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Campania itinerary by car

A car tour that will take us to the wonders of the Campania, to the treasures of the historic center of Naples (the largest in Europe) and to the inspiring and imposing Royal Palace of Caserta. Finally, from the natural beauty of the island of Capri to the typical alleys of the Amalfi Coast. We have prepared a perfect script for you reader!

Sorrento (Source Pixabay)

Campania itinerary by car

Campania is a unique land. Its incomparable natural scenery, its infinite artistic beauties, its ancient history that appears on every corner, its mild and pleasant temperatures in all seasons, its culture and its gastronomy. All of this is a continuous source of emotion for those who visit it and plenty of reason to keep coming back. Would you like to have a seven-day car itinerary in the Campania Region? So stay with us and follow this fantastic itinerary closely;) Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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Who does not know the polyhedral and mysterious Naples , with its imposing Vesuvius, the incredible ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum , the charm of the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast, the Mediterranean charm of the Ischia , Capri and Procida Islands, the grandeur and magnificence of the Palace Caserta’s real? Not to mention Salerno, the medieval heart, the modern coast, the unmissable Cilento with its history and wild nature, Benevento and Sâmnio with its ancient culture, Avellino – the lung of the region – and Terra di Lavoro.

Our Itinerary

After this introduction is made, we can move on to our journey through Campania. Our itinerary will start in the provincial capital, one of the most charming and cheerful cities in Italy, it is: Naples. How can we not remember the saying: “ see Naples and then die” . Well, now it’s time to leave!

1) Campania itinerary by car? NAPLES

First day: arrival at the airport, rental of the car and visit of beautiful Naples. Naples is a city where historical and archaeological stratifications create particular and admirable tourist routes – of course, in one day you can only see some of the wonders that the city offers, nor seven days would be enough to see it in full. A magical place, where perfumes, colors, flavors, culture and history mix together as if they were a cocktail of knowledge, joy and fun. Contrasting souls who meet and live with each other – and to understand all of this, just set foot in the city. LEARN ALL ABOUT NAPLES

Garibaldi Square (Garibaldi Square)

After we have rented the car, we will start the tour around the city. To get to know Naples in one day, you can start with Piazza Garibaldi and start the route to the gallery, towards Pozzuoli . Passing Pignasecca, we arrive at via Toledo. From here we can visit the characteristic Quartieri Spagnoli, the beautiful Umberto I Gallery and also the majestic San Carlo Royal Theater, where you can recover your energy in a typical bar in the center, to taste a delicious Neapolitan espresso, accompanied by the legendary ” sfogliatella ”, both smooth and curly, and then go on to enjoy the Piazza del Plebiscito (Plebiscito Square).

Via San Carlo

Continuing along via San Carlo, we access Piazza Municipio (Municipio Square), where Palazzo San Giacomo (San Giacomo Palace) and the imposing Maschio Angioino are located. After being refilled, we return with our tour of the city, visiting the Cappella di San Severo and Cristo Velato, one of the most charming and mysterious works that can be seen in Naples.

Sansevero Chapel and the Veiled Christ (Sansevero Chapel and the Veiled Christ)

The chapel deserves a visit not only for the Veiled Christ, but also for the other works present in this treasure, hidden among the alleys of Naples: a place rich in exoteric and religious symbols. From here, we continue to the cathedral, famous in popular beliefs for harboring the blood of St Januarius.

After having seen so much art, let’s go shopping. Depending on the pocket of each one, you can choose between the stores of the major brands on via dei Mille, via Chiaia, Via Poerio and via Calabritto, or else through the most economical shopping streets: Via Roma and Corso Umberto, as well as the characteristics of popular fairs. When night comes, we will have dinner and then sleep – tomorrow there is still so much to see! Read our tips and information on Accommodation in Italy.

Useful information

  • Visit to Capella Sansevero: Every working day (except Tuesday) from 10 am to 5:40 pm and Sundays and holidays from 10 am to 1 pm.
  • How to get there: From Capodichino airport, take the Alibus to the Piazza Municipio stop, then bus 1, 4 or C 82 getting off at the stop via Nuova Marina. From the central station, take metro line 2 to Cavour station.

