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What is worth buying in Italy?

With the rise of the Euro, many ended up giving up shopping in Italy, but some items are still worth it! We have prepared a complete list for you to buy what really pays off and is worth it.


What is worth buying in Italy?

Shopping in Italy is always a delight. With an infinity of brands in the most diverse segments, many stores present super competitive values, when compared to the prices of the same products in other countries, and it is possible to find true findings. What is worth buying in Italy? With the rise of the Euro many people who are scheduled to travel to the country of the boot are a little afraid of the scenario they will encounter (read values!), especially when it comes to shopping. We have good news: don’t be afraid! Read our Special Post on What Are the Best Outlets in Italy for Shopping? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Shopping in Italy: to buy or not to buy? That is the question!

Today we will tell you what (still) is worth buying and what is not! I clarify you in advance that the objective of this post is not to say “buy or not buy”, it serves more as a guide, the decision will depend on the budget of each one, goal, dreams and particular desires, but it is always good to have a little help at the time to decide whether or not to take THAT bag from THAT brand, right ?! So come on!

Read our Posts to do Shopping in Italy, in the cities of: Rome, Florence and Milan. Despite regrets, A LOT of things are still worth buying in Italy. If you are traveling in January and July, you are lucky: it is the promotions period and many stores offer discounts of up to 80%!

1) What is worth buying in Italy? CLOTHES

Yes, it is still worth buying clothes in Italy. Of course, clothes without “famous labels” end up compensating much more than buying in brand stores, the big Italian department stores, like the unbeatable H&M, present different brands and clothes for all tastes, budgets, ages and gender! The quality is indisputable! Some examples of values: dresses for 10 Euros, children’s t-shirts for 5 Euros and men’s shorts for 10 Euros.


  • Inside the store, look for the H&M Home sector, where you can find, for example, excellent dish cloths for 4 Euros!
  • Another excellent store is Pimkie, which is French, but conquered Italy years ago !. Aimed at women, it presents a stripped, young collection that ranges from basic to sophisticated, including shoes, charm jewelry and accessories. A skirt, for example, all stylish, beautiful and comfortable costs around 10 Euros, a very basic legging can even cost 2 Euros! The quality of the clothes is great! You can buy without fear!
  • Another one that deserves (VERY) to be highlighted: Primark! With its products starting at 0.50 cents, the store presents an INFINITY of products (and also has a ‘Home’ department). An example of incredible price? Stylish sneakers for 9 Euros!

“On Fire”

What about Zara? Well, our Zaras in each country are different from each other! In Zara Italy, of course, that would be no different! Some pieces end up being worth it like coats that cost 25 Euros. Some shoes and more basic clothes, like t-shirts, 10 Euros, other pieces end up not compensating, for example, jeans, which cost as much as in other countries.

2) What is worth buying in Italy? COSMETICS, PERFUMES AND MAKEUP

Here we go! We have reached the ‘critical’ point! Is it worth buying perfume in Italy? And makeup? And cosmetic? Come on: Sometimes it’s worth it! I suggest that you ‘choose’ your perfume and do a quick search on the internet to make a comparison.

Some of the Famous Stores

One of the most famous stores in the segment is Sephora, and another one that causes a stir is Kiko Milano. It is an excellent brand with even better prices! It is worth buying in Italy, especially if the store is on sale.  A nail polish for example, in Italy costs up to 2 Euros, so it ends up being very worthwhile! Lipstick and makeup brushes also make the list!

Who doesn’t know The Body Shop? Well, it is worth buying branded products over there (Not all!). For example, argan shower gel here costs 6.50 Euros, which can be a huge difference, right?!

Now I’m going to talk about two Italian stores which deserve to be highlighted for their quantity, quality and price: Wycon and Acqua e Sapone! Wycon specializes in makeup and Acqua e Sapone is multi-brand! If you are looking for moisturizer, eye cream, shampoo and deodorant from brands like Dove, Nivea and L’Oreal, Acqua e Sapone was made for you!


  • Take a stroll through the hygiene sector in supermarkets, the best of which are Carrefour, Eurospin and Conad! Each find is so AMAZING that the care there is not to buy their entire stock! (lol). It is VERY worth it! An example: thermal water from Carrefour, 2 Euros! Eurospin sells super affordable products because they are all ‘unbranded’, so everything there is VERY cheap and Conad is like a mall: it has everything! Even clothes! A super ride for those who want to spend Euros paying little!
  • If you look for brands like Vichy, La Roche and Nuxe, look for them in pharmacies! It is where they cost less; although they are also sold in hypermarkets! If you see the I Provenzali and Omni brands on the shelves: buy without fear! They are products of excellent quality and very low values, the price is not wrong on the label! (lol).

3) What is worth buying in Italy? FOOD AND DRINKS

Go straight to the supermarket! Chocolates, olive oils, pastas, jellies, cheeses, wines, beers, ready-made sauces, etc. Everything is VERY worth it! The neighborhood grocery stores, those small ones, also have very pleasant surprises, check them out!


  • One of the most delicious Italian chocolates is the Novi brand! It melts in your mouth! Amazing! I don’t even need to quote Nutella, right ?! Cookies are also delicious! One of the best brands is Mullino Bianco. The brand cookies and other treats are very worth it! It is also worth it: coffee, rice for risotto and spices.

What foods can I bring in the suitcase?

  • Meat products provided they are processed and intended for human consumption (sterilized, cooked, extracts or meat concentrates);
  • milk-based products provided they are industrialized and do not require refrigeration, such as dulce de leche, powdered milk, canned or boxed cream, ‘dry’ cheese;
  • egg products such as egg powder, pasteurized liquid egg and dehydrated white;
  • fish that do not require refrigeration, such as whole salted fish or gutted dried, smoked gutted, commercially sterilized;
  • sealed confectionery products that do not require refrigeration, wines, sauces and oils. How to bring wines from Italy in your luggage?

4) What is worth buying in Italy? ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND RELATED

My suggestion: research before leaving your country !!! One of the best stores in this segment is Mediaworld. The prices are great (depending on what you are looking for), but don’t forget that it is necessary to declare your purchases when you return to your , so find out about the values that customs will charge you to see if it is worth bringing from there or not. In time: tax collection applies for each product that exceeds 500 Dollars, that is: there is a need to declare and pay the appropriate fees.


Pay attention because the IRS no longer requires you to declare products purchased the trip so if you come back and the inspection stops you, keep in mind that you will have to prove that the product (cell phone, camera, tablet, etc.) was purchased, otherwise you will have to pay the import fee, even if you have owned the product for some time, OK ?! Take the invoice, better safe than sorry!

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What is worth buying in Italy? Search, search, search and search some more! Do not be seduced by brands, do not ignore neighborhood shops and the street markets that take place at weekends. Knowing how and where to buy, you will be able to do several shopping “sessions” and get the most out of them all and the best: saving A LOT!

If you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier. ????

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