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What are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy?

The cultural and natural beauties of this area are so great that it is almost impossible to summarize in a few lines. Today we are going to present you the ten most visited cities, so you don't miss out on the best of this region!

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What are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy?

Central Italy, with its five regions: Marche, Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria and Abruzzo, presents such great variety and multiplicity that tourists are left with only the question of choice. The cultural and natural beauties of this area are so great that it is almost impossible to summarize in a few lines. We can try to give some suggestions, in fact, the traveler can find, in this central part of Italy, alternative regions for all tastes. But after all, what are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy? Come with me to discover this fascinating region!  Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our Introduction

This text was created with the aim of introducing the tourist, or traveler, to some interesting places, either because of their history or because of their natural and artistic beauty, which are often ignored by the majority. In this text, we will make ‘stops’ in places in central Italy, which are easily accessible and which manage to offer the traveler all the comforts, enabling the tourist to spend time in particularly beautiful and fascinating places, visiting the ten most important cities in Italy central.

Our Itinerary

This trip starts from Tuscany, one of the oldest Italian regions and with a well-defined personality. Then we will continue to Central Italy, visiting the Marche, Umbria and Lazio region. As the most sought after region is Tuscany, we will place more emphasis on this region and its main cities.

About Tuscany

When talking about the “Tuscan Cities”, names such as Florence and Siena, Lucca, Pisa and Livorno, Arezzo and Grosseto, Prato and Pistoia are mentioned. These are the main cities in Tuscany that rival since the ancient age of these municipalities. The competition, which in part still exists, was the basis of the artistic challenge that left us a legacy of world-class artwork.

This extraordinary contribution to art and culture is one of the characteristic elements of the region. Some of these art cities, such as Florence, Siena and Pisa, have a heritage the whole world is envious of. Tuscany is entirely beautiful, even the smaller towns, which often only have a few hundred inhabitants, have something touristy to show. Tuscany offers many possibilities, from the Costa Versilia, home to resorts such as Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi, and cities of art such as Florence, Siena, Lucca and Pisa; In this text, we will focus, in more detail, on these four cities that have always been the most requested. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT TUSCANY!

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1) What are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy? FLORENCE – TUSCANY

It starts in Florence, one of the most important cities in Italy. After Rome, it is the Italian city that has the greatest artistic heritage, unique in quality and quantity. Florence’s great artistic treasures are concentrated in the area that stretches from the Cathedral to Piazza della Signoria, where the monuments that made it famous all over the world are located. The roads that cross this pedestrian area cross at right angles, following the structure of the Roman city, yet the atmosphere of Florence is that of a medieval village. TIPS ON FLORENCE?

Its Attractions

The political heart of Renaissance Florence is the beautiful Piazza della Signoria, a true open-air museum, with its statues celebrating the most glorious moments in the city’s history. Next to the Palazzo Vecchio, symbol of the Medici’s political power, there is the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most important museums in the world. The opportunities for tourists are endless, especially for the city’s artistic heritage plus the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape and exceptional cuisine.

(Source: Florence TV – Città Metropolitana di Firenze)

2) What are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy? SIENA – TUSCANY

After Florence, another beautiful place to visit is Siena, one of the most famous cities in the world; it has always been a destination for holidays and tourism from all over the world. Located in the heart of the region, it is surrounded by the beautiful green hills of Chianti. The city has splendidly preserved its medieval appearance, with a dense network of winding streets located around the beautiful Piazza del Campo, in the heart of the city of Siena. TIPS ON SIENA?

Its Attractions

Piazza del Campo is undoubtedly the heart and symbol of Siena, it has the characteristic shape of a shell, which is dominated by splendid monuments. Dominating the scene is the Public Palace, a masterpiece of Gothic art, flanked by the magnificent Mangia Tower. Don’t forget that Piazza del Campo is where the Palio takes place, the most important and most talked about event in Siena. Due to the compactness and homogeneity of its urban structure, the historic center of Siena is unique in the world, considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Visiting Siena is impressive, starting with the red of the brick buildings, the towers that rise above the roofs and the tranquility of the city centre.

(Source: Draufsicht – the story from a Drone)

3) What are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy? LUCCA – TUSCANY

Now let’s get to know the city of Lucca, one of the most important art cities. The strong walls that surround the historic core seem to protect and preserve Lucca’s unique artistic gems and mark the boundary between past and future, as well as being the symbol of Lucca. TIPS ON LUCCA?

