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The best Coffee Shops in Naples!

Today I will take you to discover the best coffee shops in the capital of the Campania region, Naples. Let's discover stories, flavors and aromas in one of the most beautiful cities in southern Italy.

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The best Coffee Shops in Naples!

Italy and coffee have a true love story, everyone knows that, but Naples, capital of the Campania region, has a special place in this story! Neapolitan coffee is one of the most traditional, known and appreciated in Italy and, today, I will show the best coffee shops in Naples for you to taste what will probably be one of the best coffees of your life! Shall we go to Naples? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our introduction

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and, I’m pretty sure, Italians contribute immensely to this fact! Italy’s relationship with coffee is very old, and any Italian worth his or her salt does not forgo a espresso. When we talk about coffee, it’s impossible not to think about Italy. The country is one of the biggest coffee lovers and they know better than anyone how to serve coffee. Also read: 

Now, let’s get to know the best coffee shops in Naples.

1) The best Coffee Shops in Naples: Café do Brasil

:: Café do Brasil – Yeah! One of the best coffee shops in Naples is Café do Brasil! Called ‘the coffee lord’, this is one of the oldest coffee shops in town and it’s impeccable! In addition to the fantastic coffee, the place also offers delicious candies, pies and delicacies that match perfectly with the coffee served there. It’s impossible to go to Naples and not stop there to enjoy a coffee while watching the city go by. The prices? Excellent!

Where? Via Luca Giordano, 31.

2) The best Coffee Shops in Naples: Bar Mexico

:: Bar Mexico Another historic coffee shop in Naples is the incredible Bar Mexico. Very well located, close to Piazza Dante station, the place serves a historic, delicious and very famous coffee. Bar Mexico is also famous for being the first bar in town to serve pineapple juice! I know it’s not a big deal today, but decades ago – when pineapple was rare in Italy – the bar became famous for serving the ‘exotic’ drink in midsummer and, moreover, cold. It brings us to another curiosity: this was the first bar in Naples that imported coolers to serve cold drinks to customers! Interesting, to say the least, isn’t it?

Where? Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 72.

3) The best Coffee Shops in Naples: Gran Caffè Gambrinus

:: Gran Caffè GambrinusMajestic! That’s how we can define this splendid place in Naples. Caffè Gambrinus, in addition to being one of the most important coffee shops in the city, is a real museum! The place was founded in 1860 and, until today, it maintains its elegant decoration. In addition to the famous espresso, the sfogliatella served there is also popular and delicious! Don’t forget to try it!

Where? Via Chiaia n. 1 | Piazza Trieste and Trento, 42.


4) The best Coffee Shops in Naples: Bar Augustus

:: Bar Augustus – The place was inaugurated in 1927 and, together with its famous coffee, has as its flagship its magnificent homemade candies. It is very well located and the coffee served here is of excellent quality. The bar seems to transport us back in time and invites us to surrender to the flavors and aromas that will inebriate our senses as soon as we step there!

Where? Via Toledo, 47.


5) The best Coffee Shops in Naples: Ceraldi Caffè

:: Ceraldi Caffè – in operation since 1973, it’s fantastic! It offers a multitude of amazing coffees, sweet and savory and the service is impeccable! It’s family management and it’s exquisite, as we feel the affection in every detail. They have a ‘never turn your back on the customer’ policy, that is: coffee is made in front of you, if you like, and the barista is always in eye contact with you. It’s a very special experience!

Where? Piazza Carita, 14.

Italy and coffe: an old story

The history of coffee in the Boot country began centuries ago, and all because of its excellent geographic position – which greatly facilitated its trade relations with the Arabs, who spread the coffee tradition throughout our Italy. It is worth remembering that one of the most important centers of coffee propagation in the 16th century was Cairo, Egypt, from where traders and pilgrims exported coffee to almost all parts of the world.

The expansion

The real expansion of coffee took place through the Ottoman Empire, which supplied countries with immense quantities of the bean and, of course, this included Italy. Skip to the seventeenth century, where called “Arab wine” finally made its debut in Europe. And it was for good! There is a story, which has never been confirmed – but also never contradicted – that a century before coffee became a “favorite” in Italy, it was already possible to find Coffea arabica seeds in Venice. The beans were sold in various apothecaries, cost a small fortune and were used as a remedy for various problems. The fact is that, at the end of the 17th century, coffee shops emerged in full force throughout Europe and are here to stay!

Why was coffee “the wine of Arabia”?

Because it was the only drink, apart from tea, that Arabs could consume during religious fasting. Coffee was also known as ‘devil’s drink’! This is because people did not understand how a dark and bitter drink had the ability to give energy and revitalize energy – evidently, at that time, there were no studies that exist today on the benefits (and harms!) of coffee, so there was so much doubt around the drink.

The first Italian coffee shop

The first Italian coffee shop dawned in Venice and was named ‘a bottega do caffè’; the place was very well located (in Piazza San Marco) and opened at the end of the 17th century.

Italy is constantly on the list of countries that consume the most coffee in the world and is very famous for its tasty and imposing coffees; no wonder Italian coffees hold several awards around the world!

There are currently coffees for all tastes and this is reflected in the various roasts, ways of cultivation, preparation, etc.

  • The first ‘official’ coffee shop in Italy was opened in Venice in 1615 and, a century later, in 1720, the famous Caffè Florian was inaugurated in Venice, in St Mark Square, which is still a reference in the world today. And this is the oldest coffee shop in the world!

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The best Coffee Shops in Naples! People, of course, Naples offers numerous coffee shops throughout the city and, for the most part, they are all fantastic! As much as I wanted to list them all here would be impossible and we would have a giant post so, so I’ll give you a suggestion: if you find a cool place and like it, tell us! Naples is a city full of life, special and offers an incredible coffee, so be sure to take a strategic break to enjoy one of the most popular drinks in the world while watching the city life!

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