car itinerary for 7 days! Come with us and embark on this fantastic trip!

Eremo de San Colombano, near Rovereto

Car itinerary in Trentino Alto Adige

A tourist destination of excellence, the Trentino Alto Adige welcomes its visitors with a true spectacle of natural beauty. From the splendor of the cities to the magic of the glaciers, from the enchantment of the valleys to the majestic peaks. Trentino Alto Adige always has a different solution for every tourist requirement, but all with a lot of professionalism and courtesy, which characterize its success. For these and others, they represent one of the most fascinating regions of Italy. Are you coming with us to take a beautiful Car itinerary in Trentino Alto Adige? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Riva del Gardo – Trentino
Riva del Gardo – Trentino

Our Introduction

The region is distinguished by its landscapes and traditions of a land anchored to its culture and where nature is not only respected but its value is emphasized. This region has, among other things, numerous itineraries, which allow attracting many visitors also in the summer. In fact, this is a region capable of offering activities and events throughout the year.

Our Itinerary

Our itinerary in this magnificent region will be carried out by car, will last seven days and starts in Bolzano, the “Dolomites Gate”, a city symbolizing the union between Latin and Tedesca culture, as witnessed by its Gothic duomo. The second stage will be Trento, famous for having hosted the Ecumenical Council, with its Lombard Romanesque style cathedral and the Buonconsiglio Castle, then we stop for two days at Madonna di Campiglio and finish on the banks of the Garda River. At this point, there is nothing left but to start our journey through the Trentino Alto Adige region. Let’s go!

1) Car itinerary in Trentino Alto Adige: FIRST DAY

First Day (arrival at Bolzano airport, car rental, city tour and reservation for two nights). The first stage of our trip is Bolzano, the main city of Trentino Alto Adige; this city knows how to reconcile the lights of modernity with the atmosphere of past times, the customs and traditions of its older inhabitants. Wonderful in winter for its Christmas atmosphere and famous Christmas fairs, perfect in summer for lovers of fresh mountain air, Bolzano is capable of surpassing any tourist’s expectations.

Historic center

The Tyrolean style of Bolzano architecture is particularly characteristic, with its typical sports, windows that project from the facade. We start the visit from the historic center, where this fusion of two different cultures is remarkable, the Mediterranean and the Mittleleuropean, as is evident from its architecture, alleys, arches, squares in its historic center.

Bolzano Duomo (Bolzano Cathedral)

The first monument to visit is the Bolzano Duomo, which is the emblem of the city of Bolzano, located in the center, facing Walther Square, and is a real jewel of Romanesque and Gothic art, built in the 11th century. The particularity of the Bolzano Duomo lies in this advantageous meeting of two cultures, one from the north and the other from the south. At the foot of the bell tower is a treasure, a museum dedicated to the “Treasure of the Duomo!”, with one of the richest collections of medieval and Tyrolean baroque sacred kits. Whether it’s the Duomo or the Treasure of the Duomo, it’s open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Walther Square

We continue our visit to the city, stopping at the beautiful and historic Walther Square that becomes a magical and fascinating space during the Christmas period, hosting the traditional Mercantino di Natale with its characteristic wooden houses that offer decorations, handcrafted products and gastronomic specialities, among lights, melodies and fragrances.

Alto Adige Archaeological Museum

At this point, we cannot miss the Alto Adige Archaeological Museum, which exhibits findings and documentation on the history of Alto Adige from its origins to the first medieval period. The biggest attraction is represented by the man who came from the ice, the mummy of “Ötzi“, a mummified body from 5300 years ago, coming from the ice of Similaun, in the Italian-Austrian border. At this point we take a walk to find a typical little place where you can enjoy good local cuisine and then sleep.

Veduta di Missiano, Bolzano
Veduta di Missiano, Bolzano

2) Car itinerary in Trentino Alto Adige: SECOND DAY

Second Day (we will visit the surroundings of Bolzano, such as Merano, Bressanone, Vipiteno and at night we return to Bolzano to sleep). After a good breakfast, we hurry to visit the most famous places in the province of Bolzano.


