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Discover the Holy Shroud in Turin

One of the most important religious symbols of the Catholic Church is in Turin. Find out here how it can be visited and stay with our tips and information for you to put on your travel itinerary to Italy!

Duomo in Turin

Discover the Holy Shroud in Turin

The Holy Shroud is a religious relic and is very well kept in Turin. Symbol that, for many, proves the existence of Jesus Christ, has always been surrounded by mysteries, legends and beautiful stories. Today we are going to tell you a little about the history of the Holy Shroud giving important tips and information for you to make this visit. Let’s go to our post of the day? Discover the Holy Shroud in Turin. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


The Shroud is a religious attraction for tourists from all over the world, eager to visit this testimony of Christianity. What is the Holy Shroud? It is the relic par excellence, the clear demonstration for the faithful, a mystery printed for centuries in the collective imagination. It represents one of the great enigmas of Christianity, it is a funerary linen sheet in which one can glimpse the image of a man, tortured and crucified.

The features and signs of this figure are compatible with those described in the Passion of Jesus Christ. For this reason, the faithful and even some experts claim that the leaf was used to envelop Jesus in the tomb. This tradition, although it has found numerous discoveries from scientific investigations, cannot yet be considered definitively proven. Find out here what they do in one day in Turin?

1) Discover the Holy Shroud in Turin: LEARN THE HISTORY

The term ‘shroud’ is derived from the Greek and means ‘wide fabric’, sheet. Usually used as a funeral rite in the Middle East, these fabrics can be very valuable, made with linen or Indian fabric. According to history, the Shroud was discovered in 1353 by Sir Geoffrey de Charny. In fact, the linen sheet was found in France and arrived in Turin in 1578, when the city became the capital of the Duchy of Savoia. Find out here where to stay in Turin?

The trajectory of the Holy Shroud

The Shroud was at risk of being lost in a fire, but fortunately it was saved. In the following years the cloth traveled with the Dukes of Savoia to escape the wars, passing for the first time from Turin, then Vercelli, Nice, to return to Chambéry again. In 1578, after the displacement of the capital of Savoy in Turin, the Shroud was also transferred to the capital of Piedmont and is still here. In 1694, then, the cloth is placed in the dedicated chapel, inside the Cathedral of Turin. From here he traveled only twice, first in Genoa, during the siege of Turin in 1706, and then in Montevergine Abbey, in Campania, during World War II. Since 1946, the linen cloth that tells about the Passion of Christ has been preserved in the Cathedral of St John Baptist, in Turin.

2) Discover the Holy Shroud in Turin: IN EXHIBITIONS

The shroud is presented to observers as an ocher yellow, rectangular linen sheet, woven by hand with a herringbone pattern and presenting the damage due to the fires suffered and mended to the burns. Today, the Shroud is kept in a horizontal position and extended in a watertight box, isolated from the air and in the presence of an inert gas. The Shroud CANNOT be seen and is only ‘moved’ during public celebrations, when authorized by the Pope. Pilgrims can reach the chapel and stop in prayer in front of the chapel window, where there are benches and kneelers. To see the Holy Shroud you will have to wait for the new Exhibition, these moments last for several days and it is absolutely advisable to book the visit on the website sindone.it.

How to know when there will be public exposure?

In relation to this matter, it must be said that there is no rule and the decision rests with the Pope, who is the owner of the Shroud and who was bequeathed to the Holy See by Umberto II de Savoia. So, as no one knows when the next exhibition will take place, alternatively, you can visit the Shroud Museum, located in the crypt of the Most Holy Shroud Church. Here is a perfect reproduction of the Holy Shroud and an exhibition path between science and history.

In the museum you can have access to a series of information about the research on the Shroud that was carried out in the years from the 16th century and that still happen today, in fact, they are the result of in-depth studies and meticulous scientific research. The Shroud Museum in Turin is located on Via San Domenico 28, about a ten-minute walk from the Cathedral. The museum hours are as follows: every day, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Other Useful Information

  • Some information is also useful, for example, that the Cathedral is located in the historic center of Turin, very close to Piazza Castello and adjacent to the monumental complex of the Royal Palace. It can be reached by a large number of public transport, while access to private cars is regulated.
  • In addition, the Cathedral of Turin is open every day from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. At the same time, the Shroud volunteers are present; they are tasked with receiving and supervising visitors. During masses and other celebrations, it is not possible to visit the Shroud Chapel.
  • The visit to the Shroud is completely free, but the reservation is mandatory on the website sindone.it.

How to get to Turin?

1) How to get to Turin? BY AIRPLANE

The city is served by an urban airport, Turin International Airport Sandro Pertini (or ‘Torino Caselle’), which is 15 km from the city center and is the main point of arrival for international tourism, especially in winter to access the entrances to the mountain resorts of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta The European cities with direct flights to Turin are: Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Lisbon, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Monaco, Paris, Stuttgart.

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2) How to get to Turin? BY TRAIN

Turin is an important railway junction, the third in Italy and uses a multifaceted railway network, including international, suburban and local lines. The railway stations are different, the main one being the Torino Porta Nuova station, which is the central station, from which trains arrive and depart from and in all directions. It is located in the city center and can be easily reached on foot or by public transport.

Then there is Porta Susa, the traditional sliding station for Milan and, in general, trains to and from the east and to and from the west. It is located in Piazza XVIII Dicembre and allows easy connections with buses and intercity and suburban means. Finally, Torino Lingotto, which is a strategically important station, previously linked only to cargo terminals, now connects Turin to southern Italy. Some intercity trains also stop there. Complete with all services and recently built, it is located in the south of the city close to Moncalieri and the Congress Center

Did you know?

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3) How to get to Turin? BY CAR

Turin can be reached by an extensive road system. There are five highways that converge to Turin: the A4 (Turin – Milan – Brescia – Verona – Venice – Trieste), the A5 (Turin – Ivrea – Aosta), the A6 (Turin – Fossa – Savona), the A21 (Turin – Alessandria – Placencia – Brescia), the A31 (Turin – Susa – Bardonecchia – Tunnel Frejus). In addition to highways, Turin has many secondary roads available.

Traveling by car in Italy

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Discover the Holy Shroud in Turin. Turin has always been a city with a mystical atmosphere that you can breathe at any time, even, or especially, during the moments of the Shroud exhibitions, the sacred linen that wrapped the body of Christ, kept in the Renaissance cathedral of St John. If you happen to be in the elegant city of Turin, an almost mandatory stop to visit is this important symbol of Christianity.

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