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What to do in Lombardy in one week?

The Lombardy region is modern, vibrant and one of the most extensive in Italy. In the south, the region is dotted with big cities like Milan, followed by the greatest number of cultural cities like Bergamo, Como, Mantua and Brescia, and also with many wonderful lakes. Shall we get to know it?

Como Lake, in Lombardy (Source Pixabay)

What to do in Lombardy in one week?

The Lombardy region is modern, vibrant and one of the most extensive in Italy. In the south, the region is dotted with large cities such as Milan, the capital of fashion and the most glamorous events, home to the La Scala Theater and ancient architectural remains, followed by the largest number of cultural cities such as Bergamo, Como, Mantua and Brescia. Shall we find out what to do in Lombardy in one week? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”   Read also:  Examples of Itineraries in Italy!

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Our Introduction

Alongside these cities, there are delightful rivers that flow along the green and flourishing valleys, not to mention the beautiful lakes such as Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Garda, breathtaking scenery, rich in charm and attraction, offering visitors unique emotions.

Our route

Well, you will have seven days to visit this interesting region, of course, from the city of Milan, with a journey performed by car. Making the trip by car, you will have the opportunity to combine visits to the places, which offer unique experiences, which can be a wine tasting or a visit to a traditional brewery, as well as organizing your schedules, routes and any changes you decide . At this point, the only thing left for us to do is start this trip from the city of Milan, more precisely from Linate Airport, where you can rent a car and go on the tour in this enchanting and surprising region that is Lombardy.

Route Summary

The first stop will be in Milan, then we will go to Pavia, Mantova, Sabbioneta and Lake Como and from Como we will return to Milan, making a brief visit to the city of Lodi. Are you ready for this tour? Well I think so, so let’s get started.

1) What to do in Lombardy in one week? FIRST DAY

Arrival at the airport and rental car. The first day of the itinerary will be dedicated to the city of Milan and then, arriving at the airport in the early morning and renting a car, one starts with the visit to the city. A city dedicated mainly to finance and fashion and, therefore, little used in the tourist aspect. However, there are many interesting places, see below. Would you like to know where to Stay in Milan, then read our special post Where to sleep in Milan?

Duomo, Piazza Duomo, Vittorio II Gallery, Royal Palace

One of them is for sure the symbol of the city, the monument that makes the city known around the world, the Duomo (Cathedral), built in Gothic style with its colorful stained glass windows. Next to Piazza Duomo (Duomo Square), you can admire Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, considered Milan’s living room, also known for its elegant shops. Among the buildings, the best known is the neoclassical Royal Palace, next to the Duomo, which still houses great art exhibitions. WHAT ARE THE TEN MAIN MONUMENTS IN MILAN?

Ambrosiana Art Gallery and Sforzesco Castle

Also nearby, you can’t miss the Ambrosiana Art Gallery, with a rich collection of paintings by artists such as Caravaggio, Titian and Raphael. At this point, allow yourself to take a break in the many places present in the gallery, and then proceed to visit the not-less interesting Castle Sforzesco, originally conceived as a military building and which later became an imposing residence. TIPS ON MILAN?

Church of the Madonna delle Grazie

The name Milan is linked to its patron, St. Ambrose, whose Basilica, in the eastern part of the city, is the second largest. Among other interesting constructions, such as religious buildings, is the unmissable Church of Madonna delle Grazie (Our Lady of Graces), known above all as the house of the Last Supper, by Leonardo. After the tour, allow yourself a moment of relaxation, shopping in the capital of fashion, and to bring it to a perfect end, enjoy an excellent dinner; once at the hotel, enjoy a cozy rest.

2) What to do in Lombardy in one week? SECOND DAY

Pavia is just a few kilometers from the Lombard capital; after a hearty breakfast, we leave Milan to reach Pavia, one of the most beautiful and rich cities in northern Italy. Located on the banks of the Ticino River, Pavia has remained medieval, due to its churches and palaces, its squares and its narrow streets, which tighten around its prestige and its oldest university.

Historic Center of Pavia

No less interesting, of course, is the visit to the Historic Center of Pavia, supported by examples of religious architecture of great value: starting with the Church of San Michele Maggiore and the Certosa di Pavia. Especially don’t miss the Certosa di Pavia, as you’re in town; this important abbey considered an icon of Lombardy is an obligatory stop.

It is impossible, on the other hand, not to be captured by the charms that are offered from the Bridge and the dozens of palaces that belonged to the noble families of Pavia. Among them, we mention the Malaspina Palace and the Bottigella Mezzabarba Palace; although in the heart of the city of Pavia is what was once known as Piazza Grande, is now known as Piazza della Vittoria. After visiting all this, indulge yourself with an excellent dinner, in a typical restaurant in the historic center, before arriving at the hotel and enjoying a well-deserved rest. TIPS ON PAVIA?

3) What to do in Lombardy in one week? THIRD DAY

Mantua and Sabbioneta. Spend two days in Mantova. The start is after breakfast. We will go to the city of Mantova, one of the oldest and most popular in Italy, especially from an artistic, cultural and architectural point of view.

Mantova Historic Center

Once you reach the city, start with a brief visit to Piazza Sordello, which is the heart of the city’s historic core. In fact, it is right in the Historic Center of Mantova and there you can admire remarkable buildings, such as the Bishop’s Palace, the Arch Palace, the Bonacolsi Palace, the Podesta Palace, the Ragione Palace, located in the famous Piazza Erbe, and the Te Palace, until reaching the Academic Theater of Bibiena. TIPS ON MANTUA?

