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Where to stay near the Naples subway?

Not everyone knows but, in Naples, there's subway as well, and it makes it much easier for those who want to get to know this incredible city, as it reaches the main sights quickly and conveniently; not to mention that the stations are real museums! Shall we learn more?

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Where to stay near the Naples subway?

When I say to my readers “how about getting to get to know Naples by subway?”, many are surprised: “Is there subway in Naples?” Yeah, people, THERE IS and it is an excellent option for those who want to save money, get to know the city quickly and practically and, moreover, discover beautiful stations. Do you want to understand this story? So, come with me because today I’m going to tell you where to stay in Naples near the subway. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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A little about Naples

Naples is a delightful city! Famous for its beautiful sights, a port city that offers us, in addition to everything, incredible panoramas, excellent wine and food and fast, cheap transport options, such as the subway. Many don’t even know that the city has a subway and, when they find out, they love the “news”! The Naples subway is very special: most of its stations have real museums and it’s difficult to choose the most beautiful one! If you want to learn EVERYTHING about the Neapolitan subway and its art stations, I invite you to read this post: How does the subway work in Naples?

Golden Tip

  • Avoid using public transport, including the subway, during the rush hour. This is because transport is also widely used by city residents to go to work. The rush hour is from 7:30 am to 9:00 am and between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. In addition: use and abuse the subway, especially if you are staying near a station of the famous Metropolitana. I advise you to read: What is the difference between the hotel categories in Italy?

Now I’m going to tell you where to stay in Naples near subway stations!

Naples Subway Lines

The city’s metro consists of two lines integrated into a wider network of rail services. It has LINE 1 and LINE 6. The other lines comprise, for the most part, the Circumvesiana and national and regional railway lines. As usual, it’s good to remember that, especially during high season, the city center concentrates several activities, and some of them continue into the night, so if you don’t like the noise or the huge tourist mass circulating late into the night, avoid this area. Also learn: how to get from Naples to the Amalfi Coast?

Important note

1) Where to stay near the Naples subway? STATIONS: TOLEDO, MUNICIPO, P. GARIBALDI AND MONTESANTO

One of the coolest areas to stay, and close to the subway, is Toledo station. Here there are great options for accommodation and you are just 15 minutes from the historic center using the subway. Municipio station can also be a good option. The region also offers good accommodation options and there is a great tourist structure, such as restaurants and other establishments. Piazza Garibaldi is also excellent and is just 10 minutes from the historic center by metro. The Montesanto area is station a little further away, but also very interesting for those who want to save money on accommodation.

Good to know…

Of course, the area where you will be staying also depends a lot on your itinerary. If you don’t mind going out at night, if you want something quiet, safe, but a little more expensive, I suggest you stay in or near the historic center so that you can walk to and from your hotel.

Naples is not a dangerous city, but avoid “pushing your luck”; don’t walk alone through deserted streets, keep an eye out for your belongings in busy places and avoid wearing jewelry when touring, especially on foot. People, this ‘security’ issue is not just for Naples; big Italian cities, unfortunately, have these small problems, but which big city in the world doesn’t go through that too, right? So, one can never be too careful, especially in big cities.

2) Where to stay near the Naples subway? STATIONS: SALVATORE AND PIAZZA AMADEO

Farther from the center, you will find the Salvatore Rosa station area. From here, to the historic center, it takes about 20 minutes by subway. If you don’t make a point of staying close to everything, it can be a good option to stay. The Piazza Amadeo station area can also positively surprise you! Just 15 minutes from the historic center, it offers good options for those who prefer to save money with more central hotels.

Golden Tip

  • The best station to reach the historic center is Piazza Cavour. It is the most suitable for those who want to walk around Naples from the historic center. The station is just 10 minutes from the center and with a very easy walk, you can get there without any problem.

3) Where to stay near the Naples subway? CENTRAL STATION

Let’s go to the Central Station area. This is the most ‘discussed’ zone of all, the ‘discord’ zone. Let me explain: many people say that, despite its excellent location, it is one of the most dangerous areas in the city. The truth is that any central station, in any big Italian city, is VERY busy for obvious reasons! The point is: at night the movement drops considerably and therefore the area is emptier, some streets are not so well lit and that goes for ALL the big cities, people: Rome, Naples, Milan… during the day, the movement is super intense, so if something happens and the person runs into the crowd, you’re unlikely to find him/her.

What do I suggest regarding this area?

Keep your eyes open, but do not discard this region to stay, as it offers excellent travel options, especially if you intend to make round trips or visit cities close to Naples! I repeat: all central station zones in big cities require care and that goes for other countries too, not just Italy, but that doesn’t mean you have to discard it just because you read somewhere that it is one of the “most dangerous zones of the city”. Care is needed everywhere, always remember that, OK?!

Accommodation recommendations near the subway

Some accommodations recommendations, near the Naples subway, especially from “Your Travel to Italy” to you:

Pit Stop Napoli Centrale

Set in Naples, 1.5 km from Chiesa dei Santi Filippo e Giacomo, Pit Stop Napoli Centrale boasts views of the city. The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is 2 km from the accommodation, while the Cappella Sansevero Museum is 2 km away. The nearest airport is Naples International Airport, 3 km from Pit. Click here to learn more!

San Pietro Hotel

San Pietro Hotel offers accommodation in a privileged location in Naples, just 300 meters from Piazza Garibaldi and the Main Station. This charming hotel is located close to the historic centre. The property offers excellent transport connections around Naples and is just 4 km from Capodichino Airport. Click here to learn more!

Royal Art H. Duomo – Central Station

The hotel is 600 meters from San Gregorio Armeno. Maschio Angioino and Molo Beverello are 1.6 km from the inn. Naples International Airport is 3 km from the property. Click here to learn more!

Sweet Sleep B&B

This bed and breakfast (B&B) is situated on the 6th floor of a 19th-century luxury building, which features a coin-operated elevator and is just 120 meters from Naples central train station. Sweet Sleep B&B is opposite Piazza Garibaldi and less than 10 minutes walking from Piazza Garibaldi Metro Station and the Circumvesuviana train line, which provides connections to Pompeii and Sorrento. Naples – Capodichino Airport is 5 km from the property. Click here to learn more!


Dating back to the late 19th century, UNAHOTELS Napoli is a grand hotel in the center of Naples, a 5-minute walk from Naples Central Station. The hotel is opposite the Circumvesuviana line, with trains running along the coast of Pompeii and Sorrento. You can also count on good bus and metro connections in Naples city center. Click here to learn more!

Naples Itinerary Tips

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Where to stay near the Naples subway? Staying in Naples is not difficult, as the city offers great options for the most diverse types of hotels! Your big ‘problem’, without a doubt, will be choosing the best zone according to your needs, budget and intentions.

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