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“Your Travel to Rome” is the quintessential e-book for your travel to one of the finest tourist destinations on the planet! You´ll learn everything – really! – that you need to know about routes, transportation, food, places to visits, how to get tickets to the sites and much more. With this e-book, your travel to Rome will be even more fulfilling, and you´ll know that you´re enjoying ‘the Eternal City’ as much as possible!

The best reference and tips guide for your travel to Rome!

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What you´ll learn with the e-book

  • How to get around in Rome?
  • What to do in Rome at night?
  • Where to stay in Rome?
  • What and where to eat in Rome?
  • What is the best time to visit Rome?
  • Day tour and Itineraries in Rome
  • How to get to Rome?
  • Rome and its fascinating history
  • The best day trips from Rome
  • What are the main monuments of Rome?
  • How to buy train tickets in Rome?
  • What are the festivals of Rome?
  • How to buy tickets for Rome attractions?
  • General tips  for your travel

45+ pages of content about Rome!

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