Indeed, Merano is worth a visit as it is a fascinating town and a great tourist attraction thanks to its particular mild climate and its splendid spas, an oasis of rest and well-being. Merano is also rich in history and art, its historic center preserves several monuments, including the Prince’s Castle, a small and suggestive noble residence from the 15th century. Among the most characteristic architectures, the most striking is the Kurhaus, the grandiose complex from the beginning of the 20th century; the acanthus has the sumptuous Trauttmansdorff Castle, surrounded by its magnificent and colorful gardens.

The castle

The castle, a magnificent manor house with more than seven centuries of history, was the winter residence of Princess Sissi who loved to come to Alto Adige where the climate was milder. Today, the castle is home to the unique Touriseum, the Provincial Tourism Museum, which traces the history of tourism in Alto Adige.


After Merano we go to an important art city, Bressanone. Its historic center comprises a remarkable artistic heritage, including the Duomo with its frescoed cloister. We continue with a visit to the magnificent Palace of the Prince Bishops, home to the interesting Diocesan Museum, which includes the characteristic Museum of the Nativity Scene. A typical production of Bressanone are wax objects and decorative candles, formerly used for lighting, but today are much appreciated as decorative elements.


We then arrive in Vipiteno, where we admire the beautiful Communal Palace, which has a richly decorated interior, the Tower of the Twelve, symbol of the city, while in its surroundings we remain fascinated by the spectacular waterfalls of Stanghe, in Racines. At this point, we return to Bolzano for a good dinner and rest.

Bressanone, Trentino
Bressanone, Trentino

3) Car itinerary in Trentino Alto Adige: THIRD DAY

Third Day (we leave the city of Bolzano to arrive in Trento, where we will sleep). After a hearty breakfast, we will walk towards the city of Trento. Once there, we will leave the car and go around the city.

Trento Historic Center

We start with a visit to the historic center, more precisely in the Duomo Square, rich in monuments and proof of a glorious past and that constitutes the political, religious and monumental center of the city. In this square, we have splendid noble palaces and it is also in this place that the homonymous Duomo, in the Romanesque style, built in 1212, and where St Birgilio was buried, appears. The Duomo dominates the square, and next to the Fountain of Neptune, at first glance, it offers a view worthy of the most beautiful cities of Italian art.

Underground Tridentum

We will then visit the underground Tridentum, a Roman archaeological site from 2000 years ago, and the Buonconsiglio Castle, the former residence of the Prince Widow of Trento, which over the centuries has been perfectly preserved. The ticket costs eight euros, the opening hours are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Tuesday to Sunday. During the winter months, however, the Castle opens from 9:30 am and closes at 5:00 pm.

Today, this wonderful palace offers an incredible journey through time, mainly thanks to the furniture and the splendid frescoes from the Cycle of Months, in the Eagle Tower. Also noteworthy are the Renaissance-Veneto style palaces with the frescoed facades that appear on the elegant Belenzani Street. After the tour, we deserve a delicious dinner and a good night of sleep.

Piazza Duomo – Trento
Piazza Duomo – Trento

4) Car itinerary in Trentino Alto Adige: FOURTH DAY

Fourth day (We will leave Trento and go to Rovereto, where we will sleep). After a good breakfast, we return to the city of Rovereto, one of the most renowned places, as well as a cultural center of great attention, both in the past and today.

Rovereto Castle

The city tour can start at San Marco Square and continue towards Podestà Square. Along the road, we can admire the architecture of the medieval village and the powerful structure of the walls. Continuing the tour, we can admire the 15th century Church of St Mark and the Municipal Palace.

The fundamental step is, of course, the Castle of Rovereto, an imposing polygonal structure, where we can also visit the Historical War Museum. Museum opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The cost of admission is seven euros. After visiting the city, we go to a agritourism at the rural part of Rovereto, where a wonderful dinner awaits us, and then go to bed!

Eremo de San Colombano, perto de Rovereto
Eremo de San Colombano, near Rovereto

5) Car itinerary in Trentino Alto Adige: FIFTH AND SIXTH DAYS

Fifth day and Sixth day (We will leave Rovereto to visit the Dolomites and Madonna di Campiglio, where we will sleep for two nights). Trentino Alto Adige is, among other Italian regions, the one most notable for the beauty of the mountains; in fact, it has an extraordinary variety of landscapes, majestic peaks, forests, wide valleys, waterways, lakes, and an enchanting play of light between the peaks of the Dolomites.

