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How to buy cheap tickets in 7 steps?

One of the biggest questions of travelers is “how to find cheap tickets?” Today we are going to give you some tips to help you find an affordable ticket!

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How to buy cheap tickets in 7 steps?

Buying a ticket is the worst part of any trip, especially when it comes to intercontinental flights; this is because flights are usually expensive and, over time, seem to increase even more. Let’s go to our post of the day: How to buy cheap tickets in 7 steps? Here is a fresh list of the best 10 Italian restaurants made especially for you! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


When we organize a trip, we already imagine ourselves at our destination, beautiful, happy, smiling, taking wonderful pictures. However, when we think we need to buy the ticket, this whole happiness almost turns into despair. In recent years we have seen the value of flights, especially international flights, soar. Many reasons have caused this price hike: bankruptcy of some airlines, political, economic and even public health reasons – such as the Coronavirus. All of this combined serves as “gasoline for the fire” when it comes to air transport prices, however, with some organization and advance, it is possible to find tickets with reasonable, affordable prices. Also read Where to find cheap airline tickets to Italy?

Since airline tickets are the most expensive part of most trips, it is natural that saving on flights is a mission that many travelers would like to complete successfully. Maybe that’s why this is the question I hear the most: “how to buy cheap tickets?”

Important to Know

First of all, and as much as it hurts, we need to tell you this: it is IMPOSSIBLE to perform miracles and find international tickets for very low prices! Although there is a plethora of international airlines and stopover options in various places (stopovers make the flight cheaper, but much more tiring), there are certain ways to pay a more interesting price on tickets!

What most “weighs” in the value of the ticket is the value of the fuel and the value of the fees, that is, it is not difficult for tickets to increase or decrease in price according to the value of the fuel, therefore, this fact is something that we should consider. Even low-cost companies have raised their prices and, in fact, this happens practically every year.

Fortunately, it is still possible to find good opportunities. The key to find them is to have flexibility, persistence and be well informed, bearing in mind, mainly, where to search! Despite the exorbitant prices, many airlines make great deals, but for a short time; some promotions last for days, others, only a few hours.

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1) How to buy cheap tickets in 7 steps? SEARCH ON GLOBAL SITES

Some sites send value alerts to your email; just register and inform which ticket you are looking for. One of the most famous is Google Flights. If the ticket increases or decreases in value, the site warns you. Other interesting sites are Go Euro or Skyscanner. Always start with the most famous sites, even because they are very reliable. Also, include two other sites in your search list: Dohop and Vayama.


  • If any site has very low prices, SUSPECT! International tickets with “bus-ticket” prices DO NOT EXIST, people! Stay tuned!

2) How to buy cheap tickets in 7 steps? CHECK WHICH COMPANIES FLY TO THE DESTINATION

Check which airlines fly to your destination and find out which local airlines operate in your home country. On the search websites, you can see the names of the main companies that operate the intended stretch. For example, we know that, for Italy, Alitalia is a reference, but other airlines also operate direct flights at the main Italian airports (Fiumicino – Rome and Malpensa – Milan).

3) How to buy cheap tickets in 7 steps? LOOK FOR ALTERNATIVE FLIGHT DATES

One of the most “powerful” requirements for getting great value flights is the flexibility of dates. It is worth remembering that in times of great movement such as holidays, high season, Christmas,New Year and other holidays, values ​​tend to rise, especially on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), so avoid traveling during these periods and prefer the working days. In addition to the flights being emptier, they are usually much cheaper. The difference in value can reach, amazingly, 50% difference. Remember to make your dates more flexible: the more options of dates, the more chances of finding a quite affordable ticket.


4) How to buy cheap tickets in 7 steps? VISIT THE AIRLINES’ WEBSITES

Also, search on the websites of the airlines. Why? Because, occasionally, they offer good deals, especially for flights purchased in advance! One more reason for you to know which companies operate your intended stretch! If you found a good price on the search website, before making the purchase, look at the airline’s website as well; maybe the price is even lower, as the company’s website will not charge the commission of the search website.

