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Five must-see attractions on the Amalfi Coast?

With its worldwide fame, the Amalfi Coast has real treasures! Today we have prepared a list of five must-see attractions on the Amalfi Coast for you to bring your Italy Tour to a perfect end!

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Five must-see attractions on the Amalfi Coast?

When we talk about the Amalfi Coast, in Campania, we are talking about the sea, beauties, history and culture! With a very wide range of attractions, the Amalfi Coast is all beautiful and, despite its countless attractions, five of them are unmissable! Shall we get to know the five must-see attractions on the Amalfi Coast? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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With 50 kilometers of coastline, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful places in Italy and is visited by thousands of tourists every year. With its characteristic small towns, the Amalfi Coast is a popular destination, especially during the summer, when it’s not difficult to find crowded cities! Discover our Section Food in Italy!


1) Five must-see attractions on the Amalfi Coast? POSITANO

Positano: after Amalfi, the city that gives its name to this beautiful town called the Amalfi Coast, Positano is the second most visited town on the coast. Of the cities nearby, it is “second” only to Capri. It was once a simple fishing village and, although it keeps its life discreet, it is home to fascinating places!

The city’s most famous attraction is its beautiful leather, made-to-order handcrafted sandals. Be sure to visit one of the artisans who carry out this work, as it is an impressive work! Another unmissable tour is to visit the dome of the Church of St Mary of the Assumption, which seems to rise in the middle of the city. Among the unmissable beaches: Spiaggia Grande, at the foot of the village, and Fornillo beach, just a few minutes walking from the pier.

2) Five must-see attractions on the Amalfi Coast? AMALFI

Amalfi: the city that names the coast is one of the busiest, but it’s impossible not to mention it! Along with Pisa, Genoa and Venice, the city was one of the Italian maritime republics. The city offers beautiful places, but an unmissable visit is the Paper Museum. Located in a place that was once a paper factory, it shows us various items used in paper manufacturing and their evolution over the centuries.

In fact, the entire Sorrento peninsula has been, for centuries, a world reference when it comes to paper industry. Using a water mill, the mills were moved by the water currents that came from the Lattari Mountains. The factories that used the power of water to move their ‘machines’ stayed there until 1950 and today handicraft production is very limited, but it is impressive for the quality of the paper offered! After visiting the museum, be sure to visit the abandoned mills: they are beautiful!

3) Five must-see attractions on the Amalfi Coast? RAVELLO

Ravello: “two steps” from Amalfi, Ravello is far from all the hustle and bustle of its neighbor. Not that it doesn’t have people, it does, but if we compare it to Amalfi: it’s just peace! Located 300 meters above sea level, it offers magnificent views and fresher air, ideal for those looking to escape the Senegalese heat that rages the coast during the summer.

A must-see here is Villa Cimbrone, an old noble house that has become a tourist attraction. Today it is a five-star hotel; its extraordinary garden is open to visitation. Called Terrazza Sull’Infinito (infinite terrace), it offers a breathtaking view! Be sure to visit the Cathedral of Ravello too, which dominates the square with the same name, and the city’s Auditorium, designed by a Brazilian, Master Oscar Niemeyer. The auditorium is a hypermodern structure and is uniquely beautiful! It is worth visiting!

4) Five must-see attractions on the Amalfi Coast? FURORE

Furore: one of the most photographed fjords in the world! Do you know those beautiful photos of the Amalfi Coast that run on the internet? Many of them are made here, in Furore. With its narrow entrance, carved on the Lattari Mountains by the waters of the Schiato stream, the fjord is called Marina di Furore. The current village is 600 meters above sea level and presents itself to tourists in a very discreet but very charming way! The place is a favorite destination for trekking practitioners, as it offers incredible paths for the lovers of this sport!

5) Five must-see attractions on the Amalfi Coast? CONCA DEI MARINI

Conca Dei Marini: one of the least sought after places by tourists and, ironically, one of the most beautiful! During fascism, Conca dei Marini was united in Furore, but shortly after World War II, both were separated again. Around 600 people live here and the city’s strength is the cultivation of cherry tomatoes and lemons. Not to be missed here, in addition to the beautiful beach of Marina di Conca (which you need to descend 300 steps to get there and is close to the renowned hotel), is the Grotta dello Smeraldo (“Emerald Grotto”). The cave is a wonder of nature and was discovered in 1930. To get there you can use the elevator on SP 163 or, if you prefer, take a boat from Amalfi. Ah: the tip is also valid for those who don’t want to go to the beach mentioned above on foot, using the stairs! 😉


  • And as a bonus, we present a sixth attraction on the Amalfi Coast to close our list in this amazing place: stay now with PRAIANO.

6) Five must-see attractions on the Amalfi Coast? PRAIANO

Praiano: to bring the list to a perfect end, we present the fantastic Praiano! Praiano is more than ideal for those who want tranquility, but without leaving the energy of the tourist movement aside, especially in summer! The village has 2,000 inhabitants and is deity in ‘two’: Vettica, at the top, and Marina di Praiano, near the sea. The beaches leave even the most demanding tourist with a jaw dropping, among them Gavitella and Marina di Priaia. Small, the beaches are very exclusive, and have great structures for restaurants and other important items for a day at the beach! The view of the sea and the sunset deserve (A LOT OF!!!) attention! With its impressive sea, on the horizon we can see Capri and the color of the sun that falls into the sea at the end of the day. IT’S MAGICAL!

Map with the Five Must-See Attractions On The Amalfi Coast

Five Must-See Attractions On The Amalfi Coast?
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Five must-see attractions on the Amalfi Coast? We could spend hours, days, months, years talking about the Amalfi Coast! It’s the kind of place that enchants us, that offers us fantastic, unforgettable and unique places! The cities offer us excellent hotels, incredible restaurants and delicious beaches, a sea that “embraces” this piece of land that seems to have been made entirely by hand!

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