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How to visit Mount Etna?

Italy's largest active volcano is beautiful and can be visited. Have you ever thought about visiting an active volcano? If you are in Italy and are curious to take this unique tour, know that it is possible, safe and exciting. Find out how to visit here in this Post!

Etna Mount (Source Pixabay)

How to visit Mount Etna?

Etna, Sicily, is the largest volcano in Italy and is still active. With its imposing 3,350 meters high, it has an extension of 1190 km² and is the highest in Europe. Although it is still active, its eruptions are small and do not cause major damage. The origin of its name is Greek and means ‘he who burns violently’. Let’s go to our post of the day?  How to visit Mount Etna? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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1) How to visit Mount Etna?  LEARN DETAILS ABOUT THE VOLCANO

The volcano, within its main cone, has over 700 secondary cones inside it. The ashes expelled by the volcano have even been found in Rome, which is 800 km north of Etna. Its last eruption was recorded in February 2017 and, as a result, 10 people were slightly injured (with cuts and some burns) because of the ‘rain’ from hot stones and steam jets. The explosion took everyone by surprise, as their activity is not considered dangerous. In spite of everything, air traffic did not need to be interrupted and no evacuation alerts were issued. Its most violent eruption was in 1600, when its lava reached Catania and the longest was in 1614, when its eruption lasted about 10 years! Find out here where to ski on Etna!

Watch this video and see the volcano erupting!

(Source Vegas Vídeo)

2) How to visit Mount Etna? LEARN HOW TO VISIT IT!

How to visit Etna? Etna today is a park and it is possible to visit the place without specialized monitoring to a certain extent, then only with specialized guides. Scattered throughout the park there are several monitoring areas, so there is unlikely to be a ‘surprise explosion’; in case of suspicion, the park is closed and access is restricted, so you can take the tour without any major concerns.

3) How to visit Mount Etna? GET TO KNOW THE PARK ACCESS!

The access to the park to be able to climb the volcano is done by two places:

  • on the north side it passes through the city of Linguaglossa and Piano Provenzana (meeting point for excursions).
  • From the south side access is by Nicolosi and Refugio Sapienza and, in the latter, is where the cable car is located.

To climb to the volcano you have two options

Walking or cable car together with the 4 × 4 bus.

  • If you want to go on foot, get ready for a very complicated hike: the terrain is rugged, steep and tiring, and you can reach a maximum of 1,190 meters in altitude!
  • The same distance of the cable car, but if you choose the cable car, there will be a bus waiting for you and from there you will continue your journey.
  • It costs 72 Euros per person and includes the cable car and the bus.
  • Once the bus reaches 2,500 meters in height you will be closer to the main crater. From there: it is only possible (and allowed!) to reach the top by bus.

The Craters

  • The craters are divided into two: Silvestri craters (without volcanic activity) and Sommitali craters (active).

Useful information

  • Make the visit with specialized guides! They explain EVERYTHING to you and take you to really safe places. Also consider that, at a certain point, it is no longer possible to pass alone, only with authorized personnel as we said earlier.
  • Even in summer, due to its altitude, the volcano has a colder air, so take a coat to protect yourself. Forget sneakers: the volcano’s terrain is terribly rugged and the ideal is to wear boots suitable for trekking.
  • For more information about the park, visit the official website.
  • How about an Excursion through Etna in a 4 × 4 (Half Day)? Click here to learn more!

4) How to visit Mount Etna? GET TO KNOW ITS LEGENDS

The volcano is full of legends: one says that Aeolus, the god of the winds, would have trapped the winds in caves under Etna; another says that giant Typhon was trapped under the volcano and that his escape attempts cause the volcano to erupt; another famous legend says that another giant, Enceladus, revolted against the gods, was killed and buried under Etna. Without accepting the situation, the volcano erupts with its revolt.

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There are also those who say that Vulcan, the god of fire, had his workshop under the volcano, and that it was also there where Zeus’ lightning bolts were made so that they could be used as weapons. In Catholic culture, it is said that the volcano erupted because of the martyrdom of Saint Agatha in 251, causing Muslims to get angry and invoke the powers of fire and lightning. Geologically, Etna’s activity began almost five hundred thousand years ago, with seismic activities at sea.

Watch this video and discover the Etna Volcano!

(Source: Phaton 4 Professional)

How to get to Etna?

How to get to Etna? The best way is to leave Catania.

1) How to get to Etna? BY BUS

  • Take the bus to Etna at Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII, in front of Catania Central Train Station.
  • Pay attention to the timetable: the bus leaves at 8:15 am and returns at 4:30 pm.
  • There is only one bus that goes there and it only leaves once a day!
  • The round-trip ticket costs 12 Euros.
  • Travel time to Etna is about 2 hours on the way out and 2 hours on the way back.
  • The responsible company is AST and, for more information, access this website!
  • A good option is to buy the ticket a day or two beforehand, because, especially in the months of the season, it is difficult to find tickets for the day itself. In Etna, the bus arrives and leaves Rifugio Sapienza.

2) How to get to Etna? BY CAR

If you have the car just go to Nicolosi. Arriving in Nicolosi you must go to Nicolosi Nord Etna Sud), in 20 minutes you get there. Follow Via Etnea (9th main street of the city) and proceed to Strada Provinciale 92 until you reach Piazzale Cantoniera, which is at 1900 meters.

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