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What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car?

Are you driving in Italy and have 20 days at your disposal? We have an itinerary made especially for you in this post!

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What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car?

Our “Bel Paese” is one of the richest, from the point of view of tourism, both for the large number of places and historical finds and for the richness of the landscapes, not to mention the enormous gastronomic wealth. Exactly for all these reasons, I propose you a twenty-day tour of Italy, to discover more and explore the beauty of our peninsula. What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? We have prepared an incredible car itinerary for you to make the most of your trip in Italy! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our 20-day Itinerary in Italy

This trip will have two possibilities: today this post will be about the car itinerary, but if you want to do it by train, read our post What to see in Italy in 20 days with the train? Did you like the idea? So, let’s start our tour considering that we prefer to travel Italy with the car. This itinerary will depart from the city of Milan, and then pass through the regions of Veneto (Venice, Verona and the lagoons), Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Liguria, Umbria, Campania and we end with the city of Rome. Read also TRAVELING BY CAR IN ITALY: EXAMPLES OF TOURS

1) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? MILAN

First day, Milan. Arrival at Milan Malpensa airport early in the morning, rent a car, visit the city, stay in the city of Milan and then the next day we leave for the romantic city of Venice.

Attractions in Milan

The city of Milan is certainly different from what Italy’s art-cities and historic villages offer, but it is still full of wonders. Do not expect a small and cozy historic center, or ruins that remind us of times past, but a living, European city, where the majestic churches, the great castles, the historic residences and the museums mix with the shopping streets and the night life. A day in Milan will be enough to explore the center, starting with a visit to the cathedral, the most important work of Gothic architecture in Italy. ADVICE FOR WHO GOES TO ITALY FOR THE FIRST TIME?

Close to the Cathedral

Close to the cathedral, we find another important symbol of the Meneghina city, famous all over the world: the La Scala Theater – cradle of lyrical opera and classical music. After visiting the Cathedral, we head towards Piazza Domo, with the Arengario Palace (home of the beautiful Museo del Novecento) and the Royal Palace (which houses the main exhibitions of paintings in Milan) on the left. On the right, we have the porches and the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery and in front is the Sforzesco Castle. The Gallery is the ideal place for a long and pleasant walk. The gallery, all reserved for pedestrians, houses renowned stores and luxury restaurants, where we will certainly take the opportunity to have a good dinner and have a good night, since tomorrow another tour awaits us. LEARN ALL ABOUT MILAN

2) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? VENICE

Second Day, Venice. After a hearty breakfast, we will take the car to go to the Veneto region, precisely to Venice, or better stated, Venice-Mestre, where we will leave the car in the parking lot and spend the night there. Venice is the most desired destination for tourists but, unfortunately, staying in one of the luxurious hotels scattered around the alleys of the city is very expensive and sleeping in a cheap hostel is not worth it. For this, it is preferable to stay in the neighboring regions, such as Mestre – which is only ten minutes by train from the center of Venice (with trains leaving every ten minutes).

Options for visiting the city

Arriving in Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we look for the best way to visit the city. We have two options: on foot or with the vaporetto. It is better to ride a vaporetto. We will travel in a moment from the Grand Canal to San Zaccaria. During this tour, we can admire the most beautiful palaces in Venice: Ca ’d’Oro and Fondaco dei Turchi. GET TO KNOW MY ITINERARY TIPS IN ITALY

Attractions in Venice

Aboard the ferry, we cross the Rialto Bridge and when we get off we will see the sensational St. Mark’s Square – certainly one of the pearls of Italy, which deserves every drop of fame (next to the wonderful Basilica). The Basilica shows all its magnificence, the mixture of styles and the richness of the decorations and golden mosaics make this cathedral unique in the world, together with the Doge’s Palace (Gothic-Byzantine work of art). Nearby are the wonderful Procuratorate Palaces, the Clock Tower and the imposing Belfry. Strolling through the alleys, we will take a break for dinner at one of the restaurants (not very cheap, but it will certainly be worth it) and then we will return to Mestre to end the night with a good sleep. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT VENICE !!

3) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? VERONA

Third Day, Verona. We will have breakfast and depart for the city of Shakespeare: Verona, which is worth a visit (not least because it is close to Venice, so very accessible). Known worldwide as the “city of love”, along with Venice, Verona is certainly a very beautiful and charming city.

