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Winery in Pompeii: Bosco de’ Medici

I went to visit a magnificent winery in southern Italy during a trip to Naples, and today I share with you my incredible experience at the foot of Vesuvius in a magical place in Pompeii, Campania.


Winery in Pompeii: Bosco de’Medici

When we talk about Pompeii and its surroundings, many visualize, only and only, the famous (and very interesting) archaeological site located in that locality, but what few know is that in that area is one of the most incredible wineries in all of Italy: Bosco de’ Medici, and that’s where I’m taking you today! Let’s go to our post of the day: Winery in Pompeii: Bosco de’Medici. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our introduction

Talk about Italian wines is talk about flavors, colors and aromas. Although all Italian regions produce wines – and all of them are of excellent quality, the region of Tuscany stands out for its internationally renowned labels and well-known awards; however, the regions of southern Italy are also home to incredible wineries that deserve to be known, such as the fantastic Bosco de’ Medici and that’s where I’m taking you now! Also read: How To Bring Wines From Italy In Your Luggage?

My experience at the Bosco de’ Medici winery

I found this winery by chance: I booked my trip to Naples and wanted to visit a winery in the area; behold, between research and indications, Bosco de’ Medici appears to me. Unpretentious, I scheduled the visit, as I have already visited some incredible wineries and, therefore, it is increasingly difficult to be surprised, I will not lie. But behold, the day of the visit arrived, and the surprise came! What a perfect place!

I chose it mainly because of its excellent location. The winery is very close to both Naples and Pompeii, and it is very easy to get to and from there. Also read: Wine Routes in Tuscany.

I confess that the place surprised me in every way! In addition to being beautiful, it offers a magnificent structure, the hospitality is delicious, and the tasting is a dream! The guides and sommelier explain all the details of wine production, and tell us the history of the region and the winery.

The wines produced there are:

Ruber, which is a red wine with an intense and striking flavor; Albus, which is a white wine and which, although it has a delicate flavor, is perfect in every aspect; Amor Iovis, another very tasty white wine; Cor Semelae, which presents itself discreetly, but is an impeccable red wine; and Nectar Rosae, a rose wine that I already include in the list of one of the best I’ve ever tasted! Its flavor is fresh, and its color is beautiful!

In addition to the classics, the house also produces sparkling wine: Vesevius Charmat (Brut), Vesevius Rosè Charmat (Rose Brut), and Vesevius Metodo Classico (which is also Brut).

If you ask me to choose just one, I confess that I would suffer, because they are all fantastic! In addition to all the wines mentioned, there are special selections named after places close to the winery: the Vesuvio line and the Pompéia line, with very special labels.

What does the location offer?

The place offers several types of tastings, some include lunches, others tours of Pompeii, but all of them are guided by a tour guide and sommelier. Prices start from 45 euros per person, and it’s SO worth it! Also read: When Is The Best Time To Visit Italian Wineries?

A little bit of the history of the Bosdo de’ Medici winery

The history of this fantastic place begins in the early 1900s, when Raffaele discovered his passion for viticulture, and, walking through his property, in the vineyards of Vesúvio, he began to experiment with the grapes present there. Also read: What are the types of Italian wines?

The flavors began to emerge in the cellar of an 18th century farmhouse, and there, just a few steps away from the ancient archaeological ruins of Pompeii, Raffaele and his lifelong companion, Emiddia, discovered the complex processes that lead to the birth of a excellent wine.

Although there was already production of splendid wines in that area, the winery was officially founded in 2014 by Raffaele’s grandchildren: Emiddia, Sonia, Lella and Giuseppe, with the aim of honoring their grandfather’s story: “The sky, the earth, a vineyard and bare hands to work with. Our family wine is in this magical meeting.”

The structure of the place

The winery is well organized, with an impressive beauty, and combines elegance, tradition, and simplicity in a perfect way! The site is divided as follows:

The winery

The place where local wines come to life; this is where the magic happens and the wines are stored in temperature-controlled steel silos and winemaking machines.

The amphora (another part of the cellar):

It is the area where, among terracotta amphorae and oak barrels of different sizes, wines evolve so that they can reach their best shape.

The tasting room and the vineyard

This is a very special space, as this is where visitors are welcomed and wines produced by the house are tasted. Between wines, hospitality, and local products, the tasting becomes a kind of ritual, which delights even the most demanding visitors. Among the most popular tour we find the “Pompeii Tasting Tour”, carried out with a guide and sommelier who reveal some secrets to us, and a lot of history!

Event room and bistro

Located on the first floor of the building, it offers interested visitors a beautiful space for events, in addition to a charming bistro. Is enchanting!

Golden tip
It is possible to stay at the Bosco de’ Medici winery, and spend incredible days at the Bosco de’ Medici Resort. With a complete and well-structured hotel structure, the place offers guests true experiences. When making the reservation, remember to make sure that the tastings are included in the package, or if you have to make separate reservations.

For more information click here!

Is it necessary to make a reservation?

Advisable, especially during high season. The opening hours of the winery are from Monday to Sunday, from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm, and from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. To learn more, visit the Official Winery Website here!

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Winery in Pompeii: Bosco de’ Medici. A winery dream in Pompeii, Campania – if you are looking for a winery in the heart of southern Italy, I have great news: you just found it!

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