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What to do in Rome when it rains?

Rainy Rome can be very interesting too, and because of these rainy periods we decided to prepare a list of attractions in Rome that can help you follow your tour without disturbing your plans in Italy. We have prepared a list here with perfect options for rainy days in Rome.

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What to do in Rome when it rains?

We know that nobody likes to travel in the rain, but it is good to know that if you travel between October and February: you will come across them! And, often, torrential rains, which limits our outdoor itinerary. However, as everything also has its good side, Rome offers good options for the grayest and most “frowning” days. Today we are going to tell you what you can do in Rome when it rains. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Rains in Italy between November and February are quite common and in all Italian regions; in some places it rains more, in others less, the fact is: it almost always rains! If the rain is not so heavy, nothing that an umbrella or a raincoat will not solve (don’t forget your boots!), But if the rain is a little heavier, or very heavy: there is no way, you you’ll have to go somewhere ‘sheltered’ – if you dare to leave the hotel! When I am asked ‘what to do in Rome when it rains?’ I can think of several ideas and today I’m going to tell you what you can do in the eternal city when the rains come. Do we know what to do in Rome when it rains? Check out our Section on Climate in Italy!https://www.yourtraveltoitaly.com/category/best-periods-to-travel/

Important to Know

When the rains are VERY intense, the Civil Defense asks to avoid going through the city, either on foot or by car. Public transport is suspended for security reasons, and the city literally STOPS! So, if you are in Rome and the alert is issued, follow the instructions, O.K.?! Stay at the hotel! The hotel staff will give you guidance, don’t worry! Find out more about Rome by clicking here!

1) What to do in Rome when it rains? VISIT THE MUSEUMS

Rome is full of museums, with the Vatican Museums, the Capitoline Museum, the Borghese Gallery and the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art among the best options. It is worth remembering that it is better to buy tickets in advance, even in the low season. A tip: go to the Pantheon: the legend has it that it doesn’t rain inside. When you find out: tell us!

2) What to do in Rome when it rains? SHOPPING

How about shopping in Rome on these rainy days? It is an excellent option to enjoy the weather and protect yourself from the rain. Here are some tips for enjoying Rome on rainy days! Also read Where to shop in Rome?

Galleria Alberto Sordi and Eataly Roma

Among one of the most famous places to shop in Rome, we have the beautiful Galleria Alberto Sordi. With shops, bars and restaurants, the place has a structure, besides being beautiful, great for the rainiest days, as it gathers several distractions in one place. Another very cool place, a little more geared towards lovers of enogastronomy, is to spend the day at Eataly Roma. With great options of wines, pasta, sauces, sweets and more, it is a super interesting place and it offers far more attractive prices than the branches around the world.

Outlets in Rome

In Rome there are several places to shop in the most varied sectors, but in the most renowned stores in the city center, most of them do not have very attractive prices, not even in the famous sales period (in the beginning of January), so we recommend some Outlets in Rome and its surroundings where, of course, you can shop for various items with great economy! Click and see our List of the Best Outlets in Rome!

La Rinascente

La Rinascente, opened the largest department store in Rome for luxury shopping. There are 7 floors of pure luxury !!!! With 150 years of history, La Rinascente, department store is present in 11 cities in Italy, a mandatory stop for those who want the best of Italian fashion, beauty, decoration and gastronomy. La Rinascente has world famous brands and distributed in its 7 floors of pure beauty and luxury !!!

How to get there?

  • Via del Tritone, 61 (Open Monday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 11:00 pm). To get there: Metro line A. Barberini / Fontana di Trevi stop. Note? The store also has another branch, older, in Piazza Fiume (Fiume Square), find out more here on the official website of the Store.

Shopping Mall Aura

In the New Shopping Mall Aura or Centro Commerciale AURA, you will find several store options such as: H&M, Calzedonia, Intimissimi, Tezenis, Terranova, Carpisa, Euronics, Primadonna, Tim, Piquadro, Nau, Swarovski, Tiger and more. You will also be able to enjoy your time to enjoy the delights of the Food Court like Bialetti – the famous Italian coffee shops.

How to get there?

  • The shopping mall was built at the exit of a subway station on line A. Line A is the one that leads to the main sights in Rome, the line most used by tourists. Leaving the subway you find a sidewalk with direct access to the Shopping Mall, you can already see the Shopping Mall building. Walking just 50 meters you arrive at the New Shopping Mall Aura. Take subway line A and get off at Stazione Valle Aurelia. It is two stations after Ottaviano, the one you use to go to the Vatican. Read our Post on How to use the Subway in Rome?

3) What to do in Rome when it rains? GO BOWLING

How about bowling in Rome? It is worth it as an option! One of the coolest is Bowling Regina Margherita. With great prices and with a restaurant inside the establishment, it is a good option to be considered when you get caught on a rainy day in Rome and don’t know where to go! Write this tip down!

4) What to do in Rome when it rains? WITH KIDS? FOLLOW OUR TIPS …

For those with children! Rain and children can be a bombastic combination! They are irritated, agitated because they have nowhere to spend their energy, but we are here to help you! There are GREAT attractions in Rome for children on a rainy day. Also read Theme Parks for children in Italy! And tourism in Italy with children!

You can visit:

  • The Videogame Museum – Vigamus, which presents the visitor with a true journey through time through technological games.
  • The Children’s Museum in Rome is also fantastic! It offers great options for children of all ages and the environment is super pleasant, in addition to teaching cooking classes, laboratories for experiments, drawing classes, all with great monitors!
  • Technotown is also great! The museum is very interactive and the children LOVE the place, they stay there for hours and don’t even notice the time passing! Here you will find several attractions such as an area totally dedicated to Lego, areas for paintings, drawings and much more, everything that children love! On the website it is possible to check the calendar with all available activities.

5) What to do in Rome when it rains? VISIT DIFFERENT PLACES

A very different place to visit in Rome is the studio that is also a restaurant! I’m talking about Conava Tadolini. This space includes a museum of artistic restoration and a restaurant. It is very different from everything we normally see in Rome, besides being a delicious place! It has more than 5 rooms and in each of them, there is something different to know. If you like to get out of the ‘traditional’, it is worth the visit.

Another very cool place is a tea house! Yes! In the best London style of being, one of the most charming tea houses in Rome is Vivi Bistrot. The best unit in the house for rainy days is Piazza Navona’s, as it is in a privileged position and offers an incredible view of the square. There they also serve incredible dishes and drinks and everything is very charming.

6) What to do in Rome when it rains? TOURISTIC BUS FLOOR

Touristic bus tour! Is there anything more touristy? And on a rainy day, then? ; ) If you want to have a very complete panorama of Rome, passing through the main points of the city, it’s worth it as an option! The Hop-on Hop-off bus gives you the chance to even get on and off at any desired point – then just wait for the next bus at certain stops. There is the option of audio in English that explains, in a very clear way, everything about the sights where it passes.


  • If you prefer to explore the city by subway or by regular bus! (read also How to get around Rome?). Take an uncompromised tour observing the stations, get off, go for a coffee, go to the central train station, Termini… Rome is immense and offers many options to tourists, too, when it rains! Find out our section on Transport in Italy!

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What to do in Rome when it rains? Even if you go to Rome when it rains and get no-so-pleasant days when it comes to the weather, there is no shortage of fun! Rome is a great city that has a lot to offer tourists, even on those days when we just want to stay in bed listening to the noise of the rain, but in Rome: it’s almost impossible, because the city seems to shout our name and call us to get to know it with its touches of ‘silver’ that only rain brings!

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