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What to do in the Dolomites when traveling with children?

Today we are going to dedicate time to the little ones: we will know what to do in the Dolomites if we are traveling with children. Get ready, because you will also have a lot of fun with our ideas!


What to do in the Dolomites when traveling with children?

Traveling with children is not always easy: they get tired easily and, understandably, are not always interested in the history and nature that surrounds them at certain times. Connected in technology, with the mind always on 220, the heads of children (and adults!) need distractions and attractions that are interesting for both them and their parents. Today we will know what to do with children in the Dolomites. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Today we are going to talk about the splendid Italian Dolomites. But to start with, let’s briefly recap a little what the Dolomites are and where they are. The Dolomites are a series of mountainous groups in the Italian Eastern Alps. This group of mountains was named after the formation of these mountains, which are formed by a rock called, precisely, dolomite. This mineral gives the Dolomites their ‘pale’ colors, which ‘tint’ with the gold of the sun and the white of the snow with ease, offering us fascinating landscapes at any time of the year! Read also Tourism in Italy with children! and Theme Parks in Italy!

Where are the Dolomites?

The Dolomites – also called the Pale Mountains, Dolomiten (in German), Dolomites (in Ladin) and Dolomitis (in the ‘Friulian’ dialect) – are almost entirely in the regions of Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (divided between the provinces of Belluno, Bolzano, Trento, Udine, Pordenone, Vicenza and Verona, with a small part also in Austria – Lienz Dolomites). Among the most well-known naturalistic-environmental and tourist areas in the Italian Alps are the areas that house a national park and nine other natural parks, including the largest Italian ski area (Dolomiti Superski). The mountain range, on June 26th, 2009, became part of UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. CLICK HERE FOR TIPS ABOUT THE DOLOMITES!

What is the best region of the Dolomites for family holidays?

Guys, if we were to name all the children’s attractions in the Dolomites, we could write a book! There are MANY options for tours, various ideas, prices, destinations, etc … and for all tastes! So we have gathered just a few here, but if you want information about a specific location that has not been mentioned here, send me an email, or leave your question in the comments! 🙂

For those traveling with older children …

First of all: if your children are older, it will depend on the family’s interest. A tip: when planning your trip, include your kids in the decisions, offer options, negotiate with them what and when to do it. Make them feel part of the journey from the start. This will help a LOT when you are there! Believe me!

For those traveling with younger children …

For those traveling with younger children, the part of the Dolomites that is in Trentino deserves special attention! With several options, it is the one that offers more tours.

1) What to do in the Dolomites when traveling with children? VISIT MOENA

One of the places that draws attention is Moena. Moena is right at the beginning of the Val di Fassa, and is strategically positioned, because – from here – the most beautiful mountains in the Dolomites can be reached very calmly and the view is “WONDERFUL”! ? The city of Moena offers many options, both as hotels and restaurants, as well as day and night activities. The historic center is closed to cars, so it is a very peaceful walk around here with children or pushing strollers. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be bored around here, make sure of that!

What to do in Moena with children?

A ride that children LOVE and that doesn’t tire them out is the Park of Fables (Il Parco Fiabilandia). Open-air, it is ideal for anyone who wants children to breathe the fresh air, run and play without worry. If they like being in direct contact with nature, leaving the center of Moena, take the Salejada road and then the Moene road. Despite presenting a steep climb, the Saschlonch road, in 10 minutes you reach Agriturismo El Mas, where several animals and the friendly “host” of the St Bernard breed, called Ota, await the children. The place is beautiful, delicious and the children LOVE to interact with the animals. There you will also find a small local products store and restaurant and, if you want, you can stay there too! It’s really worth it!


  • In Val di Fassa there are several options for mountain tours. Check your hotel’s reception for the surrounding schedule, as there is always something to do! Three parks worth mentioning in Val di Fassa are: Dolomiti ActionThe Kigdom of Salvan and Adventure Park (open only in summer and advance reservations are required).

2) What to do in the Dolomites when traveling with children? VISIT ALTA GARDA

Garda Trentino, together with Valle di Ledro, is ideal for family holidays. Garda Trentino consists of the northernmost part of Lake Garda and brings together, in a charming natural setting, Riva del Garda, Arco, Nago, Torbole, Drena, Dro and Tenno. The Ledro Valley, on the other hand, starts a few kilometers from Riva del Garda and is particularly appreciated by those who love trekking and mountain biking! All centers offer good-quality facilities, with services, offers and an excellent tourist structure.

Here you will find two adventure parks highly appreciated by its visitors: the  Busatte Adventure, in Torbole sul Garda, with 5 acrobatic routes, including for younger children; and Adventure Park Arco, also with a very interesting proposal of outdoor activities and in contact with nature.

