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Car itinerary in seven days in Liguria?

Liguria is a region with multiple faces, but inextricably united to offer a rich panorama of opportunity for those who choose this land to spend their vacation. Nature, sea, mountain, culture, but also fun and nightlife. Find out everything here on Your Travel to Italy!


Car itinerary in seven days in Liguria?

The great resource of Liguria, as it seems obvious, is the sea, with the two rocky coasts interrupted by small coves where we find graceful beaches of fine sand. Along this territory, spectacular for the beauty of the terrestrial and maritime landscapes, are the most famous tourist places in Liguria, such as Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Sestri Levante, with its charming Bay of Silence and many others. Let’s get to our post of the day? Car itinerary in seven days in Liguria? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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A succession of wide beaches, marinas and sceneries to explore that, at night, leave space for fun and shopping. Liguria is a small but fascinating region. Even though it is a small strip of land, both high mountains and wide beaches with crystal clear waters are present. What are the most beautiful places to visit? Well, on our seven-day car itinerary, we’ll try to visit a few. So we have nothing left but to start our journey to discover the wonderful Liguria.

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1) Car itinerary in seven days in Liguria? DAY 01

First Day, Genoa. Our trip starts with the main city. Genoa is, in fact, a city full of attractions. We arrive at Genoa airport in the morning and soon rente a car to start our trip to get to know the city of Genoa. Read also What are the 10 must-see places in Liguria?


We start with the aquarium of Genoa, the Bingo, the Galata Museum until the fun City of the Children, the ideal place to take the children. The historic center id also of priceless beauty, one of the largest and most preserved in Europe. Among the places of greatest interest, the Cathedral of St Lawrence, the Doge’s Palace Palace and the system of the Palazzi dei Rolli (“Palaces of the List”) are noteworthy. A city where culture, places, cuisine and buildings still show us the importance of the former maritime Republic. An atmosphere that can still be seen walking among the “carruggi”, narrow alleys that draw the old part of Genoa. After getting to know the city, we deserve a good dinner, savoring local products and then bed. TIPS ON GENOA?

2) Car itinerary in seven days in Liguria? DAY 02

Second day, Camogli. After a good breakfast, we go to Camogli, known as the city of lovers. Camogli is an old maritime village, almost intact. We walk with an impressive view through the airy seaside, where we can admire the elegant square with the tall colorful and decorated houses, really exciting, the labyrinth of streets and alleys (called “carruggi”), the typical and always active tourist port , fishing and numerous monuments and museums, rich in history and art.


Among the must-see places, we visit the powerful 12th century Dragone Castle, the adjacent and sumptuous Basilica of St Mary of the Assumption, with the sacred characteristic made with the technique of “risseu”, that is, white and gray stones collected on the beach and carefully placed forming drawings and geometric figures. Next, we will enjoy a great dinner and then get a good sleep. TIPS ON CAMOGLI?

3) Car itinerary in seven days in Liguria? DAY 03

Third Day, Capodimonte and Santa Margherita Ligure area. After a hearty breakfast, we leave Camogli to visit the abbey of San Fruttuoso where we will book a resort hotel. Among the small towns rich in surprises, San Fruttuoso, a small village immersed in the green that hosts Adabia de Capodimonte, deserves to be visited and mentioned.


Here it is possible to develop recreational activities such as jogging, trekking and excursions, and for lovers of art history it is possible to admire the tutored goods of the Fondo Per L’Ambiente Italiano (“Fund for the Italian Environment”). After visiting the abbey, we will dedicate the whole afternoon to sports activities with close contact with these wonderful settings, and at night, we will enjoy a great dinner based on typical products of the place, at the resort hotel, a few kilometers from Santa Margherita Ligure, where we will book for two days.

4) Car itinerary in seven days in Liguria? DAY 04

Fourth day, Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure. We leave the resort hotel, always after having made a delicious breakfast, to go to Portofino. We were advised to park the car in Santa Margherita Ligure, which is 4 km from Portofino, where parking lots are few and expensive. Then we get off at about ten minutes from where the ferries leave (by the way, the tourist office is in Piazza Vittorio Veneto), and as we were advised, we will take the ferry that will takes us to Portofino in fifteen minutes. They leave every two hours, round trip 8.50 euros per person (if you want, you can also choose to go to other cities). There is also the bus, but the beauty of navigation and the arrival at the port of Portofino is much more pleasant. TIPS ON PORTOFINO?


As soon as we disembark, we go first to the gracious church of the city and, soon afterwards, in the famous square, we go through some small main streets, take a panoramic trail to the Brown Castle and go towards Faro. Full of luxury cafes to go at the end in the afternoon, watch the sunset and relax with a cocktail and delicious snacks. After finishing the tour, we said goodbye to the graceful square and took the ferry to Santa Margherita to return to the farm hotel, where we will have dinner and book for the second night.