Mantegna’s house

A must visit, which I suggest, is at Mantegna’s house, the former home of the great artist Paduan, of immense historical and artistic value. Mantova is considered a jewel of the Renaissance, but it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in fact, together with Sabbioneta, the ancient city of the Renaissance is a real gem in the Lombardy region, especially thanks to Gonzaga’s definition of “ideal city “, In terms of urban planning. Even today, it has one of the city walls, well built, solid and durable.

Rice Road

In addition to the intellectual vitality, the historic center has many shops and bars, which will leave you wondering which to choose, if you want to make a stop. After visiting the historic center, if you have time then I suggest you take a walk on the Strada del Riso, along the river Mincio. Through this path, between rice fields and small medieval villages, you reach the birthplace of the mantovan risotto, Castel d’Ario, and it is really a beautiful experience. After having dinner at a typical restaurant, it’s time to go to sleep.

4) What to do in Lombardy in one week? FOURTH DAY

Visit Sabbioneta and return to Mantua. After a good breakfast, let’s get to know the other “ideal city”, namely Sabbioneta. Sabbioneta, for many years, has become a very popular destination for the most demanding tourist. According to UNESCO, it is a perfect example of the application of Renaissance theories on how to design an ideal city. This small town in the province of Mantova actually has many buildings and monuments considered by enthusiasts as must-see destinations. For this purpose, the city of Sabbioneta, even today, bears the mark of its most prosperous years when they lived under the command of Vespasiano Gonzaga Colonna, who was its founder.

Mausoleum of Vespasiano Gonzaga and Doge’s Palace

Every year, there are thousands of people who visit the famous ancient theater, but before that visit, I recommend that you visit Vespasiano Gonzaga’s Mausoleum. Another important stop is the famous Doge’s Palace, an imposing building commissioned by Emperor Vespasian in 500. It is spread over two floors, with a balcony and a central tower overlooking the namesake Doge’s Square.

Garden Palace and Saint Mary of the Assumption

Interesting are the rooms inside; I recommend that you stop at the Elephants Room, the Duke of Alba’s Hall, the Ancestral Gallery and the Lions’ Hall. After this visit, you can go to the Garden Palace, known for its rooms decorated by the school of Giulio Romano, passing by the beautiful Church of St Mary of the Assumption. At this point, we head back to Mantova, to enjoy a good dinner and go straight to bed.

5) What to do in Lombardy in one week? FIFTH DAY

Visit Como and Lake Como, spend two days. After a delicious and healthy breakfast, we leave Mantova for one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lombardy, the city of Como. I advise you, once you arrive in the city, to visit the special attractions, such as the medieval walls and the imposing observation towers.

The Walls, Churches, Constructions and the Monument of the Fallen

The Walls are still well preserved and contain some of the most important buildings, such as the Churches of St Abundius (patron) and St Fidelis, and the splendid buildings such as: the old Casa del Fascio, Asilo Sant’Elia and Novocomum, besides the Monument of the Fallen. WHICH PLACES TO VISIT IN LAKE COMO?

Volta Temple

Anyone who loves science can fail to pay tribute to the genius Alessandro Volta, with a visit to the Volta Temple. However, a visit to the city of Como cannot be complete without having taken the funicular, which connects the city to the panoramic Mount Brunate. After a good dinner, we’ll go to sleep.

6) What to do in Lombardy in one week? SIXTH DAY

Visit to Lake Como. After an excellent breakfast, we drive to the best natural landscape in the surroundings, which is offered by the sight of Lake Como, one of the main tourist attractions in the Lombardy region, a real treat for the eyes. Como lives around its beautiful central part, surrounded by the sides of the lake, a few meters from the city’s Duomo.

Villa D’Este and Villa of Bellagio

When you’re in this heavenly sanctuary, there are a few things to do to make the most of this magnificent attraction, like exploring the beautiful Villa D’Este; you will be wonderfully amazed, and afterwards, as this day will be dedicated to rest, I recommend you take a bike ride from Lake Como to Bellagio. Follow the trails around the lake to the exciting village of Bellagio. Enjoy the well-paved streets and fresh air to visit one of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy. Also known as “the pearl of the lake”, Bellagio is the perfect place to admire the panoramic view over the lake.

Now what better way to indulge your taste buds than at one of the top class restaurants in Bellagio? Body and soul will thank you. With all that lush green that grows everywhere, the lake captures the elegant vibes of the past. Listen to the sounds of birds and the lake’s placid waters. This is what is called “relaxing”. At the end of the night, what we need is a light dinner and lots of rest.

7) What to do in Lombardy in one week? SEVENTH DAY

A quick visit to the city of Lodi and return to Linate airport. After breakfast, we leave Como for a quick visit to the city between two rivers, namely Lodi.

Piazza Vittoria and Piazza della Vittoria

Make a stop, mainly, at Piazza Vittoria. It houses the Cathedral and the Municipal Palace. Its distinguishing feature is the square, diamond-shaped plant; Piazza della Vittoria is, in fact, the only example in the world of a square with arcades on all four sides. In this special square, there are elegant palaces, such as the Vistarini Palace, a 14th century castellated mansion and, turned sideways, towards Corso Vittorio Emanuele, becomes the 18th century Barni Palace. At this point, after a quick stop for lunch, you depart for Milan’s Linate airport to deliver your car.

UNFORTUNATELY, the seventh day tour of this region is over and you will return to ‘real’ life.

Lombardy in one week – route

Source: Google Maps

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