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What to do in one day in Udine?

With its charm and tranquility, Udine will win your heart over.


What to do in one day in Udine?

Only 50 km away from Austria and 20 km away from Slovenia, Udine is the kind of city that enchants us! With a magnificent culture, the city invites us to discover all its monuments, squares and churches. Today our tour will be in charming Udine. Udine is not one of the cities most sought after by tourists, but its beauty deserves some attention. Are you ready? So here we go! What to do in one day in Udine? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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1) What to do in one day in Udine? VISIT THE CASTLE

Start your tour through the wonderful historic center of Udine. There, it is possible to visit the impressive Castle. Udine Castle sits on a 138-meter-high hill and has a patriarchal eagle as its main symbol. The hill on which the castle rests has a legend that Attila, after sacking Aquileia in 452, ordered his soldiers to create an elevation carrying the earth in helmets, so that he could admire the damage he caused from above.

A little more about the Castle

The castle dates back to 1517 and the last part of the work was entrusted to Giovanni of Udine, a pupil of Raphael, to then pass through the hands of Francesco Floreani. Today, the Castle of Udine stands in a large green park from which you can admire the panorama over the Friuli plain and the Alps, and since 1906, it houses the city’s civic museums.

2) What to do in one day in Udine? VISIT PIAZZA LIBERTÀ AND ITS ATTRACTIONS

The oldest square in Udine is also the most beautiful one in Venetian-style in Europe. Piazza Libertà is a gem in Gothic and Renaissance style and is in the heart of Udine. Piazza Libertà opens at the foot of the castle hill and is worth a visit for the richness and beauty of the monuments that surround it.

The Loggia del Lionello, Tempietto di San Giovanni

The Loggia del Lionello, for example, was built in 1448 in a Venetian Gothic style and restored 400 years later. The tourists arrive in front of the climb, which leads to the Castle with a marble flame and columns. Its arcade periodically hosts events and shows. The Loggia opens opposite the Tempietto di San Giovanni (“Small Temple of St John”), which dates back to 1533. Today, the Tempietto houses the War Memorial and is topped by the beautiful Clock Tower.

The Clock Tower

In the tower, the two Moors, Floreàn and Venturìn, as the inhabitants of Udine call them, strike the hours. In the Loggia, there are also the statues of Hercules and the column with the Lion of Venice. Next to the Loggia is the Arco Bollani, built in 1556 and attributed to Palladio, which gives access to the hillside that leads to the castle.


From Arco Bollani, we head to Via Mercatovecchio, which, all medieval, is one of the most elegant streets in the city and takes its name from the market that was held here since 1248. Today it is the most famous shopping center in the city and is protected by elegant arcades, lined with mansions, noble palaces, cafes and restaurants. Amazing place! The winding path takes us to the ancient moat and its walls, which protected the castle. It is also here that there are precious buildings such as Monte di Pietà, the seat of the Cassa di Risparmio, which dates back to the 1500s and which on the ground floor houses the Chapel of Santa Maria Del Monte.

4) What to do in one day in Udine? VISIT THE CATHEDRAL AND THE BELL TOWER

From the Chapel of Santa Maria del Monte we can reach the magnificent Cathedral of Udine, dedicated since 1735 to St Mary of the Annunciation. It was erected in 1236 by the then Patriarch of Aquileia and was remodeled several times. The current building was renovated in the early 1900s and has a Gothic appearance, while inside it is almost entirely Baroque.

The Cathedral and the Bell Tower

The Cathedral of Udine is the most important religious building in the city and houses precious treasures such as the altarpieces painted by Giacomo Martini and Gianbattista Tiepolo. Next to the Cathedral is the bell tower, which dates back to 1441 and houses a museum with free entry on the ground floor.


Leaving the Bell Tower, head to Piazza Matteotti, also known as Piazza San Giacomo. The square is one of the main meeting points for the inhabitants of Udine, and here there is a market that takes place every morning. In the center of the square stands the Fountain of Giovanni of Udine, built in 1543; next to the square, we can see the Church of San Giacomo, built in 1398. On the façade, you will notice a small porch and an altar. The church tower houses the first public clock in the city, opened in 1525.

