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Travel blogs for Italy: Your Travel to Italy is proven to be the best!

Traveling to Italy is the best site among travel blogs for Italy. How do I know this? I'll tell you now!

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Travel blogs for Italy: Your Travel to Italy is proven to be the best!

With almost 150 thousand visits per month on the Viajando Para Itália website, 47 thousand likes on the Facebook page, more than 17 thousand followers on Instagram, 18.000 subscribers on its YouTube channel and our newest media member, Telegram, who is growing every day, Viajando Para Itália, by Ana Patrícia, managed to earn a 5/5 rating on Facebook. Today, we will find out how the website Viajando Para Itália reached impressive numbers, let’s get to know the author a little better and find out how her work reached so many happy and satisfied customers! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


  • This blog (Your Travel to Italy) is the new version of the Blog Viajando para Italia.


If you do a quick Google search, you will find several sites that help Brazilians when organizing a trip to Italy , but not all of them bring together so many subjects, posts, tips and itineraries (we have more than 900 posts about Italy) – that cover the whole of Italy – ready for tourists, in addition to the consultancy service. Brazilians like to travel and Italy is one of the most chosen destinations, so it is essential that all information is detailed, clear and accurate. Ana Patricia, author of the site Viajando Para Itália , Your Travel to Calabria , Viajando para Calabria , Your Travel to Italy and Touristico manages to do this exquisitely!

A little about Ana Patricia

Ana is Brazilian and has lived in Italy, in the Calabria region, for over 17 years. She graduated in Tourism from the University of Calabria and has an MBL in Cultural Tourism from the Fondazione Garrone, in Genoa, with a partnership at the University of Catania, in Sicily. Ana specializes in the creation and development of tourist itineraries, focused on the Brazilian public and, as if that wasn’t enough, she is a tourist guide in the Portuguese and english language in the region of Calabria, promoter of the same region and qualified as a tourist escort in Europe. She is also the founder of the Touristico – Consultoria Itália Brasil website and is directly responsible for the management and communication with Brazilian, Portuguese and Italian tour operators.

Her Blogs

Ana also founded Viajando Para Itália and Viajando Para Calabria , and has become a reference for Brazilians who intend to visit the country in the shape of a boot. Ana is also married and has two daughters! Tireless, Ana dedicates herself body and soul to the ‘puppies’ of Viajando Para Itália. On her Facebook, there is information, links, photos and more; on her Instagram, otherwise, Ana focuses on showing visitors the Italian beauties that impress even the most demanding look. On her YouTube channel, Ana offers us a range of quick and explanatory videos, where she talks about a little of everything and teaches from how to buy train tickets to how to choose the ideal restaurant.

Her Consulting

With her impeccable consultancy, Ana won over her clients for her efficiency, agility and friendliness. On Facebook, she reached the incredible 5-star mark for her services and it is not difficult to find someone to indicate her work. With successful partnerships, Ana’s great differential is the gift of ‘reading’ the client! She is able to understand the wills, desires and fears of those who seek her, and is able to idealize a flawless itinerary. No wonder Ana uses the hashtags ‘your dream becomes an itinerary’, because that’s what she offers us: a dream in the form of a itinerary! Read also Is it worth it to hire a specialized consultancy in travel to Italy?

Of course, we couldn’t fail to hear, from Ana herself, some words. The questions were submitted by customers and below you can read the complete answers.

SPECIAL Thanks to all customers who sent their questions to Ana Patricia.

1) What was the strangest request you received to include in your consultation?

AP: A couple asked me to include in the itinerary one night in some haunted city in southern Italy; customers slept in the only hotel in one of Italy’s ghost towns: Pentedattilo, Calabria ! But they loved the experience and everything went well!

2) What is the most common request you receive?

AP: How to participate in the papal audience! It is what they ask for most: how to see the Pope?

3) What is your biggest difficulty when it comes to develop an itinerary?

A.P.: To unite the traditional, the classic itinerary of the cities with the personal taste of each client! It’s very difficult to “read” what people want, what they expect from a trip to Italy, how they imagined making this dream come true, but to this day, thank God, I’ve always managed to deliver all the itineraries just the way it’s requested!

4) What is the question that you hear the most from people in relation to Italy?

A.P.: About the weather! “Is it cold? Is it hot? Will it rain? Will it snow?” hahaha… These are the most common questions I hear all the time!

5) What is the city that you would include in all itineraries?

A.P.: Certainly, Rome! Without even thinking! Rome is the city that best represents Italy, the city that best shows what it means to be Italian to tourists, and in general terms: gastronomy, monuments, history. Rome is a complete city, it is essential!

6) If you didn’t live in Calabria, which Italian region would you like to live in?

A.P.: In Sicily or Campania! I wouldn’t change southern Italy for anything in this world! Not even to live in the capital, which I love so much (I lived two and a half years in Rome)! The South is very welcoming, the people of the South are more willing to help, give information and welcome you, so I love the South… it reminds me our people…

7) How is your professional routine?

A.P.: I don’t have a fixed working time, especially if there is an emergency, a client with problems … As my office is at home, I start very early, and among itineraries, posts and meetings, I take care my daughters, my husband, my home and then I come back to work full force! I just stop to sleep! Hahaha…

8) How many customers have you served?

A.P.: Over 500 consultants alone, to be sure, but before being a consultant, I was commercially responsible for a travel operator for years, and served thousands of clients, mainly Brazilians.

9) How do you deal with the competition?

A.P.: Consulting is a work of great constancy; it does not stop! There are people traveling to Italy all year round; each consultant works in a different way, but always fulfilling customer requests. A job does not stop! From Monday to Monday, there is no day off! I always have to study, get informed, improve myself, and make on-site visits. I do not see other consultants as “competition”; I see them as professional colleagues, not least because many of them make routes to specific cities or regions. I, for making itineraries throughout Italy, always need to be very attentive to the news, to update myself, read a lot about all subjects. It is tiring, of course, but I love what I do so much, I do it with such pleasure that I deal with the “competition” in the best possible way. If, by chance, any of the “competitors” ask for my help, I would not hesitate to help. There is room for everyone and, somehow, one motivates the other to improve. It is a relationship of great respect, thanks to God!

10) What is your advice for those who want to go to Italy for the first time?

A.P.: The secret of a successful trip is planning! It is studying the place, the gastronomy, the culture. It is organizing in advance, thinking that, yes, something unexpected may happen and being ready to deal with it in the best possible way. I think research is everything! You have to research prices, places, cuisine, culture… If you plan well, organize everything accurately and know the place before getting there, these are very important points for those who want to go to Italy for the first time. That is why I make a point of talking about various subjects on the blog, even those that seem more “banal”; it is not because I know how to do it that the other will know too, so I make it a point to share all my knowledge with people, to really help them.

11) What is your favorite city in Italy?

A.P.: Rome! As I said earlier, I lived for two and a half years in the eternal city, I know it very well and, whenever I can, I go to Rome. It is a beautiful, delicious city; the monuments are incredible. The city that, for me, best represents Italy, without a doubt! However, I don’t trade my Calabria for anything! Hahahaha.

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Travel blogs for Italy: Your Travel to Italy is proven to be the best! Ana Patricia’s name has already become a reference and, with every passing day, she establishes herself as one of the best travel consultants to Italy available on the web. Ana Patricia is dedicated, competent and her professionalism, combined with a unique friendliness, impresses. Do you want to go to Italy? Do you need advice? Talk to Ana Patrícia.

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