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How to get from Palermo Airport to the city center?

We have prepared a list of options for you to get to the center of Palermo from the Airport, do not miss this post full of tips and useful information for your trip!


How to get from Palermo Airport to the city center?

Palermo, Sicily, mixes historical and artistic heritages of the most varied people: Arabs, Greeks, Romans. The city is beautiful and easily accessible. Let’s find out how to get from Palermo Airport to the city center? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Palermo is one of the most charming cities in Italy. The history, architecture and beauty of the city mix, and show visitors, the passage of many peoples through those lands. Palermo was the first Greek and Roman city before it became an Arab capital. It was also conquered by Normans, Phoenicians and Suebis and it houses real jewels in the Arab-Norman, Baroque and Art Nouveau styles. Its countless monuments, palaces, theaters, churches, gardens and markets seem to make a point of showing the public all the splendor of this fantastic place.

How to get from the airport to the city center?

The Palermo airport is Falcone-Borsellino Airport, also called Punta Raisi Airport. It was opened in 1960 and it is one of the most important on the island of Sicily, next to that of Catania. International flights arriving and departing from there are usually to and from European and African cities, the others are regional and / or domestic flights. It is not such a small airport: it has 20 gates for departure and arrival, two floors, shops and restaurants.

Important Tip

  • In the airport lounge there is an information desk. Do not hesitate to get a map of the city. It is open from 06:00 am to midnight. In addition to being very useful, you can keep it as a souvenir of this fantastic trip! To get to the city center, there are some (great!) options that we will see now.

1) How to get from Palermo Airport to the city center? WITH PRIVATE TRANSFER

Are you traveling in a group with up to four people? Then consider this option! One of the biggest advantages of the transfer is the convenience! By booking in advance, you can even request a driver who speaks English! Do you realize how good it is? The service costs around EUR 50.00 and, in addition to insurance, it is comfortable and efficient! It is also ideal for those traveling with children or people with limited mobility.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the main advantages is having someone waiting for you when you arrive at the airport, that is, zero stress! Not to mention that the car is clean and safe. One of the biggest disadvantages, when compared to other services presented above, is the price, but, as I mentioned earlier, if you are in a small group, the value pays off. See it as an investment, not as an expense! Did you like the idea?  Access the banner below for more information!

2) How to get from Palermo Airport to the city center? BY BUS

The company responsible for transport is Prestia e Comandè. On their website it is possible to buy the ticket online, check schedules, stops and travel times. The journey from the airport to Palermo Central Station takes about 50 minutes.

  • The bus makes another 8 stops along the way and the service runs from 5:00 am to 00:30 am.
  • It costs EUR 6.00 (one-way trip) and EUR 10.00 (round trip).
  • If you buy on the bus, you will pay EUR 6.30 (one-way trip) and EUR 11.00 (round trip).

3) How to get from Palermo Airport to the city center? BY CAR

The airport is 35 kilometers from the city center. By car you can use the A29 highway. The whole region is very well signposted, but if it’s possible, use a GPS. The trip takes about 25 minutes.

Traveling by car in Italy

How about if I give you a rental car option? Are you ready for it? If you are renting a car be sure to read our posts in the section Driving in Italy on the blog Your Travel to Italy. In addition to car itinerary tips, we have everything about signage, tolls, roads and many more tips.

Don’t know where to rent the car?

We have a partner that can help you: Rent Cars! Have you ever thought about renting a car in Italy, without leaving your home? Click on the banner below to learn more! Search, compare and choose!

4) How to get from Palermo Airport to the city center? BY TRAIN

It is possible to go to the city center by train. The journey also takes about 50 minutes and the departure station, leaving the airport, is Punta Raisi Station, which is to the right of the airport.

  • The ticket costs around EUR 6.00 and you will get off at Palermo Central Station.

Buy your ticket with discount!


  • One very important thing: be prepared because regional railroad trains are often very bad and, sometimes, very dirty, so don’t set high expectations regarding the south trains because, vis-à-vis, you can have a huge disappointment! To understand the differences in trains in Italy, read this post: What is the difference between trains in Italy?

5) How to get from Palermo Airport to the city center? BY TAXI

Most Italian airports (*) have a fixed fare for rides between the city center and the airport (and vice versa). In Palermo, the ride to the city’s Central Station costs between 35.00 – EUR 45.00. See the price here.  Is it worth it? Not much, as it was possible to observe the values of trains and buses are more affordable, however, if you are with children or people with mobility problems, it is an option to be considered.

Note (*)

  • There are some airports that do not have fixed prices. NEVER take a clandestine taxi, ANYWHERE in Italy, IS IT NOT SAFE, O.K ?! Before getting into the car, check that the taxi is registered to avoid unpleasant surprises.

A little about Palermo

Palermo, the capital of Sicily, is located on the northern Italian coast and is also very popular for those who want, in addition to history, blue sea, beautiful beaches and extraordinary landscapes. Palermo’s multi-ethnic past is visible in its majestic Cathedral! It is one of the most beautiful in Italy and combines influences from different types of architecture, with an 18th century dome and a medieval bell tower preserved in a very loving way.

Its Cathedral

The current construction was made on top of a pre-existing basilica that was transformed into a mosque by the Arabs and later handed over to the Normans by the Christian religion. The cathedral is adorned with Gothic decorations and houses the relics of Saint Rosalia, who is the city’s patron saint. There are also the tombs of some emperors like Roger II and Frederick II.

Piazza della Pretoria & Piazza San Domenico

Another very important point in the city is Piazza della Pretoria (Pretoria Square), which overlooks the impressive Palazzo del Municipio (Town Hall), built in the 17th century. In the square there is a splendid fountain from the 16th century that is formed by 644 groups of marble. It is in this region of the city where the streets with Italian, Arab and Hebrew names are located. Be sure to visit Vuccirìa, which is an incredible market, being the oldest in the city. The market is in another beautiful square, Piazza San Domenico (“Saint Dominic Square”), which is also home to the church of the same name, considered one of the most beautiful Baroque works in Sicily.


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How to get from Palermo Airport to the city center? Palermo is a city that, without a doubt, deserves a visit! And if you’re going to Sicily, consider including this amazing city in your itinerary, you won’t be sorry! Then tell me what you think! And if you need help organizing your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true.

If you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier ????

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