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What are the best cookery schools in Italy?

Famous worldwide, Italian cuisine is one of the most widespread in the world and today we are going to get to know the best cookery schools in Italy.


What are the best cookery schools in Italy?

Italy is famous for many reasons, one of which is undoubtedly its cuisine! Today we are going to get to know the top five Italian cookery schools in Italy! Let’s go to our Post of the day: What are the best cookery schools in Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


When we talk about cooking, the world is divided into two parts: those who love to cook and those who hate it! Those who cook know that it is not enough to just gather the ingredients and hope it to work, it takes a good dose of patience, affection and dedication. For those who like to cook, knowledge is never too much and, even if you are not a great chef, a cookery course can help you refine techniques and combine them to achieve three-star Michelin level dishes. Of course, homemade food (in my opinion) is unbeatable, but even for simpler dishes, some techniques can be of great help! Discover our section on Food in Italy!


If you want to be a chef (or work in this environment), however, knowledge is essential and you can choose many different paths: to get specialized in a single type of cuisine, or take courses that cover general knowledge, which mix various types of cuisine and serve as an introduction to a future specialization.

Gastronomy Market

For anyone thinking of entering the gastronomy market, choosing a recognized and respected culinary school in the field is a guarantee to be able to learn from the best Italian and international chefs, and to prepare to work in renowned hotels and restaurants (or maybe open your own!) and highlight your resume, because a strong name counts a lot! Most Italian cookery schools offer training courses with basic techniques (but of great relevance, since from these you can develop other skills) of cooking, in addition to courses specialized in sweets, regional cuisine and many others.

How much is it?

Let’s be honest: it’s not cheap! Also consider that the more renowned and ‘starred’ chefs who teach, the more expensive it is, but, the more prestige it has! Also consider that when you complete the course, the better the school, the easier it will be to work in a reputable restaurant. In values, for a course of a few weeks, you will invest an average of 2.000 euros (check the current rate when planning your trip).

Is it worth it?

It depends on your goal! As previously stated: whoever is in this world NEEDS a good course, must also always be up to date and keep up with changes in the sector, so it ends up paying off! Not to mention the international experience and the chance to learn a new language! Those who work in gastronomy have an immense range of markets: restaurants, hotels, ships, hospitals, prisons and so on. Food is something that never goes out of style and everyone NEEDS to eat, so it is an excellent area, and yes: you work hard! But when we do what we love, it’s no longer work, isn’t it?! ; ) Without further ado, let’s get to know the five best cookery schools in Italy.

1) What are the best cookery schools in Italy? IN COSENZA

Maccaroni Chef Academy – Focused on regional cuisine, they aim to improve excellence in food and wine in each region, especially Calabrian cuisine – so rich! They believe that food and drink tell stories and that is how they direct the course: valuing local ingredients, small producers and small structures that involve gastronomy, but that offer consumers the local essence!

With a more humanized proposal, they believe that the ingredients need to be ‘understood’ before they are consumed, so they value the knowledge of, especially, the origin of everything that will be used in the preparation of a particular dish. With a fantastic structure, they say that “food nourishes the body, but also the mind”, so they also focus on the process of getting to know the region and the ingredients it has to offer. It offers short courses, courses for professionals and amateurs, as well as specific courses and more comprehensive courses. LEARN MORE ABOUT COSENZA!

Did you know?

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2) What are the best cookery schools in Italy? IN MILAN

Food Genius Academy (FGA) – One of the most celebrated and respected cooking schools in Italy is the FGA, the Food Genius Academy! With its more than 750 square meters of space, it brings together the utmost of hospitality industry including, of course, gastronomy! With a fantastic structure, the school offers complete and professional laboratories for practical classes; all are equipped with the top utensils present in the best industrial kitchens and in the best restaurants around the world. Courses and workshops are offered to amateurs and professionals and the school’s pride is its Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Food Service Management; this specific course was born from the need to respond to the demands of an increasingly competitive market, forming a new professional figure, that of the Kitchen Manager or the Food Consultant.

