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Car itinerary in the Apulia region?

This trip allows us to discover one of the most fascinating regions, the region of the monumental trulli, the underground caves, the medieval frederican castles, the corals of the Adriatic Sea and the delicate golden beaches that flow into the Ionian Sea.

Galipoli in Apullia (Source Pixabay)
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Car itinerary in the Apulia region?

Apulia is a very large region, if we calculate the more than 400 km in length, it is natural that the trip is a little long and exploring the entire region in a week is almost impossible. So it is necessary to leave some things behind. This itinerary was designed for a seven-day travel period and, to make the route more agile, we will do it by car. Let’s go to our post of the day: Car itinerary in the Apulia region? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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This trip allows us to discover one of the most fascinating regions, the region of monumental trulli, underground caves, medieval Frederican castles, corals dipped in the Adriatic Sea and the delicate golden beaches that flow into the Ionian Sea. Finally, unveil from the exaggerated Baroque of Lecce to the simple Byzantine crypts.

This itinerary is dedicated to those who are not satisfied in an area just in Apulia, but would like a more global experience. The minimum time to dedicate to this itinerary, to enjoy every corner, is one week – enough to go through the various destinations we suggest, to visit the monuments in general terms, to enjoy the view and have lunch in typical restaurants – with all due respect that Apulian gastronomy deserves. After all, what are we waiting for? Let’s start with our car tour in Apulia.


Car itinerary in the Apulia region? A trip in synergy with fun and culture, in the heart of an amazing and dynamic region. What is the key to success? In addition to the long Apulian coast with its beaches and slopes, urban art, the archaeological collection of the people who used to live there, the attractiveness of food products and business tourism (due to the Fiera del Levante di Bari and the numerous specialized fairs that take place during the year).

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