5) Car itinerary in seven days in Liguria? DAY 05

Fifth Day: Cinque Terre – After a good breakfast, we continue our tour of the region and go to beautiful places. I refer to the mythical “Five Lands”, here we will naturally stay two days. For the convenience of getting around, we will leave the car in Portovenere, a beautiful place we will visit on the last day. We will arrive at this splendid park of the Cinco Terras, in Portovenere with the ferry. Take the time to check out a Cinque Terre Tour from Florence!


A unique feature is the many kilometers of stone walls and terraces cultivated in screw, from which the renowned wine of Cinque Terre, the Sciacchetrà, is produced, but above all the five southern towns that remained as they were before: Monterosso, Vernazza, Riomaggiore , Corniglia and Manarola. TIPS ON CINQUETERRE?


Today we will visit Monterosso and Vernazza. We start with Monterosso located near the typical vine and olive plantations. In addition to the magnificent vegetation, its stunning beaches, the wonderful cliffs and the crystal-clear waters of the sea are worth noting. The village is divided into two parts marked by the medieval Aurora tower. The old part is the most characteristic; here we visit the church of St. Francis, which houses works of remarkable importance, such as the crucifixion by Van Dick. Continuing on foot on the hill, we find the 1700 Sanctuary of Soviore. The structure of the houses in the old part is the tower, with the houses divided between them by alleys, and walking around them was exciting. Completely different to the new part, very focused on tourism and rich in hotels and restaurants. Then, a short stop for a quick bite to eat and we go to Vernazza, where we will book the hotel.


The existence of so many appreciated architectural elements, balconies and portals, makes us think that Vernazza was socially and economically superior in relation to the other centers of Cinque Terre. Unique and very suggestive is the Mediterranean spot that we always cross on foot, so as not to lose this natural charm, among holm oaks, strawberry trees, broom and juniper trees. At this point, we have nothing left but to stop at a typical place for a good dinner and then rest; tomorrow will be another full and intense day from all points of view.

6) Car itinerary in seven days in Liguria? DAY 06

Sixth day, Cinque Terre. After having an abundant breakfast, we stayed in Cinque Terre, to finish this wonderful tour. In fact, today it will be Riomaggiore, Corniglia and Manarola’s turn.


We start with Riomaggiore. The city is located on the Riomarior River and has a medieval structure with several tower houses that extend more in height than in width and are arranged in a parallel way, interspersed by an infinite labyrinth of alleys. Also very beautiful is the parish church, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, built around 1340. Very different is Via dell’Amore, a trail carved in the hard rock that winds along the coast facing the sea, steals our hearts with an unforgettable panorama, really sensational. Particularly fascinating are also the various types of vegetation that we can admire during this tour, such as: agave, figs, matthiola incana, ruta and many others. The trail then connects Riomaggiore with Manarola, the next city (approximately 20 minutes in plain) that we will visit. The village of Manarola has very ancient origins.


The port is unique, protected by a closed gorge between two rocky outcrops. Continuing, we arrive at the highest part of the dwelling, with a square around which the Oratory, the bell tower and the church of St Lawrence, built in the Gothic style in 1338, appear. After fifteen minutes walking through the old muleteers, we find the small town from Corniglia.


The village of Corniglia differs notably from the other villages of Cinque Terre in its elevated position in relation to the sea. It appears, in fact, on a promontory, a marine terrace, about a hundred meters high, that precipitates steep and inaccessible with a view to the sea, and presents an urban typology more similar to that of the rural nuclei of the interior, being very concentrated in agricultural production. .

The urban structure of Corniglia has original characteristics in relation to those of the other villages, the houses are lower, recently increased, more similar to those of the villages in the interior. The city develops along the main road, via Fieschi; the houses on one side face the street and on the other look at the sea. The only city that has no seaport. This little village moved us too; after so much walking, we deserve a great dinner and then, sleep.

7) Car itinerary in seven days in Liguria? DAY 07

Seventh day, Portovenere. On the last day, we will visit Portovenere, another splendid place in Liguria, located in front of the island of Palmaria and Lerici with the imposing medieval castle, its elegant villages and its proud gardens. Strolling in Portovenere, we notice that it has such a beautiful sea that it attracts numerous specimens of roe deer, whales and dolphins; it no wonder this area was defined as “Sanctuary of Cetaceans”. In fact, here they found their natural habitat, where to live in total safety. This splendid tourist center in Liguria offers charming landscapes, a transparent sea and cultural attractions, which we have seen in part, one day is not enough. This old fishing village, with its colorful houses, one glued to the other, is another wonder of this land. TIPS ON PORTOVENERE.

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Seven-day car itinerary through Liguria? Liguria is an open-air show, a magical region of a thousand contrasts, alternating with majestic reliefs and beautiful little beaches, small chapels and majestic cathedrals. The rocks, valleys, streams and lakes make up a beautiful natural landscape offered by the interior of Liguria.

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