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What to visit in Lake Como from Bellagio

Bellagio will serve us as a starting point to get to know some very interesting places in the Lake Como region. Stay with us and get to know the mandatory stops at Lake Como!

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What to visit in Lake Como from Bellagio

Bellagio is one of the most beautiful cities on Lake Como, and if you chose it as your base city, know that it is possible to get to know the most beautiful part of the region by moving easily and quickly. Let’s go to our post of the day: What to visit in Lake Como from Bellagio? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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Anyone who knows Lake Como always says that the lake must be seen from the inside, that is, a boat trip is essential and it is also possible to go to nearby cities. Departing from Bellagio, you have several options of charming cities, one more beautiful than the other! But today, starting from there, we are going to talk about three small jewels: Pescallo, Varenna and Menaggio. The good thing about these places is that they are small towns, so you can get to know them calmly and still have time for “il dolce far niente” (“the sweet doing nothing”, literally)! A nice tip is to take a Walking Tour and Boat Trip to Bellagio, click here to find out more!

Journeys between cities

The journeys between the cities take about 01h30min, but the panorama that appears around the boat during the trip makes time pass by flying! Regardless of the choice made, the cities around Lake Como enchant, mainly for their nature, their “frame” of mountains and views of the lake that impress. In the spring, it is like a painting! The most “remote”, or little known cities are also full, especially during the summer, but nothing compared to the main or larger cities. That said, let’s go! Would you like to learn more about the Seasons in Italy? Then discover our section on Climate in Italy!

1) What to visit in Lake Como from Bellagio –  VISIT PESCALLO

We start with Pescallo. Pescallo was once a fishing village and today it is a little gem that offers us a breathtaking panorama! The houses and the narrow alleys connect the center of Bellagio with a walk of about two hours (in total of the walk), through a staircase and provide us with an almost untouched piece of nature with olive trees and abundant vegetation.

Its Squares

In Pescallo, there is also a small square, which offers us an incredible view of the Lake. Here are the marina and the Circolo della Vela, the city’s sailing club. Further on, with a walk, we reach the second square in the city where the small Church SS Biagio and Andrea is located, in addition to the houses covered with ivy. If you want, on the small shore, it is possible to rent a kayak and take a trip around the lake.

2) What to visit in Lake Como from Bellagio – VISIT VARENNA

We follow the tour to reach Varenna. By boat, we will cross the Lake and reach this charming little town. Here we can visit Villa Monastero and the gardens of Villa Cipressi. The two villas have incredible views of Lake Como. Villa Monastero is a conference venue, also known for its fantastic botanical garden and museum of the house. Villa Cipressi, on the other hand, is a hotel that opens its gardens to the public, and here you can walk between the rows of cypress trees and along avenues and terraces that ‘lean upon’ each other towards the lake. The gardens are full of Mediterranean and exotic flowers and plants.

Vezio Castle

Also not to be missed is the Vezio Castle. At the top of Perledo, the Castle is worth a visit! Legend has it that Queen Theodolinda spent the last years of her life here. The castle is open to the public for visits and if the weather is open, it is possible to observe the spectacular flights of birds of prey guided by falconers who dress in period clothing. In the tower of the Castle is a museum with several very interesting items, which also includes some stuffed birds.

3) What to visit in Lake Como from Bellagio – VISIT MENNAGIO

Menaggio is our last stop! For those who like nature and beautiful landscapes, this place seems to have been handmade for you! In Menaggio, we can visit Villa Mylius Vigoni, in the village of Loveno. Historic, this is where the homes of patrician families were; today is where the Italian-German Center is located, which hosts conferences, seminars and events. On one condition; to visit the park, only on Thursdays and reservations are required. (to make a reservation, by phone, click right here!). Inside the Park, there are centuries-old trees, historic buildings (and beautiful!) And scents of flowers that impress. The site was built in the second half of the 19th century by the architect Giuseppe Balzaretti and combines architecture and nature in a harmonious and attractive way.

If you like hiking, the city of Menaggio gives you the opportunity to walk along the ancient Strada Regina, which dates back to Roman times. It is a historic route of communication that linked Como to the Alps. It’s a delight to walk around! From Menaggio, head to the village Nobiallo. There is a leaning bell tower that dates back to the 21st century, it belongs to the Church of St Bartholomew and St Nicholas.

In the village of Croce, if possible, go to Mount Crocetta (500 meters high, half an hour walk, more or less). From there you have an IMPECCABLE view of the Lake and it is AWESOME! It is not an exaggeration and the walk is not absurd, you can rest assured! Here are also the remains of the trenches of the Cadorna Line, or the defense line, which are from the First World War.


  • There are cities, towns and communes where you can walk. Do not hesitate! They hide real jewels and incredible natural surprises! It is always difficult to choose cities to visit, but wherever you go, you will be surprised!
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What to visit in Lake Como from Bellagio
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What to visit in Lake Como from Bellagio? Lake Como is a destination for VIPS from all over the world, but it welcomes everyone, especially in the summer, besides offering us places of dreams. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to get to know everything the first time: Lake Como is the kind of place we need to go to whenever possible and, whenever possible, without haste. The evocation of nature gives us a new breath and makes us immerse ourselves in a unique, calm, charming and full of beauty atmosphere.

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