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What to do in Rome with children?

Traveling to Rome with children may seem like an almost impossible task, but I assure you that it is possiblem and pleasant! Here you will find tips and information to make the whole family happy!


What to do in Rome with children?

In our beautiful capital, Rome, we find attractions for all tastes and budgets, including attractions dedicated entirely to children. It’s not easy to travel with the little ones, but all it takes is a little creativity and they’ll fall in love with our beloved Eternal City. Let’s go to our special post: what to do in Rome with children? Stay with us and make the best of the boot country! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

Rome, in the Lazio region, is an amazing city. Full of history, it is perfect for those who love culture. Being a very democratic city in terms of attractions, children also have their space and several tourist attractions offer special tours to capture the attention of the little ones. Shall we explore the subject a little bit more? Also read: What to do with children in Italy?

Golden Tip:

  • When you start organizing your trip, call your children to participate in everything from the beginning! Include them when choosing tours, ask if they have something specific in mind, what they would like to see, to know. They will feel like an integral part of the trip and will love choosing specific tours dedicated to them! Do some research before starting the “meeting” and offer the available options!

1) What to do in Rome with children? TAKE COOKING CLASSES!

One of the things that most attracts the attention of children are activities where, literally, it is necessary to get your hands dirty. With that in mind: how about a little cooking class? Rome offers several options and, below, I will indicate some of them:

Cooking Course At Eataly Roma

With prices between 55 and 80 euros per person (there are some seasonal classes, check availability on their website), it is possible to offer a unique experience to children. With a duration of more or less three hours, children won’t even see the time pass and will be able to learn to make pasta and pizza in a very fun way. Make a reservation in advance. Click here to find out more and book!

Piccoli Chef

Another class that might be interesting is Piccoli Chef. In their culinary laboratory, several cooking courses are offered for the little ones, such as cookies, pasta, sweets and sandwiches. It is necessary to book in advance and prices vary according to the chosen course. Click here to find out more and book!

Pizza Master Class for the whole family

Oh the Italian pizza! Who doesn’t like it, right? Well then: in Rome we have, of course, a course dedicated entirely to one of the most famous dishes in Italy, pizza! The kids LOVE this course and learn all about this food so dear to them, in addition to tasting their own creations, of course! Book in advance as it is a popular course. It costs around 70 euros per person and lasts an hour. Click here to find out more and book!

2) What to do in Rome with children? TAKE A CERAMIC CLASS!

Another valid alternative for those who like to get their hands dirty is a ceramics course! With all the materials included, for 20 euros you can take the kids to activate their creativity without limits and then they can take the art home! It costs 20 euros per person and lasts about two hours. Like the idea? Click here to find out more and book!

3) What to do in Rome with children? PLAY THE DETECTIVE!

Have you ever thought about offering the little ones a detective game? Rome has too! The little ones love the proposals for treasure hunting in the Italian capital and you will find several options to keep them entertained while they learn a little history and visit fantastic places! Let’s visit some places:

Leonardo’s exhibition

One of the most famous names in Italy offers children a very special tour, which brings together fun, mysteries, history and culture. It is the Leonardo Exhibition that presents a very playful tour that holds the attention of children in an incredible way!

The proposal is very interesting, as it presents us with the opportunity to be in the heart of the Eternal City and offers us the chance to choose the route, what to see, how long to stay in a monument and follow the tour at our own pace. Also read: What to do in Rome when it rains?

Useful information:

Despite this freedom, it is good to remember that, for each stage conquered, points are offered to the little ones that the more points they gather, the more clues about where the treasure is. It really is a very interesting, dynamic and fun experience. It lasts about 3 hours and costs from 40 euros per person. I suggest you book in advance and you can buy the tour here!

Rome Treasure Hunt: Play, Play, Learn

In the same scheme as the game mentioned above, the treasure hunt is a true history lesson for the little ones! With historical sites in Rome, they will have to unravel clues in order to advance to the ‘next level’. The tour costs 239 euros per person and lasts about 2 hours, showing the best points of our beautiful capital. Book in advance by clicking here!

4) What to do in Rome with children? TRAVEL IN VIRTUAL REALITY AT CIRCUS MAXIMUS!

