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Why visit the Abruzzo region in Italy

Exuberant nature and breathtaking landscapes, charming villages full of history and culture, traditions that keep their charm intact, and great local cuisine to whet your palate.


Why visit the Abruzzo region in Italy?

Abruzzo is a land to be explored, its strong point is the variety of landscapes. It is not by chance that the coat of arms of the region is an italic shield subdivided into three transverse bands: the white represents the snow-covered mountain tops, the green symbolizes the hills and the blue, the sea. Abruzzo is a region of central Italy, its capital is Aquila. It is a mainly mountainous region, formed by several hills, and what is not lacking is coast – there are kilometers of beautiful beaches. But why visit the Abruzzo region in Italy? Because I will give you several reasons to know this beautiful region! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

For nature lovers, Abruzzo is one of the most fascinating regions in Italy, you have to know. Deciding what to see in Abruzzo during a trip is not easy: the variety of landscapes, nature reserves, underrated towns, smaller streets and fabulous rocks make this Italian region a simply sensational destination. Abruzzo is a region that has a lot to offer tourists, with its clean sea, virgin mountains, a history rich in art and, of course, its wonderful cuisine.

1) Why visit the Abruzzo region in Italy? KNOW YOUR PROVINCES

There are four provinces in Abruzzo: Teramo, Pescara, Chieti and Aquila, each with its characteristic territory, its story to tell and dozens of places to visit. Its entire extension is a virgin area, which deserves to be explored valley by valley. Abruzzo is a mountainous region that has kept its fauna and first-class natural heritage intact. For nature lovers, this region is certainly ideal. Among the mountains we can see the Gran Sasso, which is one of the most famous mountains in Italy. The place best known for its mountains is Roccaraso, which has the most equipped ski facilities in Central Italy. Know here Where to ski in Italy?

2) Why visit the Abruzzo region in Italy? KNOW YOUR BEACHES AND MOUNTAINS

It is a mainly mountainous region, formed by several hills, and what is not lacking is coast – there are kilometers of beautiful beaches. The climate is different in each area: it is colder in the inner part of the mountains, while on the beaches the temperature is more Mediterranean. For nature lovers, Abruzzo is one of the most enchanting regions in Italy, you have to know. The mountains, which in winter are usually covered with snow, are well equipped for skiers and snowboarders. There are also woods and natural parks, which offer flora and fauna that are difficult to find elsewhere.

How to get to Abruzzo?

Getting to Abruzzo from much of Italy is simple. For a long time, the region was in the background, isolated, but finally began to be valued. Are you going to stay in Italy? So be sure and read our section on Accommodations!

1) How to get to Abruzzo? BY AIRPLANE

In Abruzzo, there are two airports for civil use: Pescara and Aquila (Preturo).

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2) How to get to Abruzzo? BY TRAIN

The infrastructure of the railways in Abruzzo extends over about 500 km of lines, with eighty-five stations. The main network in the region consists of the Adriatic Zone (Bologna-Ancona direction) and Porto d’Ascoli-Pescara-Vasto San Salvo line (Bari-Lecce direction), which crosses the entire coast of the region.

Complementary networks are:

The Roma Oricola Sulmona-Pescara line (an important link between the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic via the Central Apennine), the Avezzano-Balsorano line (Roccasecca), the Terni Sella di Corno L’Aquila-Castel di Sangro line (Isernia) and the Giulianova-Teramo line.

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Why visit the Abruzzo region in Italy? Abruzzo is a region that will surprise you in a positive way, it has unmissable places with nature, history, culture and gastronomy. Whichever you choose from among these beautiful destinations, the trip will be worth it. If you’re not in a hurry, consider staying in Abruzzo for at least a week – it takes time to get to know all the different landscapes. You will not regret it.

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