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Cooking Courses in Rome

Let's learn to cook in Rome? How about a different program in the Eternal City? Come with me and I'll tell you everything about it!

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Cooking Courses in Rome

Italian cuisine is one of the most famous in the world! Appreciated all over the world, it is a cuisine – essentially – simple, tasty and very special, always valuing the use of ingredients that are easy to find and, generally, very affordable. Today I tell you which are the best cooking courses in Rome. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our Introduction

Italian cuisine is magnificent! Although it is a fusion cuisine, Italy offers us an immense range of flavors, colors and aromas, with authentic and very special dishes! Italy has a great influence of different cuisines in the world, especially because of its historical heritage, as different peoples have passed through the peninsula over the centuries. Find out here: Where to take a Cooking Course in Florence, Milan, Venice and Naples.

However, Italians have given their special touches to various dishes and this has spread around the world, with Italian cuisine being one of the most reproduced across the planet. Discover our Section: Eating & Drinking in Italy!

Why take a cooking course in Rome?

I could simply say that it will be a great opportunity for you to experience a unique experience – which is still true, however, taking a cooking course in the Italian capital will offer you more than a simple unforgettable experience: it will allow you to go beyond ready-to-eat dishes, in addition to the fame of Italian cuisine. Click here and learn all about Rome!

Taking a cooking course in Rome will show you that Italy doesn’t play around when it comes to food, that it loves – and takes care of – the smallest details to offer its visitors (and locals!) the maximum amount of food magic! Italians are proud of their cuisine and will offer you a lesson in love, authenticity, and passion! And, of course, lots and lots of flavor! Find out here how to visit the main markets in Rome!

What courses can I take?

The list is huge and your greatest difficulty will be choosing just one (or “ones”!), because the options are crazy! The most sought after are the pasta courses, both fresh pasta and pizza dough. The values vary according to the chosen course, as well as their duration.

Normally the courses last only a few hours and, after the class, there is a kind of get-together, where everyone tastes his supreme creations. One of the advantages of taking the courses is that everything is already included in the price: ingredients, utensils and, of course, technical guidance. Find out here what are the 10 best Italian cheeses!

It is worth it?

If you want to experience Rome at its gastronomic heyday: IT DOES! WORTH IT VERY MUCH! In addition to being fun, knowledge is never too much, is it?! So: are you eady? Everyone with their aprons ok? Let’s go!

Most courses are offered in Italian or English language.

1) Cooking Courses in Rome: Pasta Workshop and Tiramisu with Dinner

Lasting two and a half hours, it is one of the most sought after courses by lovers of fresh pasta. They teach you everything from scratch, and the big problem is that you will never buy pasta in the supermarket again, because once you find out how easy it is to prepare your own pasta, a world of flavors and ideas will come to your mind! Not to mention dessert is already included! Yes: you will also learn how to make the traditional Tiramisù, the most famous Italian dessert in the world!

For more information and booking, click here!

2) Cooking Courses in Rome: Italian Pasta Class and Spritz

Do we have Spritz lovers around here? Then this course is for you! In this course you will learn how to make the traditional Italian Spritz and combine it with a delicious spaghetti carbonara, a Roman classic that, despite being very simple to make, has its little secrets! If you’re not a fan of Carbonara, don’t worry: you can also choose Amatriciana, Alfredo, among others.

For more information and booking, click here!

3) Cooking Courses in Rome: Pasta Class in Mammas’s Kitchen

One of the most popular courses for tourists is the cooking course with an authentic Italian “mamma”! In this course you will go shopping at the supermarket, where you will learn how to choose excellent products for your recipe, and from there, you will go straight to “mamma’s” house to start the work! I don’t even need to say that the Italian moms involved in this project are sweets, right?! ATTENTION: This course has very limited places!

For more information and booking, click here!

4) Cooking Courses in Rome: Pizza Class and Dinner

How about a pizza made by you for dinner? Italian pizza is light, crispy and tasty, and although it’s made in a detailed way, it’s not that difficult to make an amazing pizza, and that’s what you’ll learn in this super special course! Do you like pizza and want to master this versatile, tasty and cheap dish? Then you’ve found your ideal course!

For more information and booking, click here!

5) Cooking Courses in Rome: Traditional Pasta with Cocktails

In addition to Italian dishes, some Italian drinks are also worth mentioning, such as Spritz and Limoncello and, in this course, in addition to fresh pasta, you can also taste very special drinks and drinks!

For more information and booking, click here!

And for the kids?

The children can participate in any of the courses mentioned above, of course those under the age of 18 will not be able to consume alcoholic beverages, but they can literally get their hands on the dough!

Complete list with other tips for Cooking Courses in Rome

I’ll leave the link so you can take a look at other courses too! You will be delighted with so many options for cooking courses in Rome!

Want to see the full list of cooking courses and workshops in Rome? So click here!

Golden Tips:

  • Make your reservations in advance, especially if you are traveling during peak season (July/August).
  • Check days and times, and arrive at least half an hour in advance
  • Keep in mind that some courses are offered for groups, others are not, so if you are with a larger group and want to take the course together, check availability in advance.

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Cooking Courses in Rome. Taking a cooking course in Rome is something magical and special! Colors, aromas, and flavors will make you experience the most of Italian cuisine in a delicious, interesting and very different way!

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