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Where to stay near Rome subway?

Getting to know Rome by subway is easy, fast and cheap. The Roman subway has an excellent infrastructure and reaches the main city sights. Today we will learn where to stay near Rome subway.

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Where to stay near Rome subway?

Rome is a delightful city and offers us excellent accommodation and transport options, and one of the best options is the subway. Being close to the subway makes everything quite easier for those in the Eternal City. Today we will learn where to stay near Rome subway. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Rome, the Italian capital, is a spectacular city! Everyone knows that, but when I say it is a spectacular city, I mean beyond history, culture, monuments and the like: Rome, being a big city, offers tourists an impressive infrastructure! It presents us with a multitude of accommodation options, excellent places to eat, shops, bars and, of course, an (almost) impeccable public transport network. I say almost, because during peak hours, you can find the metro a bit full, considering that the Romans themselves use the means of transport to get to and from work, so I leave you with the tip: avoid the subway during opening hours peak, which is between 07:30 am until 9:00 am and between 17:00 and 19:00.

Apart from that…

Use and abuse the Roman metro, especially if you are staying near any station in the famous Metropolitana. To learn everything about the Rome subway, I invite you to read the post How to use the subway in Rome? – here, you will find ALL the pertinent information if you intend to use this fast, safe and spectacular means of transport. Discover the most beautiful panoramic views of Rome here!

Let’s get to know a little of the Rome Subway

Well, in a quick summary, the Rome subway currently divides into practically two lines: Line A and Line B. Line A runs from Anagnina-Battistini station and crosses the historic center, including the Vatican area. Line B, on the other hand, runs from Rebibbia – Laurentina and we also have line C, which already has some active stations, but is still in the expansion phase and will cover the route that currently does not have coverage from the previous lines. Now we are going to tell you about where to stay near Rome subway! I advise reading: What is the difference between hotel categories in Italy?

1) Where to stay near Rome subway? OTTAVIANO AND CIPRO STATIONS

A good accommodation option for those who want to use the subway is the San Pietro and Prati area: here you will find numerous accommodation options with fair prices and close to two stations: Ottaviano and Cipro. If we consider the Colosseum, we are not so in the center, but the journey – by subway – is fast and without major problems. Here we are on the right side of the Tiber, close to the Vatican and, at night, if you want, you can take a half-hour ride to the delightfull neighborhood of Trastevere. Find out more about Trastevere here! Rome famous bohemian neighborhood.

Where to stay near Rome subway?
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2) Where to stay near Rome subway? TERMINI STATION

It is impossible not to mention the Termini Station area, which is Rome central station and offers access to the railway and subway lines. The only unpleasant thing about this area is that, especially at night, it is not one of the safest areas in Rome for those who want to stroll around the city at night, although it is a well-policed ​​and monitored area.

Is it worth it?

If you intend to go out on foot at night, honestly, not much, but if you intend to spend your nights at the hotel, resting peacefully, it can be a great option, as the rates here are generally cheaper than you would pay in the historic center of the city. Another neighborhood nearby is San Lorenzo, the university heart of Rome due to the renowned University of Sapienza, the largest in Europe. For those who LOVE to go out at night, it can be a great option!

Gold Tip

  • Discover the incredible Central Market in Rome at Roma Termini Train Station. Very special place totally dedicated to gastronomy, with many varieties and very fair prices. Find out more by clicking here!
Where to stay near Rome subway?
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3) Where to stay near Rome subway? CAVOUR STATION

Another location with a metro station close by is the Monti region, the ancient suburb of Rome where Julius Caesar was born. This region is close to Trajan’s markets and the Imperial Forums and is considered one of the most elegant areas of Rome today. Here you will find the Cavour Station, very centrally located in the neighborhood, in addition to the famous Via Panisperna and several small restaurants scattered along the seductive cobbled streets. Considered a very expensive area, but very central. If you want, on foot, you can reach the Colosseum, Quirinale, Via Nazionale, and even the Fontana di Trevi. It is a very quiet neighborhood! Discover the best aperitifs in Rome here!

Where to stay near Rome subway?
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Lodgings recommendations near subway

Some lodgings recommendations, close to the Metro in Rome, especially from “Your Travel to Italy” to you!

The Guardian

The Guardian – located in the historic district of Esquilino, it is close to Termini Station, which gives access to both the railway and the subway of Rome. The Guardian is less than ten minute walking from Castro Pretorio station, on line B and, walking, ten minutes from Repubblica Station on line A. Very well located!

Mascagni Hotel

Mascagni Hotel – is a charming 3-star hotel recently renovated, and with excellent structure. Just 500 meters from the Colosseum, it is also just 100 meters from Cavour Station (line B); Termini Central Station is just 300 meters away. Great location!

Sonya Hotel

Sonya Hotel – near Vittorio Emanuele Station, line A, the 3 star hotel is great. Well located, it offers all the facilities for guests in a charming way and with a very friendly service.

More Rome Accommodation Tips:

More neighborhood tips in Rome

Other neighborhood ideas for you to stay in Rome and try to save more.


Another idea is to stay in Roma Nord, in Parioli: it is close to Villa Borghese and Villa Ada and it is an almost entirely residential area, which makes the neighborhood very, very, very quiet! If you don’t like the hustle and bustle, especially during the high season, when the city gets fuller, it can be an excellent accommodation option. Visit the Borghese Gallery in Rome!


Now we go to a very magical place in Rome: Trastevere! The neighborhood is considered the soul of Rome and is, in fact, incredible! It mixes places of pure excitement with others of pure tranquility, but the choice is yours! Tip: the noisiest streets are those that are close to Piazza Trilussa and Vicolo dei Cinque, especially during the summer! If you like a lively nightlife: you have found your place in Rome!


Another great option is Garbatella. Here you don’t even seem to be in Rome, because it is very quiet! The streets here are very calm, beautiful and full of charm: and it is very close to the station of the same name, which makes it much easier to get around.

Good to know…

As we said earlier, Rome offers a multitude of great places to stay, and we could write a book with them all. It is also worth remembering that if you want to stay in the center and do not use public transport, it is possible. “Ah Ana Patrícia, but it is expensive!” – yea! It is a little more expensive, but consider that you will have everything very close. Find out here what to do in Rome when it rains!


Remember that the secret to getting good prices, including accommodation, is to research and make your reservation in advance. It is also important to be aware that, during festive periods (Christmas, New Year, Easter and high season), accommodation tends to increase prices in all areas, including the less sought after ones, since the city tends to be crowded and the rooms end up as a bottle of cold water in the desert!

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Where to stay near Rome subway? Choosing a hotel in Rome can be an almost impossible mission, not because of the lack of options, but because of the excess of them; one of the “problems” of big cities. Anyway, always remember to do some research on what you want to visit and check the distance from your hotel to the sights. The subway, without a doubt, can be a great help if you prefer to stay a little further away from the center and the most expensive areas of the city.

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