3) What to do in the Dolomites when traveling with children? VISIT BRENTONICO (SMALL DOLOMITES)

Vallagarina is the last stretch of the valley crossed by the Adige River and lies between Besenello, located south of Trento, and Borghetto, where it opens up to the Po Valley. To the west of the valley you will find the Brentonico Plateau, while to the east you will find the Little Dolomites. Here you will also find good options for children! One of them are the Family Adventure Park acrobatic and mini golf courses. There are activities for ALL AGES, super fun and the weather here seems to fly! It is worth the visit!

4) What to do in the Dolomites when traveling with children? VISIT SAN MARTINO DI CASTROZZA

Popular destination for winter sports lovers, it also offers good options during the summer. The main centers of the Primiero Valley are: Fiera di Primiero, Siror, Tonadico, Transacqua, Mezzano and Imer. From Imer, you can easily reach the Vanoi Valley, the green heart of Trentino, and the famous center of Canal San Bovo. After Primiero, you arrive at San Martino di Castrozza and the suggestive Passo Rolle. Here you will find a very nice park that children love with passion! We’re talking about Agility Forest. Like its ‘neighbors’, it is also immersed in nature and offers activities for children of all age groups.

5) What to do in the Dolomites when traveling with children? VISIT VAL DI SOLE

The fertile and green Val di Sole extends between the mountain ranges of the Dolomites of Brenta, Adamello, Presanella, Ortles-Cevedale and Maddalene, being a succession of rivers, lakes and fascinating timeless villages with incredible huts and farms! In this region you can visit two adventure parks: the  Extreme Waves di Commezzadura, for those who are not afraid of water! And the delightful Flying Park, for those who like adventures and are up for anything! ; )

6) What to do in the Dolomites when traveling with children? VISIT VALLE DELL´ADIGE

The Adige Valley is the central section of the valley that is crossed by the Adige River and lies between Val Venosta, in the north, and Vallagarina, in the south. The cities located here are Cavedine, Lavis, Mezzocorona, Monte Bondone, San Michele all’Adige and Trento and offer families the opportunity to enjoy holidays between sport and nature! With children you can find out the full reserve of Tre Cime del Monte Bondone and the Alpine Botanical Garden. But the attraction that catches the children’s attention is the Acrobat Park Monte Bondone adventure park in Vason.

7) What to do in the Dolomites when traveling with children? VISIT VALSUGANA

Valsugana is the part of the Dolomites that houses the Lagorai mountain range and large lakes such as Lake Levico and Lake Caldonazzo, the largest lake in Trentino. Only nature around here is worth visiting in the region! Valsugana is proposed as a natural gym, and offers trails of various difficulties, in addition to an excellent 80 km cycle path that starts in the city of Calceranica, on Lago di Caldonazzo, passes through Grigno (in the village Pianello Vallon) and reaches the charming Bassano del Grappa. Speaking of Caldonazzo, a few kilometers away, it is possible to find out the first adventure park of Trentino: the  Acroparque Rio Centa. It also presents incredible options for children!

Always Remembering …

  • Go for walks, picnics, visit museums – some hotels usually also offer activities for children and teenagers, especially on rainy days. Speaking of rain…

What to do in the Dolomites if it rains?

Options abound! And, I’ll tell you more: it is worth doing something like that even if it is not raining! ; )

1 – Go to the SPA!

Take the opportunity to relax, think about nothing, take care of yourself and not worry about time! Take time for yourself! It’s important and it will do you good! In hotels in Val di Fassa, Val di Sole and Comano Terme, you will find fantastic thermal centers with special rates for Dolomiti Walking Hotels – Did you like it? Find out more here!

2 – Enjoy the pool!

The South Tyrol region offers great options such as  Acquafun, in San Candido,  Terme di Merano, in Naturno,  Cron4 in Riscone or Acquarena in Bressanone. All offer great structure and are heated!

3 – Visit museums!

The region is full of museums, among the most interesting are: the Archaeological Museum and the Corone Museum.

4 – Walk through the cities!

If you have children, go to the center for ice cream and go shopping! Cities like Bolzano, Bressanone, Brunico, Vipiteno and Merano offer great stores to buy souvenirs!

5 – Go to the Planetarium!

What child (and what adult) does not LOVE the planetarium? It is a great option for those who catch a rainy day! In San Valentino del Campo there is a beautiful Planetarium that deserves a visit!

6 – Visit castles!

It is pure magic to visit a Castle and the Alto Adige offers several of them! Tell kids a story as they roam the ancient corridors!

If you prefer…

  • Stay at the hotel, order a hot chocolate and watch a movie under the covers: you will love it!

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What to do in the Dolomites when traveling with children? Traveling with children can be tricky, but knowing how to keep them entertained will save you in the most ‘critical’ moments of tiredness and boredom! Have a nice trip! And if you need help organizing your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And if you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

Did my post help you? If yes, make sure to leave your comment below, but if you still have questions, just leave them as a comment below and I will reply, O.K.?

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