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What to do in Florence with children?

Yes, it is possible! Florence with children can be surprisingly peaceful. Check here in this post our tips and information for you mom and dad who love to enjoy a trip with your kids.

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What to do in Florence with children?

Traveling to Florence with children can seem like an almost impossible task: the city is historical and cultural, does not offer many options of attractions for children, and not all of them have the patience to spend hours in a museum, or to strategically stop to admire works of art that they don’t even know what it is about. Nevertheless, going with children to Florence may not be that difficult. Today we will learn what to do in Florence with children? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

Ah… traveling with children! What a delight … If you’re going to a resort or theme park (laughs)! But when you go to a cultural city like Florence, things can get a little difficult. This is because most children do not seem to have much interest in visiting museums, observing sculptures or visiting churches. Children like to run, explore, learn new things, things that hold their attention and that don’t take too long. But today we are going to give you some suggestions for trips with children in Florence.


  • Prepare children for tours before traveling. Show them the photos of the museums, make files, short summaries about the works, about the importance of the city, about the “luck” of being able to witness everything you will get to know.
  • They like (and need) explanations that are quick and easy to understand. If you start stimulating their curiosity even before leaving home, everything will be much easier during the tours and they will have a lot more patience for long and sometimes tiring tours, especially in museums!
  • Ah, to make them feel responsible, show them a list of tours and tell them they can choose the first tour! ; ) They will love this “power”!
  • Florence is a super easy city to move around, especially in its center, as the streets are flat, the places close to each other, so you won’t have too much trouble. Make strategic stops for water or ice cream for the kids to get more excited!

1)What to do in Florence with children? VISIT THE BOBOLI GARDENS

A walk that children usually love is the Boboli Gardens. There you will find a true open-air museum. The kids especially like the statues and the fountains. Why not play hide and seek around there? Learn more about the Boboli Gardens by clicking here!

2) What to do in Florence with children? VISIT THE PALAZZO VECCHIO (VECCHIO PALACE)

Palazzo Vecchio also houses, within its walls, centuries and centuries of Florentine history! There you can witness stories of 16th century Florence and see truly special works. Leaving there, head to the incredible Fountain of Neptune to catch a glimpse of David’s replica, both in Piazza della Signoria (Signoria Square).


3) What to do in Florence with children? VISIT UFFIZZI GALLERY

There in Piazza della Signoria is the Uffizzi Gallery. It is one of the most renowned museums in the city and fully suitable for children. There you will find works by artists like Giotto, Michelangelo and Caravaggio, all beautiful! Find out more about the Uffizzi Gallery by clicking here!

4) What to do in Florence with children? VISIT THE CATHEDRAL

Another interesting point to visit is the Cathedral of Florence. The beautiful Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower, is the main symbol of the city, in other words, a must see! The various artists of great renown who contributed to make this church a true masterpiece, like Brunelleschi and Giotto, made this place a magical destination. Children LOVE the dome and the bell tower! Learn more about Florence Cathedral by clicking here!

5) What to do in Florence with children? VISIT PIAZZALE MICHELANGELO (MICHELANGELO SQUARE)

At Piazzale Michelangelo you can leave your children at ease. Observing Florence from another point of view will delight the little ones! From here you can see the Arno River and the main monuments of the city. Take a map and let the children try to identify, from the top, where each monument is. They will spend hours distracted!

6) What to do in Florence with children? VISIT THE GALILEI MUSEUM

The Galilei Museum is, without a doubt, a favorite of children! Near the Uffizi Gallery, it is inside the Castellani Palace. The museum has a structure entirely dedicated to science and shows several operational tools, alongside its protagonists, who marked its evolution. Here children find laboratories and multimedia rooms full of content. Children freak out when they’re here!

7) What to do in Florence with children? VISIT THE BIBLIOTECA DELLE OBLATE (OBLATE LIBRARY)

Another must-see is the Biblioteca delle Oblate. Close to the Cathedral, the Biblioteca delle Oblate gathers an impressive collection of old and new, classic and modern books, renowned authors and little known ones: there’s everything! In the library you will find a special area for children from 0 to 14 years old that has games, hobbies, books, reading tips and much more, all divided by age groups. Very nice!

8) What to do in Florence with children? VISIT THE GALLERIA DELL’ACCADEMIA (ACCADEMIA GALLERY)

Galleria Dell’Accademia is another must-see. This is where Michelangelo’s original David statue is located. Yes! Children will find David’s nakedness “funny”, but that can yield stories, at the very least, funny! Find out more about the Galleria dell´Accademia by clicking here!

9) What to do in Florence with children? FOLLOW MY SPECIAL TIPS

Now two special tips and very appreciated by families.

Riding Florence by Bicycle?

Kids will love it! Florence is not just art and history, it is a city that offers many beauties on every corner! A bike ride, which can start in the center and go to the green mountainous area, is ideal for the kids to feel like explorers. Give them a notebook and a pen, so they can “record” what they saw, what they found interesting, what they liked best, what they didn’t like so much. Integrate them into the city! Bike Tour of Florence click here to find out more!

Walk around the city, with no destination!

Children need to spend energy and, for that, nothing better than a beautiful walk! Take the day to explore the center of Florence with a family walk. Leave Santa Maria Novella and travel all over the city until you reach Piazza della Signoria. Let the kids expend energy, run and play, they’ll love it. Learn more about the Basilica Santa Maria Novella (“New St Mary”) by clicking here!


  • You can have a picnic in a city park! ATTENTION WITH THE NEW RULE: it is forbidden to eat while sitting on the streets, stairs and walls of Florence, this gets you a fine, so: avoid it!

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What to do in Florence with children? We know that children can have difficulty staying in one place for a long time. It is good to know that several museums offer special guides for children and the guides usually speak either English or Italian. It is important that, before the trip, as we said, you make a short summary of what they will know. It just needs to contain location, name and a bit of information, so they will immerse themselves in a very calm way in all the visited points.

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