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Live a unique experience: a hot air balloon tour in Tuscany!

Today I bring you a very different tour in Tuscany: a hot air balloon tour! And don't worry: Upballooning thinks about EVERYTHING for you! Let’s learn more about it!


Live a unique experience: a hot air balloon tour in Tuscany!

When we talk about Tuscany, there are many fantastic images that come to our mind: the Chianti hills; the splendid capital of the region, Florence; Siena and its unique beauties. Can you imagine seeing all these dream scenarios from above? How about from a hot air balloon tour in Tuscany? So: come with me and Upballooning because today our post is very special! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

Oh Tuscany! It’s impossible to talk about Italy and not mention the splendid region that houses magnificent cities, full of culture, history and fascinating beauty: we sigh without even realizing it.

Today we’re going to Tuscany, but to a different Tuscany from that one you’re imagining: today we’re going to Tuscany to fly in a hot air balloon with Upballooning! I’ll explain everything to you right now!

First of all: do you know who invented the balloon?

Well, some say that the creators of the balloon concept were the Chinese, but, officially, the balloon was created by a Brazilian, who was even known as the first Brazilian scientist; His name? Father Bartolomeu de Gusmão, also called the “flying priest”. Bartolomeu began a series of studies on airships, which are objects that fly because they are lighter than air, and thus he brought up the idea of ​​the balloon presenting his ‘flying machine’ before the Portuguese court. His first two attempts to make a demonstration were unsuccessful, but the third time his balloon managed to fly for more than a kilometer, departing from Castelo de São Jorge and arriving at Terreiro do Paço, in Lisbon. Of course, this left everyone very impressed and led King João V to offer support to the excellent inventor; the king even forbade it – under sentence of death! – anyone interfering in Bartolomeu’s work and copying his idea! This all took place in 1709, and the balloons were still unmanned; In 1783, the French brothers Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier presented, in France, to King Louis XVI, a balloon with two crew members that was able to fly impressive 9 kilometers! All of this contributed to important studies that later led to the creation of other aircraft.

But why should I take a hot air balloon tour, Ana Patricia?

I know it would be very easy to say that the view from above is “beautiful and unparalleled” – and it is indeed! But the experience of making a balloon flight and being able to have a completely different view than what we have ‘from the ground’, is something, in fact, UNIQUE!

I know you must have a lot of questions about the idea, don’t you? After all, it’s not something we see every day, and so, thinking of you who are reading this post now, we invite Danielle Leite, who is one of the people responsible for the Tuscan Upballooning company, to clarify some doubts about hot air balloon rides available by Upballooning. Below, the complete interview for you:

How this experience works?

:: Ana Patrícia from Your Travel To Italy: Dani, tell us how this experience works, what is included in the tour, and how long the tour lasts, please.

:: Daniele Leite from Upballooning: Well, we ask the passenger to arrive at the takeoff field some time before the flight, as a hot air balloon must take off on time for safety reasons. Once there, and with the hot air balloon inflated, the passengers are accommodated in the basket and then the pilot explains the entire takeoff and landing procedure, also providing guidance on how to behave inside the basket and what to do in case of emergency. From there, the balloon takes off, always in a very smooth way and, once at the top, the show begins, which lasts approximately one hour – however, the entire experience, including the breakfast offered after the tour, lasts about three hours.

Daniele Leite and Frederico, owners of the balloons.
Daniele Leite and Frederico, owners of the balloons.

Before landing, the pilot informs passengers of all the procedures and explains whether the landing will be smooth or not, as it depends a lot on external factors such as wind, terrain, among others; you don’t need to be nervous or afraid, as the pilot is experienced and will show you which position you should assume so that the impact is felt as lightly as possible. As soon as you disembark, the pilot and his team prepare you a champagne breakfast, which is based on excellent quality local products and, thus, we close your experience! When you’ve finished your breakfast, we’ll take you back to the takeoff field where we left earlier.

The route of the tour

:: AP-VPI: What’s the route for the tour, Dani?

:: DL-UB: Ana, it is not possible to plan a precise route, as we fly with the wind and the wind changes almost constantly, but all the hot air balloons that take off are accompanied by land by our support car that follows the balloon throughout the entire way.

Adverse Weather Conditions

:: AP-VPI: Talking about wind: what happens in case of adverse weather conditions such as rain, how do you proceed?

:: DL-UB: We postpone the flight if it’s possible for the passenger! Safety first, always! If it is not possible to postpone, we will refund the customer. We don’t fly when it’s raining because it’s not safe.