The Redemption Portal

The exterior of the cathedral welcomes visitors with the Redemption Portal, made by an unknown German artist and dating back to the 14th century. It is richly decorated with reliefs representing, of course, the Redemption. Above you can admire the patriarchal eagle. The square is surrounded on three sides and is perfect for a quiet walk in the center of Udine: here you will find cafes, trattorias and elegant shops; the structure of the city is excellent!

6) What to do in one day in Udine? VISIT CASA CAVAZZI

We continue to the 16th century Casa Cavazzini, in the center of Udine; here is the headquarters of the city’s modern and contemporary art museum and it’s beautiful! It is an exhibition space that has two floors and houses more than 4,000 works including paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings. The works are part of a series of collections donated to the Museum and are divided into permanent and rotating exhibitions.

7) What to do in one day in Udine? IF YOU HAVE TIME VISIT PARCO DEL CORMOR

If you have time, stop by Parco del Cormor, with nearly 30 hectares of meadows, woods, picnic areas and space for children. The park takes its name from Cormor, the most important river in the region and which surrounds it. A day here, especially in early spring or autumn, is a perfect occasion to admire the colors and variety of typical Friulian landscapes.

The botanical garden within the park has recreated the natural habitat for endangered insects, and it includes stretches of flowering meadows, redwoods, cedars, mulberry trees and other flora. A guided tour inside the park allows you to discover all its peculiarities; the park houses rest areas, outdoor parking, bar and restaurant. In summer, the park hosts outdoor concerts and music, always lively!

Map with attractions in Udine

What to do in one day in Udine?
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Shall we talk a little about Udine’s story?

The first reliable source for the founding of Udine dates back to 983 with a diploma from the then Emperor Ottone II. It was also during this period that the expansion of the city began, which, due to its strategic position, is surrounded by defensive fortifications. Udine Castle remains in its original position and, though modest in size, dominated and protected the uniform, flat surrounding area from invaders.

In 1238, the patriarch Bertoldo de Andechs moved to Udine and, for ten years, it made the city a stable market and the seat of the Church of Aquileia, giving the city the status of religious and administrative capital of the patriarchy; in short, a very powerful city. This period also saw considerable population growth and a development boom.

The new urban layout included the new market village and rural villages; the process was slow but unavoidable, and so a ‘new city’ was formed outside the walls. After just a century, the city gained new air, especially in its center: it became a connection between the market, which was the economic soul of the urban core, and the church, the religious soul.

Little by little, Udine was enriched with wonderful monasteries and churches, which brought calm and tranquil air to the city. In 1866 the city was reborn and quickly enriched its urban layout with new buildings erected in various architectural styles.

Udine in World War I

In World War I, Udine was sacked and destroyed for the first time, after the defeat of Caporetto by Austro-Hungarian troops. Recovery was quick, but during World War II, the city suffered from bombing and saw the demolition of notable historic buildings. The 1976 earthquake also caused serious damage to the city and one of the most damaged buildings was the 16th century castle. The earthquake was a landmark in recent history and caused the death of nearly a thousand people. It was at this time that the unity, strength and determination of the Udinese people served as an example to everyone and, with great dedication, the city was recovered, and today it shines beautiful and peaceful.

Where to eat in Udine?

Trattoria Ai Fratti – one of the most traditional restaurants in Udine, it offers a varied menu with typical dishes from the region, first-rate wines and excellent service. The environment is very pleasant and well located.

  • Where it is: Piazzetta Antonini, 5.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 12:00 am.

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What to do in one day in Udine? Udine is the kind of city that, many times, doesn’t catch our attention at first sight and gets to be ‘snubbed’ by so many, but once you’re there, you’ll come to see it with affection, respect and passion! If you’re nearby, don’t miss Udine.

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