Attractions in Verona

The city’s main monument is the Verona Arena, a charming place with an ancient history. Walking around Verona means visiting the famous Juliet’s House, at the entrance of which there is a gate (a little deteriorated and destroyed, due to people’s lack of respect). The inner courtyard is lovely, and makes us relive a little of the climate of the times experienced by the young woman. We will stay in Verona one day and, since we are driving, we took the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful villages on Lake Garda the next day. After dinner, we go to sleep, because the day was tiring and we must recharge. LEARN ALL ABOUT VERONA

4) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? LAKE GARDA

Fourth Day, Lake Garda and surroundings. After having a hearty breakfast, we will go to some of the most beautiful villages on Lake Garda, such as Lazise, ​​Bardolino and Peschiera del Garda, which are also the closest to Verona.

Attractions in Lake Garda

The first village on Lake Garda, famous for its walls and medieval gates in the historic center, is Lazise. At the marina, located in the historic center, it is possible to admire old fishing boats and modern yachts. In the large square in front of the port (around the lake), it is possible to choose several restaurants, bars and cafeterias.

A few minutes from Lazise is Bardolino, another charming village. The heart of Bardolino is its old marina and its historic center. The town is quiet, full of shops selling the famous wine, with a beautiful marina, a charming church and the lake is very beautiful. Then we proceed to Peschiera del Garda. Peschiera del Garda is the most characteristic village of the three, with its wall surrounded by water. This village has a unique aspect and today it has a special charm. After dinner, we go to bed. WHAT ARE ITALY’S MAIN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS?

5) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? BOLOGNA

Fifth day, Bologna. We will have a good and hearty breakfast and continue with our route to Emilia-Romagna. It will take us about two hours, so let’s just get to the car and leave for Bologna. Here we will stay for one night and then we will continue to Ferrara, perhaps we will pass in one of the several medieval villages that the region offers. We will arrive in Bologna at around 11:00 a.m., leave the car and luggage to refresh and soon we will visit the city. WHAT TO DO IN ITALY IN 15 DAYS?

Attractions in Bologna

Bologna offers a fascinating and unique architectural anthology of its kind, making it one of the most scenic cities in the world. Visiting Bologna means going to Piazza Grande, the Fountain of Neptune and the Basilica of St Petronius. Following via Rizzoli, we come across the Two Towers (Garisenda and Asinelli), symbol of the city and gateway to the university city.

We will take a break at a typical restaurant to have a snack, because the cuisine here is very good. Then, we will continue with our tour visiting the Basilica of St Stephen located in the center, with a characteristic small square paved with stones, the Archiginnasio Palace and the Mercanzia Palace.

Do not miss the sunset

After sunset, Bologna turns into a city full of life. Visiting Bologna without allowing yourself the sin of gluttony is almost sacrilege. The steaming tagliatelle al ragù, the lasagna bolognese and the capelete soup (especially in the coldest months of the year) are the best gastronomic postcards that the city can offer. There are countless restaurants in the center to try the succulent Bolognese recipes. After pigging out, let’s go to sleep. LEARN ALL ABOUT BOLOGNA

6) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? CASALECCHIO DI RENO AND MARZABOTTO

Sixth day, Casalecchio di Reno and Marzabotto. We will get up early and after having breakfast we will visit some villages on the outskirts of the capital and at night we will go to Ferrara.

Attractions Casalecchio di Reno and Marzabotto

A few kilometers from Bologna, on the banks of the River Rhine, we find the village Casalecchio di Reno, which today is a bustling agricultural and industrial center. In a strategic position for access to information, it is the preferred vacation destination for the Bolognese elite and high society.

Moving on to the Bolognese hills, it is easy to access two places that became famous thanks to the last of the great Italian scientists and inventors: Guglielmo Marconi. Pontecchio Marconi and Sasso Marconi are, in fact, the places where he made the first experiments for the transmission of radio waves. A few kilometers from Sasso Marconi, we have Marzabotto, an interesting region mainly for its Etruscan past. Here we will take a break for lunch and continue to Ferrara. HOW MANY DAYS DO I NEED TO GET TO KNOW ITALY?

7) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? FERRARA

Seventh day, Ferrara. We will have breakfast and soon we will run to visit Ferrara. A sensational city on the left bank of the river Po di Volano, with its typically Renaissance style, welcomes all the splendor and ostentation of that period, making it a noble and grand city. A small town where life still develops together with man, thus in complete tranquility. It will be possible to see the various interesting monuments that, even with the passage of time, arouse so much fascination. WHAT IS THE BEST PERIOD TO TRAVEL TO ITALY?