Are you looking for something VERY different that will drive your kids crazy? How about taking the kids to play with virtual reality at Circus Maximus? One of the great novelties in Rome is this history class, which is all offered with virtual reality glasses.

The glasses recreate the ancient environments of the Circus Maximus while telling the incredible story of this fantastic place! Kids LOVE it and, I confess, adults too! The proposal is very interesting! It costs from 40 euros per person and lasts approximately two hours. Reservation is required in advance and you can book your tour here!

5) What to do in Rome with children? TAKE THE ILLUMINATED ROME TOUR FOR KIDS!

Another really cool tour that kids love is the Rome Illuminated Tour for Kids with gelato and pizza. Held after sunset, it is a great option for those who prefer the city a little more “calm”.

Passing by several famous spots, with their due explanations, the tour makes strategic stops to offer children two of the things they love most: pizza and gelato! It is worth it? Much! Great option for those who don’t know what to do at dinner time! It costs from 69 euros per person and the tour lasts almost three hours. Make your reservation in advance here!

6) What to do in Rome with children? TAKE A TOUR IN THE ROMAN CLASSICS!

Shall we visit the Roman classics? When we talk about history and culture, many children turn up their noses: it’s boring! It’s complicated! It’s tiring! Know that they can fall in love with the subject as long as they have someone to awaken that passion in them and, for that, nothing better than special tours for children in iconic places!

Colosseum and Ancient Rome Family Tour for Kids

One of the most classic and beloved tours in Rome dedicated to children! They won’t even see the time pass and they will still learn everything about the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the House of Emperors. Lightweight and informative, kids love this dynamic between story and amazing visuals! The tour costs from 169 euros and lasts about 3 hours. Book in advance by clicking here!

Colosseum and Ancient Rome Family Tour for Kids

Another VERY recommended tour for those with little ones! Whenever we talk about Roman classics, it is impossible not to mention the Colosseum. However, as we’ve said before, children find everything very tiring, so there’s nothing better than taking the tour as lightly as possible, and how can we do that? With special tours dedicated to them! This one, for example, costs from 89 euros and lasts, more or less, 3 hours. Book in advance by clicking here!

Rome colosseum forum and pantheon tour for kids with gelato

One of the most complete tours in the Eternal City! Dedicated to children, it even offers a scheduled stop for gelato! The tour costs from 259 euros and lasts approximately 4 hours. Book in advance by clicking here!

7) What to do in Rome with children? VISIT THE BIOPARCO OF ROME!

Another attraction that children LOVE are those that offer contact with nature! And one of the best trips to do with your family in Rome is a tour of the Bioparco de Roma. With magnificent attractions for children, the place offers several didactic and fun activities, making the little ones entertain while learning and observing plants and animals.

It is, in fact, one of the best attractions for children! The ticket costs between 11 and 19 euros, it is necessary to buy tickets in advance and you can get them by clicking here!

8) What to do in Rome with children? HAVE A PICNIC!

How about a picnic with the kids in the Roman capital? It can be a super idea, especially for mornings without a schedule! Take the kids to the supermarket, let them choose what they want to eat and hashtag the picnic! Need inspiration? Don’t know where to go? Then read this post: Where to have a picnic in Rome?

Golden Tip:

  • Some attractions are seasonal, others are only for a weekend or two, and, for you to be up to date on the entire agenda of tours to do with children in Rome, I suggest you consult the official website of the city dedicated to tourism: Rome Tourism.
  • It is worth remembering that some of these attractions may undergo changes in schedules or dates; everything will depend on several factors such as demand and meteorological issues, for example, so before going to the indicated place, confirm dates and times, ok?! Also read: The Best Theme Parks in Italy!


Always remembering that, even if you don’t travel during the high season, it’s important to buy tickets in advance! Many attractions dedicated to children are crowded, even with locals and on weekends, so: get organized in advance, ok?! Find out here How to buy tickets for the main monuments in Italy?

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What to do in Rome with kids? Rome is amazing! And it can be surprising, too, for the children who leave there in love with the story they saw at school; who leave delighted with the amount of knowledge they have acquired and, of course, leave with unforgettable memories!

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