Its Attractions

The old town, with its straight streets, bear witness to the important Roman colony of the past, where the most striking example is the Amphitheater Square. The well-preserved center of Lucca is characterized by numerous Romanesque and Gothic churches, medieval towers and elegant Renaissance palaces. Remember the Cathedral, which dates back to the 11th century and contains exceptional works of art, including the funeral monument of Ilaria del Carretto. The heart of the city is undoubtedly Piazza San Michele, an ancient Roman forum where the homonymous church in the Romanesque-Gothic style is located. Lucca is not only known for its churches, but also for its beautiful palaces. The most important of these is Palazzo Ducale, the center of power of the former Republic of Lucca. It is also worth visiting the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini, which houses the composer’s beloved objects and the piano on which he composed some of his works. Tour in Pisa and Lucca!

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4) What are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy? PISA – TUSCANY

When visiting Tuscany, another place not to be missed is Pisa, one of the most famous cities in the world. It is crowded, every day, with tourists who cannot return from vacation without visiting the symbol of the city, the famous tower, which has been an inexhaustible source of tourism for decades. TIPS ON PISA?

Its Attractions

The leaning tower, located in the beautiful Piazza del Duomo, is one of the symbols that made Italy famous all over the world. In addition to the famous square, Pisa has an incredible variety in its old center and the beauty of the banks of the Arno River, with historic buildings overlooking the river that runs through the city. Pisa was one of the four maritime republics and lived the period of greatest splendor around the year 1000, when its ships controlled much of the Mediterranean. In these centuries of great wealth and prosperity, the most important monuments and buildings in the city were built.

(Source: Massimo Lanini)

5) What are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy? ANCONA – LE MARCHE

About Le Marche

At this point, we leave Tuscany to visit Le Marche, a particularly beautiful region with its wonderful heterogeneous territory. Marche is a unique region, particularly in terms of nature. The region is home to several national and regional parks and WWF (World Wildlife Fund) oases. Don’t miss Frasassi Caves, a destination for visits from all over Europe and of great speleological interest in the karst phenomenon, which gave rise to beautiful caves, some of which have been inhabited since prehistoric times. TIPS ON LE MARCHE?

About Ancona

Let’s visit Ancona, a fascinating city with an ancient center full of monuments, with an important history. It has an ancient center full of monuments, a long history and countless beach resorts, and is one of the economic centers of the region.

Its Attractions

Among the city’s main monuments is the Cathedral of San Ciriaco, with its white and pink marble facade, which dominates the upper city of Guasco, the site of the city’s acropolis and where some remains are still visible. At lower altitudes, the Vanvitelli coastline opens with Piazza del Plebiscito and its historic buildings, from the government house to Mengoni Palace. The square is also known as Piazza del Papa, and is the heart of old Ancona.

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6) What are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy? PESARO – LE MARCHE

Pesaro and Urbino are definitely worth a visit. Pesaro must be all seen. We cannot miss from the downtown streets, Piazza del Popolo, where the Palazzo Ducale is located, to the Civic Museums, which include the Ceramics Museum and the Art Gallery, with works by Giovanni Bellini, Vitale da Bologna, Guido Reni. Famous for being the birthplace of the famous composer Gioacchino Rossini, in Pesaro you can visit his house-museum. In his honor, the conservatory and the theater were named, where the “Rossini Opera Festival” takes place every year, which attracts opera lovers from all over the world.

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7) What are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy? URBINO – LE MARCHE

Continuing to Urbino, you have to stop at one of the most fascinating places in the region, Avellana Fountain Hermitage. We cannot miss this attraction. WHAT TO VISIT IN ITALY IN 10 DAYS?