Attractions in Ferrara

We will start from the wonderful historic center, where on every corner we come across wonders, such as the Town Hall (initially the residence of the Este family) with typical medieval architecture. With a special charm are also the nine kilometers of wall of the city of Ferrara, which allow tourists to feel transported back in time. We will then visit the monument symbol of Ferrara: the Estense Castle. Great artists have worked over the years to decorate this majestic structure, among them: Mantegna, Piero della Francesca, R. Van Der Weyden and Pisaniello – undoubtedly the greatest representatives of the Ferrara school.

Worth a Visit

In addition, there are several worth-visiting buildings; among the most important, we can list the Ludovico Palace – the Moor and the Diamond Palace. A worthy trip also requires moments of rest, so we can go to the beautiful Massari Park, to eat something typical. Luckily, there are several bars offering traditional dishes, among them: tagliatelle, capelete and macaroni pie. After dinner, let’s go to sleep. LEARN ALL ABOUT FERRARA

8) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? FLORENCE

Eighth day, Florence. After having breakfast, we will leave Ferrara to go to Tuscany, more precisely to the wonderful Florence. Florence is 156 km from Ferrara; we will take 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there, therefore, we will have a lot of time to visit the city peacefully. We will leave the car in the parking lot of the inn where we will stay and leave to tour on foot (even because it is quite close of the city center).

Attractions in Florence

Florence historic center put together monuments, religious buildings, architecture works and gardens unique in the world, designed by genial artists such as Giotto, Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, among others. The Duomo Square is de ideal starting point to visit the cathedral, the magnificent Bell Tower by Giotto, the Baptistery and the Cathedral Museum of Works of Art.

The itinerary continues in the historic Piazza della Signoria (“Lordship Square”), where the Signoria Palace (or Vecchio Palace) is located and then we will visit other masterpieces of the city. They are: Uffizi Gallery, Basilica of the Holy Cross (all decorated with Giotto’s frescoes), Church of Santa Maria Novella (with its luxurious decoration) and many other monuments of great prestige. At this point, we will take a break for snack and then continue to visit the Vecchio Bridge – and maybe shopping there. We will end the night in a typical restaurant and then go to sleep. LEARN ALL ABOUT FLORENCE.

9) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? SIENA

Ninth day, Siena. From Florence, we go to Siena, where we will spend one night. It will take us less than an hour to get to Sena, where we will stay at another inn, near the center, to be able to walk around the city. Siena is a magnificent art-city, with characteristic alleys, districts, towers, craft workshops and palaces that make it an unmissable destination for both Italian and foreign tourists. Famous for its Palio, which happens twice a year, the city offers many things to see.

Attractions in Siena

Before all the others, the square that deserves a visit is Piazza del Campo; this is exactly where the Palio di Siena takes place, which with its typical shell shape is perhaps the best-known place in Tuscany. Around the square, several palaces, among them the grandest is the Public Palace, with red bricks and white marble.

Not far, walking through the characteristic alleys of the city, we arrive at the Duomo, that is, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, raised by a platform with some steps, with a special facade in white marble. This imposing façade alone is worth a visit, but its sumptuous interior in Romanesque-Gothic style will surprise you immediately. The day in Siena flew, now we have dinner and go to bed. LEARN ALL ABOUT SIENA

10) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? SAN GIMIGNANO

Tenth day, San Gimigniano. After a good breakfast, we will go to the countryside of Siena to get in the mood of this place, with so many wonderful landscapes, ancient and special villages. Among them, we will stop in San Gimignano, famous for its numerous towers. For this reason, the medieval village of San Gimignano has been dubbed the “medieval Manhattan”.

Attractions in San Gimignano

Located in the Elsa Valley, in the province of Siena, it was considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to the special beauty of this ancient village. The points of interest are the Duomo Square, the Herbs’ Square, the Twin Towers and the Basilica of Our Lady.

Orcia Valley

We continue our trip stopping at Orcia Valley, which is also in the province of Siena. In Orcia Valley, it is easy to be surprised by the countless landscapes that characterize it, with an extraordinary nature, with beautiful farms and charming medieval villages. In the center passes the River Orcia, which bears name of the valley. There it is possible to continue our journey with a good wine, such as the red wine from Orcia Brunello di Montalcino, the Nobile di Montepulciano wine and many other wines.