Two Days in Madonna di Campiglio

A large ski area with hundreds of kilometers of slopes puts the region at the forefront of winter tourism. Some of the most renowned places are Madonna di Campiglio, Canazei, Moena, San Martino di Castrozza, very popular both in winter and in summer. We will stop at Madonna di Campiglio, one of the most famous ski resorts in Italy. Read also What are the 5 best ski slopes in Italy?

Its Attractions

Arriving in Madonna di Campiglio, we organize to spend two days at the mercy of nature, sport and fun, but also of relaxation with many walks, to enjoy these wonderful places. The sports activities that one can practice, in addition to skiing, are endless, such as snowboarding, climbing, mountaineering and for those who do not love skiing, paragliding or hang gliding, ice-skating, horseback riding, mountain biking and rafting.

Just choose what you want to do: we will try to practice most of these activities. Madonna di Campiglio also offers its visitors the possibility to go shopping in the charming shops of the center or relax in the wellness centers. The services in this place are very efficient, equipped to guarantee the ideal vacation for the whole family. At night, if you want to experience a romantic and spectacular emotion, you should opt, as we did, for a dinner based on typical local dishes in one of the many places, and then go down the ski valley, with the lights of the torches that blend together with the night stars. Unforgettable atmospheres and emotions are experienced.


6) Car itinerary in Trentino Alto Adige: SEVENTH DAY

Seventh and last day (We will leave Madonna di Campiglio to stop at Riva del Garda and then to the airport). After a good breakfast, we leave Madonna di Campiglio to reach the shores of Lake Garda, one of the pearls of the Italian tourist heritage, Riva del Garda.

Its Attractions

The landscape of the lake, dominated by the mountains that surround it, offers a great environment to spend, at any time of the year, holidays dedicated to sport and nature, without giving up on fun and discovering local culture and history. We walk through the narrow streets of the historic center, along the little roads, and the many trendy bars, which reach the interior from the port, to admire the witnesses of an ancient history.

The center of Riva del Garda preserves interesting historical buildings such as the Apponale Tower, from the 12th – 14th centuries and the Town Hall in 1482. After visiting this beautiful little town, we stop at one of the many lakeside restaurants to taste the local recipes, then return to the airport, leave the car and go back to everyday life.

Riva del Garda, Trento
Riva del Garda, Trento

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How to get to Trentino Adige?

The territory is easy to reach thanks to its central position. Trentino-Alto Adige borders Austria to the north (Tyrol and Salzburg), to the south and east to Veneto, to the south and west to Lombardy, to the west to Switzerland (Canton of Grisons).

1) How to get to Trentino Adige? BY AIRPLANE

For those traveling by plane, you can land in Verona, Bergamo, Venice or Milan and arrive in Trentino in an hour or two by renting a car, bus services or rail transport.

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2) How to get to Trentino Adige? BY TRAIN

All trains that travel a long distance, whether Italian or European, stop at the main stations in the city of Trento and Rovereto.

Did you know?

Trenitalia is the main Italian company dedicated to the management of rail transport. Find out here “What is the difference between trains in Italy?”. Buy your ticket online in advance and save a lot, read the Post “How to buy a train ticket in Italy?”.

3) How to get to Trentino Adige? BY CAR

The reference road is the Brennero – Modena A22 motorway, connected in the south with the A1 Milano – Napoli and the A4 Milano – Venice. State roads branch off from the A22 to reach all valleys. Trentino’s road network is generally wide and comfortable, and they keep winter driving conditions under constant control.

Travelling by car in Italy

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Important to know
  • Also, it is important to know that in tourist cities there are places (historic centers) where PARKING IS PROHIBITED , and it can only be used by people who live there! That’s why it’s important not to go to these places so as not to take unnecessary fines.
  • How to understand what these places are? See the post that talks about it, but anyway, another tip for those who are unsure about it, is to park a little outside the center and go downtown on foot or, spending a little more, by taxi or other public transport.

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Car itinerary in Trentino Alto Adige!  An excellent tourist destination for those who prefer the mountain to the sea, Trentino Alto Adige welcomes its visitors with a true oasis of natural beauty. In this region, you should experience all sports activities in contact with the spectacular nature, because that is what this region offers, mainly. Trentino Alto Adige is wonderful in any season, take the opportunity to visit it, you will be delighted.

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