(Source: Nicola Capuozzi)

2) Campania itinerary by car? NAPLES / ISLAND OF CAPRI

Second day: departure from Naples to the Island of Capri . After having a good breakfast in our hostel, it is time to leave for the beautiful and so acclaimed Island of Capri. Our advice is always to try to stay at least one night in Capri, to enjoy the day and hope to return soon! If you can’t, it is worth taking the first ferry boat of the day to be able to make the most of the wonderful island!

Blue Grotto

We arrived in time to start our visit, with the tour of the island and the Blue Grotto. At the port of Marina Grande there will be a ticket booth for motorboat tours in Capri, from the companies Motoscafisti and Laser, which offer tours around the island, a visit to the faraglioni (those three rock peaks that rise from the sea) and a stop at the Blue Grotto – or you can also buy tickets online in advance, so we save time and avoid lines.

Center of Capri

After having done the island tour and seen so much beautiful, we returned to Capri to enjoy the center of Capri and have lunch at one of the delicious typical (but not economical) restaurants. After lunch we continue our visit with a spectacular walk along Via Krupp, one of the most beautiful streets in Capri, a trail that extends from the side of the mountain in the center of Capri to Marina Piccola.

The view from there is the same as the Giardini di Augusto (Augusto Gardens), but without any entrance ticket. After so much walking, but with joy, we returned to the main small square, to observe the famous artists, between the tables of the small square with via Camerelle. Or else we can also just enjoy the beautiful windows of luxury stores and observe the work of artisans making sandals, definetely very beautiful and unique! WHAT TO SEE IN CAPRI IN ONE DAY?


  • The best time to see the “stars, VIP people” that fill the island, especially in the months of July and August, is at night after 6pm (when all tourists have already left Capri). Now is a good time to have dinner and finally rest.

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3) Campania itinerary by car? SORRENTO AND AMALFI

Third day: departure from Capri to Sorrento, Amalfi. After a hearty breakfast, we leave beautiful Capri for a destination as fascinating as: Sorrento . We will dedicate all morning to Sorrento, the afternoon will be for Amalfi. Sorrento is one of the most charming tourist destinations to visit, it is the beautiful city of citrus fruits, where the landscape is characterized by a mixture of sea and mountain.


The visit to the city can start at the heart of the historic center, that is, the important Piazza Tasso (Tasso Square), dedicated to the great poet and author of “Jerusalem Delivered” – who was born right here in Sorrento. Among the places to visit, you cannot miss the church of St Francis Assisi, with its 14th century monastery, and the Basilica of St Anthony, known for its 18th century manger. In addition, you cannot miss the charming Belvedere, which faces the small road towards the village of Marina Grande, as the via della Pietà leads to the medieval quarter of the city. After having seen so many beautiful things, we deserve a lunch to recharge and head to Amalfi. Read more about Sorrento


Amalfi, clinging to the magnificent Gulf of Naples, certainly deserves a visit too, but for a short time. The first thing we come across is the historic center, with its energetic and colorful Piazza Duomo (Duomo Square). It is always in the square that the cathedral prevails, facing the sea. And it is exactly from here that our sightseeing tour leaves. KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE AMALFITAN COAST

The Majestic Cathedral of Amalfi

Let’s start with a visit to the majestic cathedral, with its endless staircase and Arab-Sicilian architecture – it’s impossible not to be charmed! After the visit to the cathedral, we are conquered by the alleys of the city, where the perfume of lemons permeates our nostrils.

Town Hall Square (Town Hall Square)

With a lot of calm and tranquility, we stroll among the small white houses, stuck in the rocky slopes, to Piazza Municipio – where is the City Hall, a 16th century palace that was once a monastery. At the end of the tour, you cannot miss a deserved break in one of the many restaurants present in the region, to enjoy a delicious meal based on fish and seafood.

(Source: Earth by drone)

4) Campania itinerary by car? POSITANO

Fourth day: departure from Amalfi to Positano. After a delicious breakfast, we will leave for Positano. When it comes to Positano, the inevitable thought is: the sea – but we also remember fashion, which always chooses Positano as the perfect stage for early summer fashion shows. This cheerful nautical place on the Amalfi Coast is really picturesque, welcoming and colorful. Each year it receives thousands of tourists from all over the world . And among its countless qualities is comfort. Its small size makes it a village that can be visited on foot, and that is what we will do. More about Positano?

