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Calendar of Events in Italy?

Italy has much more than monuments, history and beauty. The country of the boot is one of the countries that receive the most events, shows, and art shows. See now the list we prepared for you to enjoy the events in Italy!


Calendar of Events in Italy?

It’s not easy to talk about events in a country full of them like Italy, but we’ve tried to give you the way to the rocks with some websites and a small summary of the main Italian events. Have you participated in any of them? No? So let’s go to our post of the day: know the Calendar of Events in Italy now? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

Hi! How are you? Today we are going to talk about some events in Italy. Annually, the country receives millions of tourists, as we know, but also annually, some of the biggest and most important world events take place on Italian soil, mainly in the northern region. Large, medium, and small events take place throughout the year, in addition to concerts by important national and international names.

Talking about ALL the events that take place in Italy would make our post extremely long (and tiring!), for that reason we will suggest some (excellent) sites so that you can organize yourself and visit what is of your particular interest and we will make a small summary of the main events that move Italy. Below, are some of the most frequented, important, and famous Italian events.

1 ) Calendar of Events in Italy? MILAN FASHION WEEK

Milan Fashion Week – Almost needs no introduction! It is one of the biggest fashion events in the world and brings together famous fashion names and trends. It is considered one of the most important in the sector and the city has an atmosphere full of charm. It takes place twice a year for the presentation of the autumn/winter and spring/summer collections, always in the ‘opposite’ seasons (the autumn/winter collection is presented between February and March, and the spring/summer collection, between September and October). Learn more about Milan by clicking here!

2 ) Calendar of Events in Italy? PALIO DE SIENA

Palio de Siena – The famous Palio de Siena takes place in the main Piazza and is held twice a year: July 2nd and August 16th. It’s a very traditional horse race and consists of three laps around the square, the fastest team wins! It is the main festival in the Tuscany region and attracts people from all over the world every year. Learn more about Siena by clicking here!

3 ) Calendar of Events in Italy? VENICE CARNIVAL

Venice Carnival – It is one of the most sought-after events, especially by foreigners, and the party takes place every year during Carnival week (the Venetian carnival calendar is the same as ours, in 2023 it falls on February 11). The city gets crowded, so if you are thinking of spending Carnival there: make your reservations well in advance, ok? It’s a unique and beautiful show! Worth seeing! Learn more about Venice by clicking here!

4 ) Calendar of Events in Italy? FORMULA 1 – MONZA

Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix Monza – For F1 fans this is one of the unmissable events on the calendar! Monza becomes a hotbed of enthusiasts, professionals, and many other people who come to the city exclusively to watch the races and see their idols up close. Monza is considered the temple of Formula 1 and it is not difficult to understand why. This year, 2022, the event takes place on September 11th. Learn more about Monza by clicking here!

5 ) Calendar of Events in Italy? VENICE CINEMA FESTIVAL

Venice Film Festival – One of the most important festivals takes place between August and September and receives big names from national and international cinema. Some exhibitions are for guests only, and others are open to the public, but you must buy tickets in advance: the city is full, tickets sell out at the speed of light, and if you book your hotel on time, chances are that you won‘t find a spot.

6 ) Calendar of Events in Italy? MOTOGP IN MUGELLO

MotoGP at Mugello – Another high-speed-related event that attracts a huge number of people is the MotoGP Grand Prix in Mugello. This time, ‘on two wheels, the city is dyed yellow and blue to honor the ‘owner of the house’, Valentino Rossi. It is a UNIQUE and very special event!

7 ) Calendar of Events in Italy? MILAN FURNITURE HALL

Milan Furniture Salon – For those passionate about architecture, decoration trends, and everything that involves beauty and sophistication when it comes to furniture and novelty in the sector, this is the ideal event. Every year it gets crowded and receives tourists, exhibitors, and speakers from all over the world. In 2023 the event takes place in April.

8 ) Calendar of Events in Italy? FIERA MILANO IN RHO

Fiera Milano in Rho – In Rho, a city close to Milan is home to one of the newest, most famous, and busiest exhibition centers in Milan. To check the complete schedule, just access the website. Events take place throughout the year and they are all packed.

Useful information

One of the best sites with information about fairs in Italy is nfeiras. The site is excellent because it shows all the fairs and events that take place in all Italian cities and they are all separated by city and segment. Just access the website and choose the city and segment and, automatically, a list with dates, locations, and information about the event will appear.

Want to watch a concert in Italy?

Visit the Viagogo website. Here it is possible to check all the cultural agents of shows and buy tickets directly on the website.

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