Its Attractions

We will visit the Avellana Fountain hermitage, with its romantic-gothic church. Dante also speaks of him in the twenty-first corner of Paradise. Once in Urbino, you find, in front of a great city, its walls built in the 16th century, by Montefeltro. Spectacular is also the Doge’s Palace. With the façade in the form of wings, which open to the city, it is an example of new, more humanist architecture, where there is the predominant geometric rigor of proportion. From the building, you reach the National Gallery of Marche, with works of great value such as two masterpieces by Piero della Francesca: the Flagellation and the Madonna of Senigallia, the Muta, by Raphael, the Blessing Christ, attributed to Bramantino, Last Supper and Resurrection, by Titian, just to name a few. Finally, the Cathedral is worth visiting. Its Renaissance artistic and architectural features are well suited to its medieval past, making the town of Urbino a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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8) What are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy? PERUGIA – UMBRIA

After visiting Marche, we visit another region of central Italy, more precisely, Umbria, land of hills, mountains and valleys, which originates in the heart of the boot and extends into the basin of the Tiber River. The charm of Umbria is born from the fusion of art and nature, peace and serenity inspire its places, where the atmosphere of old times, among the alleys of medieval villages, including palaces, castles and fortresses of charming villages. TIPS ABOUT UMBRIA?

About Perugia

Don’t miss, once you arrive in Umbria, its capital, Perugia. The city is situated on a hill with an ancient center surrounded partly by Etruscan walls and partly by medieval walls. Further inland, however, it is dominated by the Etruscan wall of huge boulders. The old center unfortunately has only a few ruins; the remaining urban center is largely medieval in style. TIPS ON PERUGIA?

Its Attractions

The old center is, in fact, a royal medieval village, one of the most beautiful in Italy. Entering through Porta San Pietro, you can see the Basilica of St Dominic, and right after you reach the Maggiore Fountain, in Piazza IV Novembre, which is the medieval symbol of the city. Born from the need to bring water to the center of Perugia, it is a masterpiece of 13th century sculpture. In the square, there is the Cathedral and Priori Palace, which is one of the most magnificent municipal public buildings, with an imposing fan-shaped staircase. Perugia 2-hour group walking tour in Perugia!

(Source: Expedia.com.au)

9) What are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy? ASSISI – UMBRIA

When you are close to Perugia, you have to stop in Assisi, the medieval city of St Francis. Assisi, with its cultural landscape, has a unique pattern of historical continuity in a city. In particular, the Basilica of St. Francis has a collection of masterpieces of human creative genius and is an excellent example of an architectural ensemble that significantly influenced the development of art and architecture. TIPS ON ASSISI?

Its Attractions

Marking its destiny and place in history was undoubtedly the figure of Saint Francis, the saint who spoke to animals. The Basilica, dedicated to him, is the most important monument in Assisi, where there are masterpieces by famous artists from two hundred centuries ago, such as Cimabue, Giotto, the brothers Lorenzetti and Simone Martini, who painted the walls and ceiling of the Basilica. The place is an obligation for all, believers or not, even today, for the Franciscan message. In addition to being the city of saints, St Francis and St Clare are symbols of its messages of peace. Assisi is very welcoming and hospitable, the best expression of the Italian soul. How about a tour in Assisi and Cascia?

(Source: Andrea Sartoretti)

10) What are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy? ROME – LAZIO

The last region is Lazio, in central Italy; discovering this region is a bit “like flipping through a history book”, on each page there are a series of events that have left their mark on this magnificent territory. TIPS ON LAZIO?

About Rome

This post has as protagonist, especially, Rome, the “Eternal City”, which is the set of traits to be followed to reconstruct the history of our descendants. Rome has always played a key role, both in Italy and in Europe. ‘Caput Mundi’ (capital of the world) in Roman times, and later, seat of the papacy and capital of the Kingdom of Italy.

Its Attractions

Rome has always been a political, world-class cultural and spiritual point of reference. It is one of the cities with the highest concentration of historical heritage, the unique atmosphere of the Eternal City, with its many attractions and its rich historical heritage, attracts thousands of visitors each year. The Roman remains, temples, baroque palaces, the beautiful and picturesque squares and fountains, the many churches and museums are just a sample of what the capital of the world will give you. In this wonderful city, the ancient and the modern, the past and the present, intertwine and walk side by side, creating a unique gem. When you decide to come to Rome, get ready to enter the biggest open-air museum in the world. TIPS ON ROME?

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What are the ten most visited cities in Central Italy? The fascination of Italy is the result of a successful combination of history, culture and gastronomy. Despite the geographical properties and the magnificent nature in the regions that fascinate everyone during their trip to Italy, it will always be the historical and cultural treasures, as well as the culinary art that make this country unique, and that’s what will make you live well in this part of central Italy, with the regions that have all these basics representing the complete ‘Bel Paese’. You will also be enchanted by the beauty of this country and enjoy an unforgettable journey through central Italy.

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