5) How to buy cheap tickets in 7 steps? ATTENTION TO CONNECTION TIMES AT AIRPORTS

Pay attention to connection times at airports and the number of stopovers. One of the things that many people forget to check: the stopovers, and WHERE they will occur! I know people who stayed 8 hours in New York, waiting for a flight to Toronto, for not wanting to pay a difference of 50 dollars to stay only 2 hours there! Do not do this; the trip is VERY tiring and you get Italy already drained! Yes! Affordable flights usually offer many stopovers, but opt ​​for those that take as little time as possible.


  • If you choose a flight with a stopover longer than 8 hours, check the possibility of leaving the airport for sightseeing. Several airports offer tours (some free) organized by the airport staff itself! Take care only to check if your country of call requires a transit visa. Read also What to do during a connection in Rome?

6) How to buy cheap tickets in 7 steps? STUDY ALTERNATIVE ROUTES

An idea that may not be as practical, but it can work well: buy two tickets. The famous ‘hub’: you buy a ticket for one country and then buy another ticket for Italy. It is worth it? It is worth if you find a SUPER ticket price, otherwise, it is end up being six of one and half a dozen of the other; it will not help you to save. One of the biggest risks of doing this is delay issues! If your flight leaves late, you may end up missing the flight at your “next destination” and there you will get problems that you could have avoided if you had booked only one flight.

7) How to buy cheap tickets in 7 steps? BOOK FLIGHTS WITHOUT HESITATING

Did you find an affordable ticket after a lot of research? Buy it! Do not wait too long, as you may not have another chance! One more thing: did you buy the ticket? Avoid logging on to the website all the time to see if ‘it’s cheaper’ after purchasing your ticket! It is done! Remember to check baggage allowance, time zones and visit the airports’ (stopover and final) website.


  • Did you pay for the ticket with a credit card? Take it with you! It is not unusual they ask to see the card used for payment!

Other Important Tips

Buy tickets in advance

The more advance, the better! Believe it! Especially if you find an affordable promotion!

Search regularly

Airline fares are roller coaster rides: they go up and down steadily! Maybe today you have not found anything, but tomorrow you might find it. They say that, at an early hour, prices are more affordable. Unfortunately, I can neither confirm nor deny this information, but it never hurts to try, right? The same goes for morning, afternoon and night: there are variations in values, so: search constantly.

Create alerts

As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, search engines allow warning alerts with price changes for the tickets you need to be created and this tool is great! It helps a lot! You register and when the ticket price changes, they send you a warning!

Subscribe to airline newsletters

They can offer great deals and send the notice by email. A way for companies to increase ticket sales, they end up doing promotions with advance sales and very attractive prices! Likewise, they often do last-minute promotions to fill up airplanes or decrease losses.

Be flexible in the destination

If you want to get to Rome, but the cheapest ticket takes you to Milan. Why not? Change the itinerary, start in Milan or vice versa. The more flexible with dates and destinations, the more chances of finding good prices.

Take a look at the mileage websites

Currently, several websites that sell tickets with mileages have popped up on the internet. How it works? People who have many mileages sell to the website and they pass it on to other customers. It is worth keeping an eye on it; you may find a very reasonable price! If you use a credit card frequently, check with your carrier to see if you have points available to convert them into mileages; it can help you A LOT when buying a ticket.

Many people often ask me “but is this such a reliable website? What about that website?”. People, both known and lesser-known companies may have some kind of problem with their customers. As reliable as a service site is, remember that yes, it can present a problem, no one is immune from errors.

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How to buy cheap tickets in 7 steps? Following some tips, it is possible to find good ticket prices at all! The same goes for hotels, restaurants and many other services! The key to “success” in finding excellent values is SEARCHING! And if you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

Did my post help you? If yes, make sure to leave your comment below, but if you still have questions, just leave them as a comment below and I will reply, O.K.?

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