These two positions need to bring together culinary and technical skills, in addition to combining them with business and administrative skills, that is, a complete course! The postgraduate course also focuses on the same idea, lasts two years and has renowned names in its staff of teachers such as journalists, chefs and other excellent professionals! The school also offers courses for photographers – who want to specialize in gastronomic photographs, and courses in Pasticceria! Some of the strong names of this first team that makes FGA one of the best culinary schools in Italy are: Alberto Tassinato – Manager of Alchimia Ristorante; Daniele Bonzi – Pastry chef at Four Seasons Milano; Giorgio Donegani – specialist in Education and Food Science, Adviser and Former President of the Italian Foundation for Food Education; Giovanni Mineo – Master Breadmaker, among many others! LEARN MORE ABOUT MILAN!

3) What are the best cookery schools in Italy? IN PARMA

ALMA La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana The most famous Italian cooking school in the world! Located within Reggia di Colorno, one of the most representative monuments in the region of the Province of Parma, it is a reference when it comes to Italian cuisine! ALMA was founded on the initiative of the municipality of Parma with the participation of the greatest Italian chef of all time, Gualtiero Marchesi, who was its first rector. It has a faculty of great international prestige and has numerous partnerships that help to place its students in the labor market in very renowned restaurants and hotels.

The school offers courses in all areas, including sweets, bar and sommelier courses, in addition to courses – excellent – aimed at administration and the salon, training students targeting the changes, and demands, of the current labor market, which  always seeks highly-qualified professionals. One of the most famous students trained by ALMA is Chef Rubio, one of the most celebrated chefs in Italy. LEARN MORE ABOUT PARMA!

4) What are the best cookery schools in Italy? IN FLORENCE

Cordon Bleu Italia Culinary Art School – I would say it needs no introduction! One of the most famous culinary schools in the world, the Cordon Bleu Culinary Art School in Florence prides itself on being the oldest culinary academy in Tuscany still active. Guys, this Cordon Bleu has NO relation to the Cordon Bleu of Paris, O.K.?! Cordon Bleu in Florence has been led since 1985 by Cristina Blasi and Gabriella Mari.

Located in a stunning 16th century Florentine palace, it is a culinary academy of great international renown and is the ideal place to rediscover the traditions and history of cuisine, not only Italian, but also to introduce students to all the news from the world of current gastronomy. The school organizes and follows a research laboratory that aims to feed the relationship between science and culinary practice, the so-called C.A.R.L.A. (C.ulinary AR.t LA.b). The focus is to mix traditional and modern techniques to offer the student extensive culinary knowledge. With fantastic courses, it offers modern laboratories and has a group of highly respected professors in the gastronomic world of the international scene such as Vito Molica, Maria Probst, Marco Romei among others! LEARN MORE ABOUT FLORENCE!

5) What are the best cookery schools in Italy? IN CUNEO

Pollenzo University of Gastronomic Sciences – Also included in the list is one of the most renowned gastronomy universities in Italy, the Pollenzo University of Gastronomic Sciences. With a wide range of courses that aim to train professionals of excellent quality, it also offers courses for amateurs, who just want to increase their gastronomic knowledge with techniques and history of gastronomy. In the province of Cuneo, along with traditional courses, industry experts make themselves available to students and teach secrets, history, techniques and much more about the art of cooking. In its staff of professionals, the school has famous names in the gastronomic environment such as its rector, Andrea Pieroni, Nicola Perullo and Michele Antonio Fino.

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What are the best cookery schools in Italy? Cooking is a pleasure, but it is not just for those who ‘have the gift’: studying, improving and seeking knowledge, you can even surprise yourself! Gastronomy can have a multitude of reinterpretations, new ideas, new recipes; you can create, or, who knows, mix the old and the modern; run away from tradition, or even keep it, with a different touch … however, whenever you enter the kitchen to prepare a meal, remember that, despite all knowledge, techniques and good ingredients, love remains essential!

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