The pilot

Frederico, owner and pilot

:: AP-VPI: Tell us a little about the balloon pilot, please.

:: DL-UB: We only work with pilots who have a commercial license to operate hot air balloons; our pilot is even the owner of the

company. He has extensive experience in hot air balloon piloting, as we value the quality of our services, but, above all, the safety of everyone involved and, therefore, we chose to work with the best professionals in the sector.

People can be in the same basket

:: AP-VPI: How many people can be in the same basket during the tour?

:: DL-UB: It depends on the size of the balloon, Ana! We have balloons with different capacities: we have balloons with capacity for 5 passengers plus the pilot; for 6 passengers plus pilot and up to 9 passengers plus the pilot! You can take the whole family, but we also have special tours for couples! A proposal in a balloon is beautiful. We’ve also received newlywed couples, who chose to take the photos in the balloon and the photos are amazing!

Firsthand News about the hot air balloon tour in Tuscany!

For 2022, we have some news coming and I will tell you firsthand: we will have balloons with a transparent floor and, probably, night flights, which will make the experience even more special!

The best period to the flight

:: AP-VPI: What is the best time to take the tour, and what is the best day?

:: DL-UB: The balloon can only depart in the morning, between six and eight o’clock, due to the air temperature. To take the tour there is no ideal day: we operate in the period between April and October – every day of the week; it is also possible to make the flight outside this period; to book the tour, you can contact us and check availability, it will be a pleasure to assist you!

Minimum age

:: AP-VPI: is there a minimum age to take the tour, any special recommendations?

:: DL-UB: There is no minimum age, but there is a minimum height: the person must be at least one meter tall. We also recommend that only people who are in good health take the tour, that is, people who can get in and out of the basket without any help and who, of course, are not afraid of heights. People who use wheelchairs, unfortunately, cannot take the flight, and we also do not recommend the tour for people with heart problems, people who suffer from vertigo, panic attacks or for pregnant women. Another important recommendation: wear comfortable clothes and shoes, preferably waterproof. The temperature at the top is not very different from what we have on land, but if you are chilly, I suggest you bring a light jacket; and avoid carrying large volumes like you, such as backpacks, for example.

Schedule in advance

:: AP-VPI: How much time in advance should I book the tour, Dani?

:: DL-UB: It depends! Of course, the sooner the better, but we know that this is not always possible, so we recommend booking at least 2 or 3 weeks in advance. But if you decide to take the tour at the last minute, talk to us and we will try, as much as possible, to make the tour with you!


:: AP-VPI: Do you have photographers to record the moment?

:: DL-UB: Yes we do, Ana! This service is not included in the package, but it can be hired separately, as well as drone footage. It’s a beautiful souvenir!

About the company especialized in hot air balloon tour in Tuscany

:: AP-VPI: Dani, tell us a little bit more about the company responsible for this tour.

:: DL-UB: Sure! The Balloon Team Italia group has been operating in Tuscany for over 20 years! Upballooning is the newest member of the group and has gained more and more customers very easily, as it is really a unique tour of its kind and makes any trip something extraordinary; when we admire the photos taken by drones, or on board helicopters, it’s impossible not to drool, so imagine seeing all that beauty from above with your own eyes?! It’s indescribable!

Useful information about the hot air balloon tour in Tuscany

:: AP-VPI: In case of doubt, to book the tour, find out about prices, hire services, find out more about the tour, how can we find you?

:: DL-UB: You can visit our website www.upballooning.com – you can also find us on Instagram, we are @upballooning ; if you prefer, you can send us an email at [email protected] ; or contact me at +39 329 6655799. It will be a pleasure to talk to you!


:: AP-VPI: Dani, thank you very much for your kindness, availability and precision in all your information! Lots of success for you!

:: DL-UB: You’re welcome! The pleasure was mine! Thanks for the space!

So… did you like it? I already want to go to a balloon tour in Tuscany, my God! It must be amazing! If there are any other doubts, if you want quotes, or ask other questions, you can get in touch with Dani, through the contact info she provided us above, or talk to me and I’ll put you in touch with her, ok? 

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Live a unique experience: a hot air balloon tour in Tuscany! hope you enjoyed this tip and I hope you understand that when we bring you a different service like this hot air balloon tour, our goal is only to add more tour options for your trip to be truly unique! More than a trip, a lifetime experience! Of course there are those who prefer the ‘classic’, but if you want something different, new, unusual, and that you’ve never done before: here’s your chance! Fly a hot air balloon through Tuscany with Upballoning, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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