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Where to rent baby strollers in Italy?

Traveling with toddlers can be quite tiring, and there's no better feeling than accommodating them in a comfortable, safe and practical stroller! It's a relief for parents and babies. Today I'll tell you where to book a stroller in Italy.


Where to rent baby strollers in Italy?

This post is dedicated to those who travel with infants and need a relief called “baby stroller”! Only those who carry the little ones in their arms know what it feels like to put them in a comfortable, safe stroller, and that will relieve the muscles you didn’t even know you had in your arms! Today we will learn where to rent baby strollers in Italy. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our Introduction

Traveling with children can be a delight! And it can be a big problem, especially with younger children, like toddlers. Many question whether or not it is worth taking the stroller for the trip, as there is a fear of dispatching the equipment, there is the risk of the stroller disappearing at the airport, being lost, among so many other “problems” that may arise, but if you have this doubt, or thought about it, and decided not to take yours, today I bring you excellent news: it is possible to rent a baby stroller in Italy and travel very lightly, and without worries. Does the subject interest you? So come with me! Also read: Where to Have Dinner With Kids in Milan?

You need to know…

Although we have several other options to take our little ones, for example, the kangaroo, we know that, depending on the dynamics of the trip, time, and cities visited, this can be quite tiring, both for parents and children, especially if the trip is during the warmer seasons. So a very valid idea is to rent a stroller on Italian soil. Practical, cheap, and effective, it is an excellent option for those looking for convenience and economy, without giving up the comfort of the child – and the parents! Also read: Travel with Chrildren in Italy? 

Is it worth renting baby strollers in Italy?

YES! Very much! And I tell you more: it is possible to rent not only strollers, but also other items such as backpacks, playpens, car seats, and so on. Let’s find out where to find all the equipment?

How do I rent a baby stroller in Italy?

Simple as renting a car: you choose the product, indicate the address where you will stay, and where the item should be delivered, and that’s it! That’s it! Yes… that’s it!

What is the main advantage of renting a baby stroller in Italy?

Not having to carry “extra weight” when traveling from one city to another, for example. It also relieves a lot at airports!

  • Talking about airports, enjoy this tip: several of them offer baby strollers so you can use it inside the space – some charge a symbolic rate for the service, others offer the strollers for free. To learn more, just access the website of the airport you will be passing through and check if they offer this service.

If traveling during high season, book the item you want in advance! This is because cities are crowded and many tourists use this baby items rental service, that is, during high season you may find it difficult to find the item you want.

Where to rent baby strollers in Italy?

Below you find a list with websites where you can book you baby items before your travel to Italy:

1. MammaMamma

Just enter the company’s website and request a free quotation. They serve in the main Italian cities and offer a very high quality service, with excellent products.

2. MamaRent

Serves all of Venice and also offers excellent options for those who need a stroller. To request a quotation, just contact the company directly – via email or WhatsApp, inform your arrival date in the city, and wait for a response with availability.

3. Parti Bimbo Party

They serve all of Italy (according to availability, ask before booking) and offer a lot of options for strollers, car seats and other items for children.

4. Babonbo

They serve in the main Italian cities and you can request the delivery of the chosen product for rent directly at the airport. The service works super well and they work with top notch products!

5. GoKid

Serves the entire Milan area and also delivers to airports. Just get in touch using the form and then wait for the budget and availability information. Works with the best brands of children’s products.

6. Bimbo Milano

Also rents strollers, but only in loco, that is, you need to go to the store to make the request. A suggestion: send an email before the trip to check if there is availability for the days you will be in town.

How much does the service cost?

There is no clear price range because the cost varies according to the model chosen and also according to the city and season, but to talk about values themselves: between 15 and 25 euros per day, but, again, it depends on many factors, ok!?

A question that doesn’t want to be silent: do I take mine, rent it, or buy it in Italy?

Here we go: carrying your own stroller can be a good option, especially if you don’t intend to have extra costs on your trip, however, we know that it can disappear at the airport if you can’t board it in the cabin – because of its size – so you take the risk! And we know the headache to solve this with the airline, right?!

Renting equipment is a great idea, especially if you don’t need it all the time with you, or only need it at specific times, for a longer walk, for example.

If you want to buy a stroller in Italy, just do a price search. Many strollers around here cost little and are of great quality, especially if we compare their price with those practiced in some countries (from brands like Chicco, for example). Another site worth visiting is Infanzia Bimbo. The preices ​​are very interesting!

“Oh, but what do I do with the stroller when I leave Italy?” – if you don’t think it’s necessary to take it with you back home , you can donate the item. You can ask for information on where to donate at your hotel reception, as many moms may need the item and not be able to buy it. Of course, this option, the purchase option, is for those who are going to spend more than 15 days in Italy, otherwise, honestly, I don’t think it’s worth it – unless you insist!

Take note!

If you would like to donate your item when you leave Italy, there are donation locations in Milan and Rome (where the airports from which flights from Brazil are located) so you can drop off your item:

To find out where to donate in Milan: CLICK HERE! – There are several institutions that receive donation items and you can drop them off at the addresses indicated on the website the day before your departure.

To find out where to donate in Rome: CLICK HERE! – Currently they are committed to helping children in Ukraine, due to the war (posted on October 2022), but they also help several families with children who need various items.

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Where to rent baby strollers in Italy. For those who want to travel in a carefree way, making sure that their baby will be safe, comfortable, and will be able to see all the Italian beauties without getting tired (and without tiring their arms!), here’s the tip: how about renting a baby stroller ?

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