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The best jewelry stores in Italy

Jewels fascinate, enchant and can be passed down from generation to generation. Since the beginning, jewels have told stories, maintained traditions and, of course, beautifully adorned those who wore them. Today I bring you a short list of the best jewelry stores in Italy.


The best jewelry stores in Italy

Full of luxury and glamour, jewelry is something very special! Several of them are part of family stories, many others are “dream” orders, and some are very special gifts from loved ones. The fact is that jewelry is timeless and, in addition to its monetary value, sentimental value is the one that always speaks louder. Today I bring you a short list of the best jewelry stores in Italy. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

When we talk about jewelry, we imagine exorbitant prices, but it is good to remember that this is not always the case! The history of jewelry has its beginnings millennia ago and has always impressed even the most demanding eyes, either for its luxury or for its simplicity. And finally, let’s get to our list! Remembering that this post is not sponsored and the list does not follow a predefined order.

1) The best Italian jewelry stores: MORELLATO

One of the best Italian brands that boasts Made In Italy is undoubtedly the splendid Morellato. Founded in Venice in 1930 by Giulio Morellato, the brand presents classic and timeless pieces of fantastic quality.

Its pieces mix modernity and tradition and offer pieces with noble materials, such as gold, silver and precious stones, in addition to being really, really special pieces. With very competitive values, the pieces are of a beauty that impresses without any effort. Click here to learn more about Morellato!

2) The best Italian jewelry stores: NOMINATION

Incredible pieces, elegant and, at the same time, full of modernity! So are the pieces of fantastic Nomination.

With beautiful details, it’s a jewelry store that lets you assemble the piece however you prefer! And the options are endless! With 30 years of history behind them, they were responsible for the “elastic” silver bracelets that became a worldwide sensation in the late 1990s and, even today, offer products of the highest quality, beautiful and durable! An Italian classic! Click here to learn more about Nomination!

3) The best Italian jewelry stores: BROSWAY

With more than forty years of history, when it was founded by Lanfranco Beleggia, founder – also – of the Bros Manifatture group, it fell into the graces of the Italians and it didn’t take long for the brand to establish itself throughout Europe.

Its pieces? Well, splendid and very democratic! It also presents timeless, elegant, fine and charming collections, reinforcing the excellence of Made In Italy. It is also one of the most famous Italian brands in the world and one of the most celebrated, as its collections surprise year after year. Click here to learn more about Brosway!

4) The best Italian jewelry stores: ARGENTOBLU

Almost exclusive pieces! All Argentoblu pieces are handcrafted and their finish is magnificent! The pieces are beautiful, follow various forms of nature, but without losing elegance, discretion and delicacy.

For those who like classic pieces with a touch of modernity: it’s perfection in the right measure! Founded in 1950, the brand established itself with excellence, as the quality of its raw material is unquestionable. Click here to learn more about Argentoblu!

5) The best Italian jewelry stores: BREIL

Another Italian classic! Breil is one of the most established jewelry brands in Italy and offers magnificent pieces, full of elegance and that never seem to go out of style.

Because they are made of steel, Breil pieces are of superior quality that seem to not feel the action of time. The jewelry store is one of the most celebrated in Italy and its pieces walk between the classic and the modern in a harmonious and very interesting way! Click here to learn more about Breil!

Good to remember…

It is good to remember that some Italian clothing brands also have their own jewelry brands. Among the most important and famous we can mention: Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli, Bulgari, and Armani.

A little of history…

The first records of objects used to adorn humans are from about 20000 thousand years ago, in the Paleolithic period. However, in that period, jewelry was used as protection, not exactly as an ornament.

Since then, different peoples have developed their own ways of working stones and precise metals, as well as animal prey and bones.

Let’s go to Egypt!

As is known, Egypt had great influence in the jewelry business. That’s because they were the ones who started using precious metals and stones to adorn their pharaohs, as well as their tombs.

For the Egyptians, gold was something sacred, as it was believed to be the material from which the bodies of the gods were made, especially the sun god, Ra. Therefore, for them, the jewels contained superstition, magic and power. For this reason, Egyptian jewelry was very well crafted, eye-catching, colorful, and made entirely of solid gold.

From Egypt to Greece
Greece took a more subtle line. They used gold, essentially, to make thin, discreet and elegant tiaras.

With its traditional white habits, gold gained prominence and aimed to draw as much attention as possible in a subtle and discreet way.

The Etruscan Jewelry Revolution

Between the 8th and 7th centuries BC. the Etruscans already had a very high level of quality when working gold. They were responsible for taking the jewels to a new level, showing themselves to be more elaborate and with a finer finish.

They created types of stamps that gave the gold light and beautiful reliefs and, of course, formed a school for the Romans, who fell in love with the techniques used by the Etruscans and adopted several of them over the centuries.

Did you know…

That the engagement ring tradition would have emerged in Ancient Rome? That’s because they wanted to show society that there was someone special in their lives and, for that, matching rings were ordered so that the couple could use and show everyone their commitment. Some say that the wedding ring was also born in Ancient Rome, but there are no official records on the subject. Read also: Where to propose in Italy? Also read: Destination Wedding in Italy

Speaking of Ancient Rome…

It was in Ancient Rome that jewelry began to be used to designate people’s social class. The wealthiest wore gold rings adorned with precious stones, and so the crowd, by looking at people’s hands, knew whether or not the person in question was important in society.

Fun fact

One of the most beautiful Italian jewels in human history is Caligula’s splendid emerald ring.
The piece is about 2,000 years old and was made out of love! Caligula was extremely fond of his fourth wife, Caesonia. It is her image that appears on the ring and, it is said, that he was so proud of the woman’s beauty that he paraded her naked before his allies. According to historians, the ring was carved from a single stone and its estimated value is currently – approximately – 62 million USD dollars!

Source: Ancientpages

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The best jewelry stores in Italy are incredible and, you can be sure, they will make you fall in love! Remember that buying a piece of jewelry is an investment, and how about giving yourself a treat like this to mark your long-awaited trip to Italy?

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