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Unknown and wonderful places in Sicily

Today we are going to see a different Sicily! We have drawn up a very special list of places that are not very "touristy" in Sicily. Made with love for those who like to explore the best and every corner of an Italian city!

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Unknown and wonderful places in Sicily

One of Italy’s most beloved regions, Sicily has real treasures, but many of them are little known to the public. Today we will tell you a little about the unknown and wonderful places that Sicily is home to. We will explore the city in a slightly different way from the traditional one, we will get to know the alternative tours that Sicily offers. Get ready to add more incredible places to your Italy Tour. Let’s go to our post of the day! Unknown and wonderful places in Sicily. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Famous for cities like Palermo, Catania, Taormina, Ragusa and many others, Sicily is one of the most historic regions in the country. Sicily is home to monuments, buildings and several famous attractions around the world, but an unknown, hidden Sicily that does not attract attention lives everyday life in silence, almost hidden. No names, no ads, no indications emerge from these places to attract the world, and they live well. Beautiful and seductive places that live their days surrounded by few curious people and that, when discovered, explode in all their beauty made of colors, shapes, aromas and unmissable, unforgettable moments of enthusiasm and surprise! Read also What are the 10 must-see cities in Sicily?

1) Unknown and wonderful places in Sicily: ACIREALE

In Acireale, province of Catania, there are places like Santa Tecla and Stazzo, on the slopes of the imposing Mount Etna. They are built on cliffs of volcanic origin under the Riviera dei Ciclopi. A very suggestive and little-known landscape, but really beautiful. The volcano that dies in the sea is the latest development of a complex system of staggered faults that begins in the central crater on the east side.

2) Unknown and wonderful places in Sicily: CASTEL DI TUSA

Heading to the province of Messina, in Castel di Tusa, is Fiumara d’arte, a mythical setting where the Tusa River once flowed. Located between the Nebrodi Mountains and the Madonie Mountains, this place is an open-air museum that houses great contemporary sculptures. A wonderful itinerary to do on foot or by bicycle and enjoy nature and art. This project was born with the intention of improving this area and, even, allowing everyone to rediscover those places that were unknown and little visited. Departing from Santo Stefano di Camastra, follow the coast and gradually “dive” inland. Many works of humankind and nature combine in a seductive and pleasant way. It is, without a doubt, very beautiful! Also read Where to do tastings in Sicily?

3) Unknown and wonderful places in Sicily: MOUNT COFANO

Another unknown place, but one that deserves attention is Mount Cofano. After San Vito Lo Capo, Scopello, lies the splendid Mount Cofano, an enchanted place that hides other precious glimpses of the sea, small towns and excellent trails to even go by bicycle. From the city of Custonaci, called the Coast of the Marbles because of its marble quarries, proceed in the direction of Cornino, in Scuràti. A landscape, surely, unforgettable! Do you like the beach? So be sure to read the post on The best beaches in Sicily!

4) Unknown and wonderful places in Sicily: FLORISTELLA AND GROTTACALDA

Unknown, but very interesting is the Floristella and Grottacalda Mining Park. The park is located in an area of ​​roads between Enna, Piazza Armerina, Valguarnera Caropepe and Aidone and houses the two homonymous disabled sulfur mines, it is also a true open-air museum far from the mass of tourism.

Floristella Mining Park

Near Lake Pergusa, there is also this wonderful place that clearly shows the passage of time with the various sediments of the past eras. The sulfur extraction and fusion systems and techniques remained there. These mines, along with the smallest ones in the province of Enna, were an invaluable source of wealth from 1700 until the first half of the 19th century. The sad side of this story was the demand for a lot of work and exploration, including 6 year old children.

The park was restored in 1991, after a long period of neglect. Today the park is a creator of tourism, a destination for all those who love culture and nature. The place covers 400 hectares and is one of the most important industrial archeology settlements in Italy. The Floristella Mine preserves a typical landscape of the time and is composed of galleries and wells, but it also shows us some old equipment that evokes the memory of the past, it is very interesting!

The Grottacalda Mine

The Grottacalda mine easily reminds us of a ghost town: it has many ruins and small buildings that housed miners and workers. In the old mine you can see the mouths of the aeration wells, the slopes and the chimneys.

5) Unknown and wonderful places in Sicily: ENCHANTED GARDEN

In the Enchanted Garden, at the foot of Mount Kronio, this garden extends, housing many sculptures of different sizes. These sculptures were made by Filippo, the madman (pet name), who extracted the material used directly from the earth. Filippo Bentivegna was born in Sciacca at the end of the 19th century and died in 1967. The sculptor’s life tells of his long stay in America and he is said to have “gone mad” after a blow to the head during a fight, which had irreversible consequences. Back in Sciacca, he was declared unfit for the job, and so he retired and went to live on a small farm; there, he began to dig, found tuff and began to produce his works.

6) Unknown and wonderful places in Sicily: GANGI

Gangi is located in Palermo, which even received the award for the most beautiful village in Italy and that of Gioiello d’Italia (Jewel of Italy). Gangi is a marvel, a delightful and small Sicilian village where people live well, happily and in peace. It is possible to visit this wonderful little town and get lost among the various beauties that it offers us, from the Church of San Paolo to the Abbey, passing through the Church of San Giovanni and going to the Bongiorno Palace. Also not to miss is Popolo Square, home to the incredible Municipio Palace and the Church Madre di San Nicolò. The Castle and the Church of Mount also deserve special attention.

7) Unknown and wonderful places in Sicily: STAGNONE LAGOON

For lovers of the purest and most pristine nature, a naturalist itinerary of rare beauty! We are talking about the Stagnone Lagoon, near Marsala. The spectacle of the whiteness of the salt ponds (which become magically poetic at sunset) stands out in the landscape. The four islands, of which the most important is the island of Mozia, are home to some priceless historical and archaeological sites found there as a Phoenician-Punic sanctuary, a necropolis and the so-called Casa dei Mosaici. Many exhibitions are held at the Foundation Museum, one of the island’s main attractions. You arrive in Mozia with a ferry that leaves Marsala along a route that allows a beautiful panoramic view of the entire lagoon. Incredible!

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Unknown and wonderful places in Sicily. If we were to list all Sicilian hidden places, we would stay until next week writing about them; it is impossible to talk about everyone without dedicating time and affection, as they are very special. And if you feel insecure or have no time, and need  help to organize your trip ,   do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

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