Gastronomy and Beauty

In addition, the meal is also very delicious and it is possible to choose delicious starters and authentic main courses of meat. This is a perfect trip for those who want to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature, which change colors here every season. In the villages you can breathe a timeless medieval air, it’s like taking a trip back to the past. We will stay in an inn and after having enjoyed the local cuisine, we will sleep, as we must rest to recharge. LEARN ALL ABOUT SAN GIMIGNIANO

11) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? GENOA

Eleventh day, Genoa. Today, from Tuscany we will go to Liguria, where we will stay for three days – the first day will be dedicated to Genoa, the second to Portofino and the third to the wonderful Cinque Terre. We will drive and take the A12 highway with access to Genoa, it will take 3h15min.

Once in the capital of Liguria, we will rest for an hour and then start our tour of the city. Genoa is beautiful, the birthplace of the navigator Christopher Columbus. Petrarch defined it as “superb”, since the Genoese call it “Zena”. It is a place to be explored, full of charms, often hidden and mysterious. Whoever learns to know it will always take it in the heart.

Attractions in Genoa

Before starting our tour, I advise you to take a short break to eat a great focaccia of Genoese cheese with local spices. After that, we go to the historic city center to admire its artistic heritage.

One of the first must-see stops is certainly the Roman-Gothic Cathedral of St Lawrence. It is on the street of the same name and houses the Museum of Relics, where the Sacro Catino (“Sacred Basin”) is, which many think is the true Holy Grail. Going up the street, we arrive at the Doge’s Palace. In addition, you cannot miss the famous Aquarium of Genoa. Now it’s time for a typical dinner and a nice sleep. TIPS ON GENOA?

12) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? PORTOFINO

Twelfth day, Portofino. We leave Genoa and go to a very prestigious tourist destination: Portofino. A sophisticated village facing the sea, of indescribable beauty, Portofino is the jewel of the Italian panorama, always frequented by movie and cultural stars and illustrious political figures.

Attractions in Portofino

Arriving in Portofino, we will be ecstatic in the face of so much wonder, the colorful houses are next to each other, as if they were pieces of a rich mosaic, at the foot of the cliff, covered by green vegetation around these elegant villages. In this small retreat from the coast, the famous “little square” nestles, social heart of Portofino, which is in front of a marina, full of fishermen’s boats and luxurious boats. After a good dinner, let’s go to sleep. LEARN ALL ABOUT PORTOFINO

13) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? CINQUE TERRE

Thirteenth day, Cinque terre. After a hearty breakfast, we head to the spectacular Cinque Terre. Of a unique beauty, in this place the generosity and the perfection of nature and human intervention unite harmoniously. The charm of these five maritime villages: Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare leaves its mark on even the least attentive visitor.

Attractions in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre offers several tourist routes, forest trails and very characteristic urban routes. Among the most spectacular itineraries, the famous “Sentiero Verde Azzurro” and “La Via dell’Amore” are certainly worth mentioning. The Sentiero Verde Azzurro runs through the Riviera de Levante, from Genoa to Portovenere, while the La Via dell’Amore route goes through a boardwalk that joins Riomaggiore and Manarola and is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (along with the National Park of Cinque Terre). The route consists of continuing along the boardwalk facing the sea. After having spent so much time, we will have a great dinner and the well-deserved rest. TIPS ON CINQUETERRE?

14) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? ASSISI

Fourteenth day, Assisi. We will wake up early for breakfast and continue on to Umbria, where we will stay in Assisi, Cascia and Norcia. We will take the A14 highway; it will take 4h30min, so we will arrive in Assisi only at lunchtime.

Attractions in Assisi

Arriving in Assisi, we take the opportunity to have a snack and, after ‘recharging’, we go straight to the unmissable visit to the Basilica of St Francis, which is the base of the small town of Assisi. The magnificence of this construction makes this building known even to those who have never been to Assisi, with a charming climate. The second itinerary includes a walk from the Basilica of St Francis to the City Hall Square, where the Temple of Minerva is located – the ancient Roman sanctuary of the 1st century BC. This square represents the political and administrative center of Assisi.

The visit of these three places will take a long time, because there is a lot to do, so my advice is to take a break in one of the canteens in the historic center (most decorated in medieval style) and enjoy a good dinner with typical Umbrian products, such as pecorino cheese and truffle. After that, we will have a nice sleep. TIPS ON ASSISI?

15) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? CASCIA AND NORCIA

Fifteenth day, Cascia and Norcia. After having breakfast, we will leave Assisi and head towards Cascia and then to Norcia. We will take the car on the A1 highway and reach Cascia in just over an hour. Cascia is in the province of Perugia, whoever goes there is, certainly, due to the devotion of St Rita.

Attractions in Cascia

Arriving in Cascia, we will soon visit the most frequented places, that are the Basilica dedicated to Saint Rita of Cascia and the Monastery where she lived – that is why the city has become a pilgrimage destination for several believers. Every year, the city receives thousands of devotees of the saint who look for signs of their life, faith and miracles in this place. Near Cascia is Roccaporena, the place where St Rita was born and raised before entering Cascia’s convent.

Here it is possible to visit the house where she lived, the garden and the place where she used to retire to pray. At this hour, after having a snack, we take the car and go to Norcia, where we will spend the night.

Attractions in Norcia

Arriving in Norcia, right after lunch, we take the opportunity to visit the main attractions of this characteristic place. The central nucleus of Norcia is in St Benedict Square, where you can admire the most famous monuments of the city, such as the sculpture dedicated to St Benedict. You cannot miss the 14th-century Public Palace, the 17th-century Tower, the Church of Santa Maria Argentea (“St Mary Silver”), the Church of St Augustine, the Church of St John, the Church of the Crucifix and the Oratory of St Augustine.

Finally, also the so-called Tempietto. It is already night and we will not miss the opportunity to try the typical products of the place, starting with black truffle, goat cheese, saffron, farro, lentil and mushroom (I also recommend the famous Nórcia ham and salami). After that delicious dinner, we go to bed. TIPS ON CASCIA?

16) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? NAPLES

Sixteenth day, Naples. Today, after having breakfast, we will leave Umbria to go to Campania. We will go first to Naples, where we will spend the night and then we will visit the outskirts of the city. We will drive to take the A1 highway; it will take us more than four hours to reach the capital of Campania. As soon as we arrive in Naples, we will leave the luggage at the hotel and, after resting for a while, take a stroll through the charming Neapolitan streets.

Attractions in Naples

Naples is one of those cities where you can go back ten times and still enter with the smile of seeing something new, a city that appeals to everyone: it has sea, culture, nature, fun and especially a city with delicious cuisine – and we are not talking only about pizza, but also about fish and sweets.

Via Roma

In addition, the main characteristic is the people, their joy and particularity. The tour can start at via Roma, full of shops, a boardwalk until you reach Piazza del Plebiscito (Plebiscito Square), with its beautiful church and the San Carlo Theater. Moving on, we arrive at the beach, we must not forget to pass by the Maschio Angioino, one of the prominent castles of the city, which dominates the scenery of the Piazza del Municipio (“Municipality Square”) and the Ovo Castle (the oldest castle in Naples, located in the neighborhood of San Ferdinando in Chiaia). After this beautiful walk, we will relax in a village behind Castelo do Ovo, where there are several cool restaurants and bars to enjoy the night. LEARN ALL ABOUT NAPLES

17) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? AMALFI COAST

Seventeenth day, Amalfi Coast. After a good Neapolitan breakfast, we continue our tour around Naples. We will visit Positano and the Amalfi Coast, which surprises all tourists for its particularity. Considering that we are going by car, we have all the autonomy to get around and this is important, especially when it comes to places like Positano and the Amalfi Coast.

Attractions on the Amalfi Coast

Positano is the first city on the Amalfi Coast that we see coming from the North. Following the curves of the coast (by highway 163) it is possible to go to Praiano, Amalfi, Minori, Maiori, Cetara and Vietri sul Mare. Of course, we will stop at just one of these: Amalfi. After a 1h15min journey from Naples, we arrive at Positano – the place that, like Sirenusas, shelters the islands of Galli and never tires of seducing anyone who arrives at this place.


Positano is a vertical city, completely perpendicular to the sea and, therefore, crossed by a main avenue (where cars and public means of transport pass) and the various “staircases”. True symbols of the city, they lead to the sea and the shops that sell handmade products and souvenirs – an unmissable stop that will allow us to experience the city more closely, savoring its colors and perfumes.

