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What to see in Noto?

Noto is a commune in the region of Sicily, in the province of Siracusa, with about 22,971 inhabitants, which enchants and presents impressive beauty to tourists who pass by. Today, we are going to present the city of Noto with great pleasure, telling you about its charms and attractions!

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What to see in Noto?

Noto, the capital of Sicilian Baroque, is a commune in the region of Sicily, in the province of Syracuse. A beautiful village that has priceless beauty, history and works of art. Let’s get to our post of the day? What to see in Noto? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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The city of Noto is an important Sicilian center, under the rule of the Romans, Byzantines and Arabs, being destroyed, in its entire splendor, by the earthquake of 1693. Despite the disaster, its reconstruction was fast and Noto became a magnificent city of art , on the UNESCO Heritage List. In this beautiful medieval city, the remains of the walls and the castle remain. The structure of the new city, the Baroque, was based on wide, straight streets, interspersed with several squares and staircases that give access to the city’s palaces and churches. Read also What are the 10 must-see cities in Sicily?

1) What to see in Noto? VISIT THE SQUARES

The three main squares are Piazza dell’Immacolata (Immacolata Square), with its incredible namesake church. Then there is Piazza Municipio (Municipio Square), which is surrounded by four important buildings: the City Hall, the Church of the Most Holy Savior (1791-1801), the Bishop’s Palace and the beautiful Cathedral of St Nicholas (1771), which dominates the landscape. At Square XVI Maggio is the Church of St Dominic (1727), with a curvilinear façade that impresses with its beauty. Then we have the Dominican Convent with a beautiful portal. In the Church of the Crucifix there is a statue of Our Lady of the Snow, carved in 1471. Also read Itinerary by car in Sicily!


The entrance to the (magnificent!) historic center of the city is made through the Royal Gate, which is an arch of the triumph of the 800s, built for the visit of King Fernando II of Bourbon, also king of the two Sicilies. In front of this beautiful arch, is the main artery of the city, the Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Read also Itinerary with public transport in southern Italy!

Piazza Immacolata

With a short walk, you reach the first of the three most important squares in the city: Piazza Immacolata. It is in this square that, at the top of an imposing staircase, you find the church of San Francesco all’Immacolata. With a very simple facade, but with stunning beauty, the church is characterized by a beautiful and simple Baroque facade. Inside, you can see, on the altar, an image of Our Lady with Jesus painted on wood, a work by Monachello made in 1564.

Leaving there, towards the left side, it is possible to see the monastery of San Salvatore. It is there that a beautiful tower and a belvedere are located. On the other side is the St Clare Convent. Following Corso Vittorio Emanuele, you arrive at Municipio (Municipio Square), where you can see the Cathedral and Ducezio Palace.

The Cathedral of Noto

The Cathedral of Noto is fascinating. The construction of this rare jewel began in 1694 and was completed in 1703. Over the centuries, both its facade and interior have undergone several modifications. Its current appearance dates back to the 19th century, when a new dome was built.

Inside, there are three naves and the Cathedral houses numerous works of art, some of which come from Noto Antica, including the silver urn containing the remains of Saint Corrado Confalonieri. A disastrous accident, in 1996, caused the loss of the entire iconographic apparatus, whose reconstruction made it a temple of the last great works of contemporary sacred art. In January 2012, Pope Benedict XVI elevated the Cathedral to a minor basilica.

Santa Chiara and the Civic Museum of Noto

Still along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 100 meters away, you will find the Church of Santa Chiara (St Clare), an impeccable Baroque architecture. Designed by architect Rosario Gagliardi in 1730, it was completed in 1758 and attached to the convent of Benedictine nuns. Today, in the convent, is the Civic Museum of Noto. The interior of the church, with numerous decorations, is considered one of the most important when it comes to Baroque style. The view from the Church’s terrace is unmissable! Its panoramic terrace is incredible and presents a unique panorama! The sunset seen from there is a painting; it is not possible to put all its beauty into words.

Palazzo Nicolaci and the Vittorio Emanuele Theater

Among the palaces, the most famous of them is, without a doubt, the Palazzo Nicolaci. Continuing the walk, here you can see Villa D’Ercole, which dates back to the 18th century and, finally, complete the tour with the elegant Vittorio Emanuele Theater, from 1800. Leaving there, walking a few meters, you will find Via Nicolaci. Via Nicolaci is characterized by being a sloping street and full of ornate buildings! Among the adornments, you can see mermaids, cherubs, horses, lions and mythological characters. Do not hesitate to “get lost” on the city streets. The buildings are impressive due to the details, mostly Baroque, and its smaller streets hide real surprises.

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Map with the attractions in Noto

What to see in Noto?
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Where to eat in Noto?

There are great places to eat! Below, a selection with some of them for you to put on your Italy Travel Itinerary!

The Tutta Pizza

  • Note: for those who want a good pizza, it is the ideal place. The menu features various fillings and, in addition to pizza, foccacias and calzone. The prices are excellent.
  • Where it is: Via Ducezio n.34,38 – Noto.
  • Hours: Every day, except Tuesday, from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

Pic Nic

  • Note: for a light, cheap and tasty lunch, it is one of the best places in Noto. There is a plethora of salads, light dishes and its location is great! Features vegetarian and vegan dishes.
  • Where it is: Via Corrado Nicolaci 1 – Noto.
  • Hours: every day, for breakfast and lunch.

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What to see in Noto? Noto is the capital of Sicilian Baroque. Its historical and architectural value is priceless; the city is safe and has a good tourist structure. Little sought after by tourists, the city is full of people in high season, full of life. There is a differentiated program in high season for all the city squares, which seems to come to life! Be sure to visit this unique city of its kind in the wonderful region of Sicily.

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