Flavio Gioia Square (Flavio Gioia Square)

The characteristic that makes it a charming village is the large number of alleys that cross the town, giving life to a labyrinthine route, but also so particular and fascinating. The village center is around Piazza Flavio Gioia, with the 13th century church dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, whose dome is made of majolica. We said that Positano is famous for fashion, so it is normal to come across several boutiques and tailorings in the streets – there are the original creations of Positano’s Swimwear, such as dresses, tunics, and sarongs embroidered with stones such as shells, turquoise and pearls.

Via Fornillo

After a light lunch, we continue with a walk along Via Fornillo, that narrow street that surrounds the coast, thus having a beautiful panorama, which leads to a small bay where, if we want, we can dive in the paradisiacal sea or enjoy a moment of relaxation. In the evening it is practically mandatory to end this unforgettable day with a view of the sea with fresh fish (perhaps even try the famous goraz fish with the delicacy “pezzogne ​​acqua pazza”, one of the typical local dishes). And finally, the well-deserved rest.

(Source: Jake Gorfouth)

5) Campania itinerary by car? POMPEII

Fifth day: departure from Positano to Vesuvius and the ruins of Pompeii . We leave Positano, a charming place, towards Vesuvius and then in the afternoon to the ruins of Pompeii. Vesuvius is one of the most famous and visited volcanoes in the world. The last eruption of Vesuvius was a short time ago, in 1944. Now, the volcano is dormant, but is monitored constantly by means of a regular monitoring system at the Volcanology Observatory.

Vesuvius Volcano

The visit to the 1,281 m high volcano is certainly an unmissable opportunity! With the suggestive walk around the crater, where we can observe a small piece of the sensational view of the Gulf of Naples and the incredible fumaroles of this volcano – which is the only one still active in all of continental Europe. In addition, Vesúvio is part of a fabulous National Park, which offers several routes in contact with the fauna and flora of the “Somma – Vesuvius” complex.

The visit to Mount Vesuvius

The visit to Mount Vesuvius lasts an average of two hours, so it is possible to do it together with the visit to the neighboring archaeological site, Pompeii (which has the same duration). It is necessary to wear comfortable clothing with closed and non-slip shoes, as the route may be filled with stones. In addition, it is good to be equipped with a windbreaker jacket, hat, sunglasses and a bottle of water. Once we are up there, we can have a snack in the rest area, where there are some wooden benches. The climb to the top costs about 10 euros. WHAT TO VISIT IN POMPEII?

Archaeological Site of Pompeii

Before heading to Pompeii, let’s rest for an hour and then continue, the ruins await us! The small town, famous throughout the world for its archaeological site, was buried by a sea of ​​lava that flowed in the last eruption of Vesuvius. The ruins are visited every year by thousands of tourists.

Famous worldwide, the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum are the only archaeological sites in the world capable of bringing back a Roman housing center whose life remained stagnant on that morning in 79 AD , when Vesuvius decided to remove Pompeii from the face of Earth.

About Pompeii

T he ruins of Pompeii represent an incredible testimony to everyday life that took place in a Roman city 2,000 years ago. The ruins extend over an archeological area of ​​more than sixty-six hectares. Ahead, we arrived at the gym and soon afterwards at the imposing amphitheater that received about 22,000 people, where cruel fights between gladiators took place. Leaving there, we will visit via dell’Abbondanza, the most important street in Pompeii, which goes to the Forum (the town square). After a few meters is the entrance to the House of Venus, famous for its frescoes in the garden and the house of Octavius ​​Quarto, belonging to a priest of Egyptian cults.


  • Wear comfortable shoes and bring bread, water, smartphone for photos, sunscreen in the summer and umbrella in the winter (there is a lot to see, and it is necessary to walk a lot).

(Source: Virus Travel)

6) Campania itinerary by car? SALERNO

Sixth day: departure from Pompeii to Salerno. After a good breakfast, we leave Pompeii to reach the beautiful city ​​of Salerno. How to spend a beautiful day in this city? Where art, history and nature mix to give us an unforgettable stay. Salerno is a pleasant province of Campania that certainly deserves a visit. We leave the car in the huge parking lot on Via Alfonso Alvarez (1 euro every three hours until 7 pm, thereafter it is 1 euro per hour).