Among the places of greatest interest, the Saracen Towers, built in medieval times, allowing the people of Positano and the inhabitants of the entire coast to defend themselves against the invasions of the terrible Saracens. After taking a walk in all these places, we will stop for lunch and then head towards Amalfi, where we will spend the night. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT AMALFI COAST CITIES

18) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? AMALFI

Eighteenth day, Amalfi. After having breakfast, we will go out to visit Amalfi. The Amalfi Coast is full of characteristic small villages and towns that are worth visiting and admiring. Amalfi is the best known of them all. Without a doubt, a pearl of the Amalfi Coast, a small town that attracts thousands of visitors every year, precisely for its charm, the high society that frequents it, its culture and the beauty of the landscapes. Located in the splendid Gulf of Naples, it is certainly worth a visit, even if only for a day. Being very small, we will be able to walk around the entire city in a short time.

Attractions in Amalfi

We will start our tour of the historic center, with its lively and colorful Piazza Duomo (“Cathedral Square”). Also in this square is the wonderful Cathedral, which faces the sea. Thus, we will visit the majestic basilica, which, with its long staircase and its Arab-Sicilian style, only tends to enchant us. On the left side of the porch, we enter the beautiful Monastery of Paradise, all decorated in oriental style, with arches and columns.

Special attention to the city’s perfume

Here it is possible to enjoy, in addition to the beauty of the monuments, also a surreal sense of peace. After the visit of the cathedral, we entered the city streets, where the perfume of lemons invades our nostrils. With a lot of calm and tranquility, we will walk to Piazza del Municipio (“Municipality Square”), where the City Hall is located, a building from the 16th century, which was once a Monastery. Now it is time to take a break at one of the restaurants in the region and enjoy a delicious dinner based on fish and seafood, as well as a good night’s sleep. If you visited the coast in one day, today you can go to Capri or go to Pompeii. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT AMALFI 

19) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? ROME

Nineteenth day, Rome. We are almost at the end of our tour. We will leave Amalfi, head to Rome, and end the tour of Italy in great style. After having breakfast, we will take the car to the eternal city, where we will stay until tomorrow night. To reach Rome from Amalfi, we will take 3h30min. Arriving in Rome, we will leave the luggage and the car and run to the city.

Attractions in Rome

Rome is one of those cities that we must visit at least once in our lives. There are some things that we cannot miss, and that is what we are going to do – even if in one day and a half we visit a few things, we will consider it as a taste and then delve into another trip to the capital. The first thing to see is one of the symbols of Rome: the Colosseum – it is the most famous amphitheater in history, of which only part remains, but it is still incredible. Another building that is worth seeing is the Trevi Fountain, one of the most famous fountains in the world (and the protagonist of so many films).

Regarding religious buildings, you cannot miss the Pantheon (the temple dedicated to all gods). That’s it for today, let’s have dinner in one of the typical restaurants in Rome and go to sleep, tomorrow will be the last day of our tour. READ ALL OUR POSTS ABOUT ROME AND ORGANIZE YOUR TRIP IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY!

20) What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? ROME

Twentieth day, Rome: This is our last day and we will dedicate it entirely to Rome, until the night (when we go to the airport to return the car and return to reality – but certainly in a different mood). We will have breakfast and we will soon see other must-see things in Rome.

Attractions in Rome

We will start the morning with St. Peter’s Basilica, the majestic and extraordinary cathedral, with its beautiful square. It is good to remember that the visit to the interior of the church demands waiting hours in a huge line, and our time does not allow it. Since we are in the vicinity, the Sant’Angelo Castle is worth a visit. Another church worth seeing in Rome is the church of St. John Lateran, along with that of Santa Maria Maggiore (“St Mary Major”).

The other must-see squares are Spanish Square and Navona Square. Spanish Square got its name because it houses the Embassy of Spain and is famous for its staircase that leads to the church of Most Holy Trinity of the Mounts. Navona Square is linked to the name of an emperor, as it was the “Domitian Stadium”. Now we see it with the transformations of the Baroque period. At this point, we enjoyed a great dinner before heading to the airport and leaving this beautiful country.

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What to see in Italy in twenty days with a car? Throughout this tour, we saw what we can do and how to spend the twenty days in the most beautiful cities in Italy. Of course, this itinerary is only a suggestion, where you can (and should) make changes based on the taste of each one and according to the time available. You can choose to do this itinerary in 30 days (which would be better) or to take out some cities in order to stay more days in others). It all depends on you and your personal taste 🙂

And if you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

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