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Accommodation experience in Tuscany: Hotel della Fortezza in Sorano.

Tuscany is a region that is home to countless incredible hotels and, among them, we find the splendid Hotel della Fortezza, in Sorano.


Accommodation experience in Tuscany: Hotel della Fortezza in Sorano.

The Tuscany region, central Italy, is a magnificent region. I know it is redundant to talk like that about such a magical region and full of attractions, but when we talk about Tuscany we talk about medieval cities, history, culture, natural gems, and castles, lots of castles. And today I tell you all about one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen: the Hotel della Fortezza, in the heart of Sorano, province of Grosseto. So, now, I’ll tell you everything about my accommodation experience in Tuscany: Hotel della Fortezza in Sorano. And what are the 10 must-see castles in Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

When we talk about Tuscany, our brain automatically takes us to Florence, maybe it also takes us to the wine road, but Tuscany is home to countless wonderful medieval cities and, therefore, castles! Countless castles, and all of them magnificent! Some became cultural centers, many other museums, and luckily for us, others became hotels! Hotels that transport us to another era, that “take us away from reality” and allow us to live truly special experiences.

A little bit of the history of the castle that became a hotel

The Hotel della Fortezza is located inside the Fortress di Orsini, in the town of Sorano, province of Grosseto. The fortress dates back to the 12th century and is steeped in history.

Fortaleza di Orsini presents a beautiful and very complex architectural structure. In the lower part of the fortress, there is a large door where, in the past, there was also a drawbridge. From there, as we enter, we can already see a charming partially covered staircase, which passes through several levels and is the oldest part of the place.

The castle present there was the original nucleus of the fortification and inside, after some renovations, we have some frescoes from the Siena school – from the 16th century.

Another very interesting part is the tower of the place, which is presented in a circular shape, and was part of the old Rocca Aldobrandesca. The 16th century area of the fortress is made up of a restored building in neoclassical style, and is on the western side of the walls.

The place is linked to two angular bastions at the tip: San Marco to the east and San Pietro to the west. There we can also see a beautiful coat of arms, which is in the corner.


Do you know the difference between castle and fortress?
In technical language, the fortress is a medieval construction that had a defensive function; the castle was also the residence of the nobles, and did not have – necessarily – the function of a defensive structure, although it was prepared for that.

However, the term castle, currently, can be applied to the fortress, since several fortresses are, today, places of welcome as hotels.

My experience at the Hotel della Fortezza

First and foremost: the hospitality of the hotel staff is something very special! I traveled with my husband and we ended up arriving at the hotel at night. We were very tired, because we went by car (leaving Calabria! Adventure? Yep! We LOVE it!), but when we arrived and were so well received, the feeling is that we received an extra dose of energy, such kindness and sweetness with which we were received !

I’ve stayed in several hotels during my trips, and some of them are quite technical: great service, but “standardized”, you know what I  mean? There are protocols to be followed, key phrases to be said and, although they are great, they don’t offer us that feeling of welcome.

At the Hotel della Fortezza, we had the feeling that we were arriving at the house of dear people, at the house of friends! They welcomed us as if we were “from home”, and that changed everything as soon as we stepped into the hotel.

Their hotel structure is impressive! The place is extremely pleasant, cozy, well decorated, charming and transports us to another time! We feel like real nobles there!

The room is PERFECTION! Spacious, clean, pleasant, but the big surprise came the next day: when we opened the window and we were faced with a breathtaking view!

O Enoristro: a very special restaurant inside the Hotel della Fortezza.

The hotel also has the wonderful Enoristrò, which is a SPLENDID restaurant! Even without any exaggeration! The dishes are impeccable, delicious and the portions very well served! Not to mention that the space is very pleasant!

With a very traditional proposal, Enoristrò uses top quality products, all produced in the area, which makes the place extremely sustainable, with ingredients completely free from pollution, mechanical processes, and interference. The menu is quite varied and changes according to the seasons.

With a very special wine list, the restaurant’s cellar impresses, and leaves us with great doubts in the face of so many special labels. Also read: What are the types of Italians wine? 

We had dinner at Enoristro and I can only describe the experience with one word: SUBLIME! The dishes are very special and with a flavor that is difficult to put into words. They offered us, in fact, a truly unique gastronomic experience!

I suggest that, before dinner, you don’t forget to have an aperitif there, in the so-called piazzeta: you’ll love it, I’m absolutely sure!

The place is open every day from 18:00 to 20:00.

The location of the Hotel della Fortezza

In the heart of Sorano, the hotel is in a privileged location, which gives us the chance to do several tours using the hotel as a base.

By the way, it’s good for you to know: the hotel offers several activities to its guests (paid separately) such as, for example, a bike tour of the surroundings – which can be guided or not! Other services paid separately also include: in-room massage, wine tasting at nearby wineries, horseback riding, picnics, guided tours, museum visits, night tour, spa tours, among other activities that may vary according to the time of year.

If you are traveling during high season, I suggest you check availability and book the service you intend to use in advance.

Summary of my experience at the Hotel della Fortezza

One of the best I’ve ever experienced in my life! REALLY! It’s not demagoguery! Everything was perfect, from start to the end, and I recommend the hotel with my eyes closed, without a second thought! Want to live a dream experience? Make your reservation NOW at the Hotel della Fortezza.

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Accommodation experience in Tuscany: Hotel della Fortezza in Sorano. If you want to live a unique, special, unforgettable and high quality experience: don’t even think about it! Book now your room at the Hotel della Fortezza.

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