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What to visit near Milan?

Let's visit the 6 most interesting places near Milan and find out how many hours you spend visiting each city. In this post you'll find a lot of information about what to visit near Milan.

Ana Patricia in Milan

What to visit near Milan?

Milan and Rome are the main entrances for those arriving in Italy. Milan as well as Rome is located in strategic areas that allow you to make a lot of round trips, there are many beautiful locations that can be visited from these cities. But what to visit near Milan? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

Before you start to think about which city you would like to visit, I think it is important that you understand how many hours you will spend on the journey between round trip and if you have the physical disposition to do this, because many times to get back and forth it is necessary to wake early to take trains at the best time, and sometimes it can be tiring, so before deciding which city to visit, consider the 3 topics that will be presented below. To stay in Milan for at least 3 or 4 days, I advise that one of them is dedicated to Milan (for a quick tour) and 2 days for a more relaxed tour and that on the third day you can dedicate yourself to a tour nearby (or not) from Milan.

The Distance

Places with distances greater than 250 kilometers because it means a 500 kilometer-round trip and you, to visit any city, need at least 6 hours of time available. When I say visit I mean, obviously, to see the main monuments from the outside in a superficial way. It would be impossible in 6 hours to get to see so much, so you must understand that your round trip will only serve to make you to want more, this way you don’t create so much expectation and don’t get disappointed, on the contrary, you can enjoy it every minute available.

Focus on you choice

It is important to understand what you can or cannot do, for example if you are in Milan, thinking about going to Rome for a round trip is almost crazy, to arrive with the high speed train takes an average of 3 hours, so to compensate you would have to leave very early and return with a night train, I don’t think it’s worth staying less than 6 hours in Rome, it’s a city that should be visited with a minimum of 8 hours (obviously always superficially), to start getting to know Rome you will need at least 2 days.

Car and train time

Remember to check that with the car and the train you will not spend more than 3 hours to arrive and 3 hours to return. The ideal is a round trip with an average of 1h30 to 2 hours to arrive. To find out how much time you will spend, just always check the Italian railways website; if you are going to use a car, see the best route via Google Maps.

See now the 6 most interesting cities near Milan. All of these cities can be visited by rental car, but in my opinion for the sake of time and cost I think the high speed train is the best way to visit them.

1) What to visit near Milan? FLORENCE

A symbol city of the Renaissance and also one of the most beautiful cities in the world, getting to know it in a single day will certainly be a very short visit, but if your time is too short, one day will be enough to visit the most famous monuments and promise yourself  to return one day for a deeper visit to this very special city. Read our Special Post on “Where to sleep in Florence?”

  • Distance from Milan: 312 km;
  • Average travel time with a rental car: 03h30 min (depending on traffic);
  • With high speed train: 1h30 min.
  • Average ticket price: from € 50.00 (normal price).   If you buy your tickets in advance, you can get more than 50% discount. See our posts about Florence.

2) What to visit near Milan? VENICE

Venice is a unique city in the world, charming with its palaces, churches, and with priceless treasures. Come and experience the magic of Venice! Also read: Where to sleep in Venice?

  • Distance from Milan: 278 km;
  • Average travel time with rental car: 3h (depending on traffic);
  • With the high speed train: 2h30 min.
  • Average ticket price: from € 38.00. If you buy your tickets in advance, you can get more than 50% discount. See our posts about Venice

3) What to visit near Milan? VERONA

Verona is the second most important city in Veneto, it has several Roman archaeological remains and wonderful and elegant palaces, in addition to the famous Arena of Verona that still hosts shows today, not to mention that it is the city of Romeo and Juliet !! Another perfect place for lovers !! See our posts about Verona !!

  • Distance from Milan: 168 km;
  • Average travel time with a rental car: 2 hours (depending on traffic). PS: in that case it could be fine to travel by car and also make a stop at Lake Garda;
  • With the high speed train: 1h22 min.
  • Average ticket price: from € 22.00. If you buy your tickets in advance, you can get more than 50% discount.

4) What to visit near Milan? BERGAMO

A super beautiful city, located just 40 km from Milan and so little explored! The upper part of Bergamo has one of the most beautiful and well-preserved medieval squares in Italy, in addition the city is one of the few surrounded by walls. It is really  beautiful !! Find out what to do one day in Bergamo?

  • Distance from Milan: 59 km;
  • Average travel time with a rental car: 1:00 hour (depending on traffic);
  • They do not have a high speed train, only a regional train: average of 1 hour and average ticket price: from € 5.00.

5) What to visit near Milan? TORINO

The second most populous city in northern Italy, it is also considered one of the most industrialized because it is the headquarters of Fiat (car industry), but in fact Torino is a modern and dynamic metropolis, with many examples of Baroque architecture and with super interesting museums, like the Egyptian Museum, (the most important museum with objects from Egypt in Italy). Find out what to do in Torino and learn all about Torino.

  • Distance from Milan: 140 km;
  • Average travel time with a rental car: 2h: 00 minutes (depending on traffic);
  • With the high speed train: 1h00
  • Average ticket price: from € 30.00. If you buy your tickets in advance, you can get more than 50% discount.

6) What to visit near Milan? PADUA

Padua, an old university city, with a very significant academic history, rich in art and wonderful palaces. Its 2 main tourist attractions will make your round trip worthwhile, so be sure to visit the fantastic Scrovegni Chapel (famous for Giotto’s frescoes) and St. Anthony’s Basilica, which is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in Italy. Read our posts about Padua.

  • Distance from Milan: 246 km;
  • Average travel time with a rental car: 2h40 minutes (depending on traffic;
  • With the high speed train: 2:00 hours.
  • Average ticket price: from € 34.00.  If you buy our tickets in advance, you can get more than 50% discount.

Others Advice

There are many wonderful places near Milan, but little time to visit them all. If you want other advice for places you can go, the list can increase, see below.

  • It can be interesting to visit with the train: Genoa: 148 km, Monza: 28 km, Pavia: 44.5 km, Bologna: 216 km, Modena: 176 km, Parma: 128 km, Mantova: 184 km, Lugano: 79, 4 km (it is in Switzerland, but you can easily go by train). Always remember to buy tickets in advance to guarantee discounted prices and to have scheduled round trip times.
  • As for visiting the lakes, I think it is worth renting a car, because then you can stop and get to know all the different towns around these lakes and the tour is much more beautiful, isn’t it? Lake Maggiore: 134 km; Lake Como: 50 km; Lake Garda: 217 km (take the opportunity to visit Verona, which is very close). Remember to always rent a car with a GPS, so you won’t get lost and enjoy the day more.

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