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Find out our Consultancy Service for Elaboration of Itinerary and have the GUARANTEE of a complete itinerary for the trip of your dreams. With us you will find a high quality service with great cost benefit.

Heads up! With us you will get the best itinerary consulting service or 100% refund!

We create an itinerary for you that include the following services:


  • Half an hour consulting via WhatsApp or via Skype so we can get to know each other better and outline your profile (if necessary);
  • Design of an itinerary with tips and information, considering the day, time of arrival and your available days in the country.


Travel like a Pro!


  • Exclusive tips on the best places to eat, taste, etc. in the main cities
  • The importance of having a well-designed itinerary is also to know how restaurants work, in the sense: we will advise you regarding the local etiquette, such as never entering the restaurant without a “hostess” or waiter first coming to you, as this person will lead to a table. Not to mention reading the Menu with so many dishes offered, our culture here is to eat a lot and very well, but there is no need to spend so much on food. That is the function of our services, to guide you in these details that seem small, but that guarantee you considerable savings for your trip


  • Suggestion of hotels, where the itinerary will evaluate the best cost-benefit options for your stay. (Considering Booking.com and Hotels.com)

Attention: reservations through other hotel platforms (such as Expedia, will have an additional cost of 30 Euros to the final value of the consultancy).


  • Indication of Transfers services (some in English) in the main cities with direct contact for the reservation.


  • The itinerary will also give you the costs of the best attractions and the best possibilities of optional tours that you can take in the various cities with direct links to reservations through the Site Get your guide, Civitas or Tickbar (Blog partners);
  • Indication of guide services in English in the main cities with direct contact for the reservation.


  • With your itinerary we will be able to assess which is the best transport to be used in terms of cost benefit;
  • Sending a file explaining the step-by-step instructions for buying train tickets (if necessary assistance via WhatsApp), with guidance on how to buy the tickets; buying in advance will help you save a lot, reaching almost 60% savings! (WITH THIS SAVING, THE CONSULTANCY, FOR THE MOST PART OF CUSTOMERS, IT WILL BE PRACTICALLY FREE), incredible, isn’t it?!
  • Itinerary by car, you will receive information about tolls, parking, how to not get fines etc. It is worth mentioning that to ride a rental car it is important that you have information about each place that you will pass, as each city has its culture and that you will only know with a detailed itinerary in hands. This also applies to traveling by train, it is important to have local information to make your trip amazingly calm and safe.
  • Suggestion of “rent a car” companies if your tour will be by car.



  • Consulting via WhatsApp or via Skype so that I can explain the main details of the itinerary and clarify any doubts about the organization of your trip
  • A phone call, before the trip, in case you need further clarification.


In addition, you will receive as a gift:

  • You will receive an email template to request an invitation to attend the papal hearing (if you are in Rome during the hearings). Important: there is no guarantee of the ticket reservation, as those responsible for this are the Vatican organizers
  • A supplement with main and essential words in Italian for your trip;
  • See below all the Extra Bonuses that will make a difference during your trip.
  • What climate will you find in Italy? Checklist for a 15-day suitcase according to each season: Autumn (September, October and November); Winter (December / January and February); Spring (March, April and May); Summer (June, July and August).
  • Shopping in Italy;
  • Some advices to save on a trip in Italy;
  • Important information for car rental;
  • Italian gastronomy;
  • Early Tickets;
  • Signage on Italian roads;
  • Parking in Italian cities;
  • E-book: Where to eat with a local;
  • Vocabulary for a trip in Italy. 


Consider this as an INVESTMENT, because with this service care you will be much more relaxed during the whole trip and there is still money left over to spend in Italy. So think that it can cost much less than you think and the values can be paid in three installments without interest (*), check our costs below:

(*) 50% entry to block the agenda;

50%: 30 days after the entry

From 03 to 05 days100,00
From 06 to 08 days125,00
From 09 to 11 days145,00
From 12 to 14 days170,00
From 15 to 17 days200,00
From 18 to 20 says240,00
From 21 to 23 days280,00
From 24 to 26 days330,00
From  27 to 29 days370,00
Each day after 29 days25 Euros a day



Our guarantees are:

  • Optimization: you will optimize your time and really get to know the best of each place;
  • Move around: you will learn how to move from one city to another and within each one of them;
  • Economy: customers who book this type of service in advance (on average 2 to 3 months) can save more than 200 Euros with our services (which gave a total of, more or less, 90 Euros), that is: they saved on the trip with small changes and, just with train tickets, restaurant tips, etc., you saved more than 100 Euros; besides having the whole trip organized in the best possible way. By hiring the Itinerary Consultancy in advance, our service will be almost free.
  • Tips: You will receive tips to avoid getting fooled by spending money on unnecessary things!
  • Commitment and Full Refund: It is our commitment that you are satisfied with our consultancy and, if not, we commit to refund 100% of the amount paid for the service. You will receive a full refund of what you paid for with our consulting services. To offer this guarantee is because we are absolutely sure that they will love our services.



Here you can know some services that are not included and that you can add to your package according to your need:

  • Telephone assistance during the trip: 10.00 Euros per call;
  • One hour lesson to learn the most useful words (tourist and non-tourists vocabulary) in Italian to simplify your trip: 15.00 Euros per hour; (for those who hire the consultancy, only 10.00 Euros)!



This service requires a great deal of time, so I accept a maximum of 10 consultations per month. Run and book yours NOW!



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