After walking for a while, we arrived at the beach avenue, Trieste. The extensive coastline (about 3 km) offers a place where you can stroll in a pleasant way, because it has several gardens with benches and palm trees. Between a stroll and another, and a quick snack, we arrive at the historic center and, just behind it, there is Piazza Portanova (Portanova Square), where we take Via dei Mercanti. Here, there are interlocking alleys, with several shops and markets – this is the real heart of Salerno. A place worth visiting is the cathedral, just in front of a marble staircase with two animal statues that guard the church (a lion and a peculiar lioness). The cathedral has Gothic architecture and recalls the Anglican style of the time.Having reached this point, we only enjoy a delicious dinner and have a good night’s sleep!  Read about Salerno here!

(Source: Mario Scannapieco)

7) Campania itinerary by car? CASERTA

Seventh and last day: departure for the Royal Palace of Caserta and return to Naples. We arrived at the last part of our beautiful tour, the itinerary includes a visit to one of the most inspiring monuments in Campania: the Royal Palace of Caserta. Conceived by King Carlos de Bourbon and built by the famous architect Luigi Vanvitelli, from the year 1752, the Palace of Caserta is one of the largest royal buildings in Campania and recalls in its architecture the French Versailles . GET TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT CASERTA’S PALACE?

The complex

The complex, in addition to the palace, consists of a huge park of 3 km in length, adorned mostly with beautiful fountains. The immense house has 1,200 rooms, 34 staircases and 1,742 windows – in addition to four patios and hundreds of environments (such as chapels, museums and theaters). After having rested and had lunch in a great trattoria, it is customary to take a stroll to Città Vecchia (Old City), which, inside the village, features a beautiful cathedral in Sicilian and Muslim style , with a steeple of clear Gothic influence. After picking up an aperitif at the bar, we head to Naples airport, where we will return the car and return to everyday life. More about Caserta. 

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Map with Campania Itinerary By Car

Campania Itinerary By Car
Source: Google Maps

A little more about Campania

Campania is an endless gastronomic world, it is also the spa, it is art, it is entertainment. C ampania is fun for everyone! It’s sea, it’s snow, it’s a complete tourist system. Campania is warm in welcome and generosity. We are ready for a fascinating journey that unfolds between culture, art and enogastronomy together with the rich panoramas of the region.

A car tour that will take us to the wonders of Campania, to the treasures of the historic center of Naples – the largest in Europe – and to the inspiring and imposing Royal Palace of Caserta. Anyway, from the natural beauty of the Island of Capri to the typical alleys of the Amalfi Coast. The Grand Tour through Campania also includes some private excursions, such as the climb to Vesuvius and the tour that will make it possible to discover more about the archeological site of Pastum – declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

How to get to Campania?

Naples is a city well connected to the rest of Italy and is easily accessible by air, car and train.

1) How to get to Campania? BY AIRPLANE

Naples Capodichino International Airport is one of the most important in Italy. Planes depart and arrive from Naples from all Italian, European and international destinations. All airlines, including low-cost airlines, stopover in Capodichino.

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2) How to get to Campania? BY TRAIN

Naples has three main stations from where trains depart from so many Italian and foreign cities. All three of these stations are interconnected with the subway and are the departure and arrival points of the line buses.

  • Central Station (in Piazza Garibaldi) is the most important, where trains from all Italian destinations arrive.
  • Napoli Centrale is the station recommended for those who must access the city center or the Molo Beverello to go to the islands.
  • Napoli Mergellina i s the intermediate station, close to the Molo di Mergellina, from where hydrofoil boats leave for the Gulf islands. Napoli Campi Flegrei is the station outside the city center and is the closest to the Stadium. It is ideal for those staying in Fuorigrotta, Bagnoli, Pozzuoli and Campi Flegrei.

Did you know?

Trenitalia is the main Italian company dedicated to the management of rail transport. Find out here “ What is the difference between trains in Italy? “. Buy your ticket online in advance and save a lot, read the Post “How to buy a train ticket in Italy?”.

3) How to get to Campania? BY CAR

For those coming from the North, the main road that leads to Naples is the Autostrada del Sole Milano-Napoli . After the Caserta Sud toll, there is an 8 km interchange that leads to the various exits to the city. For those who must come from the Center, it is advisable to follow the signs for Napoli Centro Porto Stazione Marittima, Stazione Centrale.

Those coming from the South via Salerno-Reggio Calabria must access the same intersection and follow the signs for Napoli Centro Porto Stazione Marittima, Stazione Centrale or Marginal. Also, through the highway towards Bari-Napoli i t is possible to reach the interchange, which gives access to the exits to the interchange that gives access to the marginal and the center of Naples.

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