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Dinner among the vineyards in Tuscany

Today I bring a post dedicated to those in love: where to go for dinner among the vineyards in Tuscany? Come with me and I'll tell you!


Dinner among the vineyards in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most celebrated regions in all of Italy. Land of great wines, the region is full of wineries and, of course, magnificent panoramas. It’s also a very romantic region, perfect for lovers on the go and that’s why, today, I bring you this special post about dining among the vineyards in Tuscany. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our Introduction

Tuscany is one of the most visited regions in all of Italy and it is here that we find fantastic, beautiful and romantic, very romantic places. Vineyards, hills and unique panoramas make Tuscany a region full of magic, with an elegant and romantic atmosphere. And it is in Tuscany where we find several places for a perfect romantic date, such as dinner among the vineyards. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today! Also read: The Ten Must-See Places In Tuscany?

Among the hills of Tuscany: Chianti

One of the most beloved areas of the region is Chianti and it is there that you will find several wineries that welcome their visitors with breathtaking views, incredible wines, and places full of inspiration: ideal destination for a dinner among the vineyards in Tuscany.

One amazing location is Querceto di Castellina, in Castellina in Chianti. There, visitors can visit the company’s vineyard and taste the tasting menu that offers four courses and three paired wines; Immersed in nature, the winery impresses even the most demanding tourist.

In Lamole, in Greve di Chianti, we find the homonymous Lamole winery. With its Chianti Classico, the winery offers a picnic among the vineyards and one certainty: it will surprise you. Also read: What are the main Chianti locations in Tuscany?

Another very special place to enjoy dinner among the vineyards in Tuscany is in Figline Valdarno, just a few kilometers from Florence. We are talking about Fattoria La Palagina. Here, in addition to the incredible enogastronomic experience, you can also relax with yoga classes, surrounded by nature and immersed in complete peace.

History and wine: art and grapes

For those who love history, the perfect destination is in the Pistoia area. It’s the beautiful Goricoll. This is a historic site and houses a 15th century complex. In the also called Fattoria we find the Gori Collection, which is an important – and interesting! – collection of contemporary works of art.

In the Lamporecchio area, be sure to visit Tenute Poggio di Bobi. With its panoramic view that enchants, the menu is a doom and the place is super nice, full of beauty! It is even difficult to put into words the beauty of this place.

The surroundings of Pisa and its surprises

Close to Pisa we find the discreet countryside of Terricciola. This is an off-the-beaten-path area, but you’ll find plenty of amazing places to dine among the vineyards in Tuscany! One of these gems is in Pieve de ‘Pitti and is the well-known Castelvecchio. With a delightful atmosphere, the company organizes magnificent dinners among its vineyards and olive trees.

We cannot fail to mention the magnificent Podere Pellicciano located in San Miniato. The place is elegant, beautiful to live in and offers us a spectacular menu!

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Arezzo and Montepulciano: wines and charms

Do you know Bucine? Probably not. The area is in the province of Arezzo and, there, we find the beautiful Perelli farm. There you can enjoy aperitifs and exclusive dinners among the vineyards. It is inevitable to talk about the sunset there: unforgettable! Seeing the hills dyed in gold, feeling the warm breeze on your face, and having a unique view of the vineyards is something, really, unique and unforgettable!

Another locality that deserves attention is Montepulciano. There we have the beautiful area of ​​Valdichiana Senese that offers us magical experiences among the vineyards. One of the places that deserves to be highlighted, without a doubt, is Carpineto. There, visitors can taste the famous Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and then enjoy a typical Tuscan snack with fresh bread, cheeses and sausages.

If you are in San Gimignano, the perfect destination for your romantic dinner is Tenuta Torciano. In addition to the wines, there you can also taste the oils produced by them, and make the most of the impressive view of the place! To book this tour, you can click HERE!

Why is wine tourism so important to Tuscany?

Because it presents us with an authentic Tuscany! Tuscany is the birthplace of historic, special and unique cities, most of them very famous, however the rural side of the region is wonderful and deserves to be explored!

To publicize activities related to enogastronomic events in the region, an association called the Wine Tourism Movement (Il Movimento Turismo del Vino) was created in 1993. The objective is to encourage tourists to discover the rural side of Tuscany and invite them to be surprised. The big difference is that, normally, the events of this movement are held outdoors, among the vineyards, so that the experience becomes even more special!

Special events

Every year, several very important events take place in the region and, among them, we can mention the most famous such as Vigneti Aperti, Cantine Aperte and Calici di Stelle.

In addition to dinners, lunches, tastings and the like, the movement also encourages the local hotel industry, that is, it is not difficult to find several accommodation packages that include tours of the wineries in the area chosen for your accommodation.

It is impossible to finish our post without mentioning the splendid, unique and special Tuscan Wine Route. The region offers us an infinity of very special places that go beyond wines and present us with very special flavors, colors and aromas. It is very much worth knowing.

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Dining among the vineyards in Tuscany is a unique experience that must be lived! Options abound and you will fall in love!

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