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Cooking courses in Florence

That Florence is a dream: we know! But learning to cook in Florence is a double dream! Are you ready? Let me tell you which are the best cooking courses in the capital of Tuscany!

Ana Patricia da Silva in Florence

Cooking Courses in Florence

When we talk about Florence, we immediately think of the fantastic museums and all the cultural heritage left by the Medici family, but Florence goes beyond offering us, too: fantastic cooking courses, watered down with wine and good vibes! Today I tell you which are the best cooking courses in Florence. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

Italian cuisine is magical, full of poetry, aromas, flavors, colors! It is a fusion gastronomy, the historical heritage of the different peoples that passed through our beloved Italian peninsula. We can describe Italian cuisine as perfect, without exaggeration, because it is a very democratic gastronomy, as it offers options for all tastes. Find out here: Where to take a Cooking Course in Rome, Milan, Venice and Naples.

Italian dishes are special and of the highest quality, as the Italians place great value on the quality of the ingredients used in their preparation, which makes Italian dishes always of the highest quality! It is worth remembering that Italian cuisine is one of the most reproduced in the entire planet, and this is due to its simplicity and unique flavors! Read also: What are the best cooking schools in Italy?

Why take a cooking course in Florence?

Because it’s a unique chance to really connect with the Italian way of life! It is a unique experience that will allow you to go beyond the ready-made dish, beyond the fame of Italian cuisine. It will mark you forever, it will make you understand the whole love affair that Italians have with food, good food! And this is priceless!

Taking a cooking class in Florence will show you that Italy takes food very seriously:

Italians like and master this art like no one else! Taking a cooking course in Florence will make you understand all the fame of dishes made with love, passion, care – in every detail, bringing to light the true magic of food! With immense pride in their cuisine, the Italians will show you what it’s like to eat well and how to make great food!

What courses can I take?

There is no shortage of options and your enormous difficulty will be choosing one of them to do, as they are all irresistible! The list is quite extensive and offers options for all tastes – and pockets! The most popular courses are pasta courses, both fresh pasta and pizza dough, and prices vary according to the course chosen, as well as their duration.

Usually the courses only last a few hours and, after the class, there is a fraternization, where everyone tastes their masterpieces! And that’s one of the best parts! One of the advantages of taking courses is that everything is already included in the price: ingredients, utensils and, of course, technical guidance.

It is worth it?

If you want to get to know Italian cuisine more deeply: IT’S VERY WORTH IT! And it’s also a chance to do something very different, focusing on your gastronomic gift. Besides being a lot of fun, knowledge is never too much, right?!

Below I list some (excellent!) cooking course options in Florence! All ready? Aprons ready? So: come with me!

Good to know…
Don’t worry if you don’t speak italian! Most of the courses are offered in English and all of them are very intuitive, almost entirely hands-on.

Cooking Courses in Florence: Pastry and Pastry Workshop in Florence

In this course, three pasta dishes are taught: fettuccine alla Norma, gnocchi with tomato and, if you take the course during the summer, ravioli with ricotta and spinach; in winter: mezzelune di Mantova. In addition to, of course, dessert, with an incredible and traditional vanilla panna cotta with strawberry coulis in the summer; Will you take the course in the winter? So get your taste buds ready to learn a chocolate recipe! To accompany everything, of course, a traditional Tuscan wine! Like the idea?

Learn more about it and book your class clicking here!

Cooking Courses in Florence: Pizza and Gelato Class

Pizza and gelato: there’s nothing more Italian than these two delicacies! Maybe there is, but these two make a very special duo! If you want to learn how to make the best pizza in the world and the creamiest gelato in the universe: this course was made for you! The wine? It’s courtesy of the house!

Learn more about it and book your class clicking here!

Cooking Courses in Florence: Pasta Cooking Experience in Florence

Who doesn’t love Italian pasta? Yeah… It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t fall in love with one of the most famous dishes in the world! And you can learn to make your own pasta in Florence! Learn how to make your pasta from scratch and, to match, a handpicked Tuscan wine to pair with your amazing creation!

Learn more about it and book your class clicking here!

Cooking Courses in Florence: Tuscan Cooking Course with Visit to Florence’s Central Market

How about getting to know the traditional central market and then getting your hands dirty? Florence’s central market is a sight to behold, but that’s redundant! Filled with incredible places, the market offers us top ingredients and all of them very fresh! After shopping – and visiting – let’s head to the amazing class where we’ll learn how to make four delicious dishes!

Learn more about it and book your class clicking here!

Cooking Courses in Florence: Cooking Class and Lunch on a Tuscan Farmhouse

This course is delicious! Although it is outside of Florence – but it already includes round-trip transport in its price – it is one of the most popular courses for tourists! The course setting is a farm surrounded by greenery and fresh air, and it is here that you will prepare and taste traditional Italian dishes; and the tour also includes a stop at the central market, the famous San Lorenzo market.

Learn more about it and book your class clicking here!

And for the children?

Children can participate in any of the courses mentioned above, evidently those under 18 years old will not be able to consume alcoholic beverages, but they will literally be able to put their hands in the dough! Want to see the full list of cooking courses and workshops in Florence? Then click here!


  • Make your reservation in advance, especially if you are traveling during the high season (July/August).
  • Check days and times, and arrive at least half an hour in advance.
  • Remember that some courses are offered for groups, others are not, so if you are with a larger group and want to take the course together, check availability in advance.

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Cooking Courses in Florence – Taking a cooking course in Florence will delight you, and bring you a totally different view of Italian cuisine. It will be a dive into one of the most famous, tasty and incredible cuisines in the world! The mixture of different colors, aromas, and flavors will make you experience the maximum of Italian cuisine in a delicious, interesting and very different way! You will fall in love!

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