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When is the best time to travel to southern Italy?

For those who want paradisiacal beaches, nature in its purest state and almost untouched lands, southern Italy is the ideal destination. We have a breathtaking itinerary, stay tuned in our post and get to know the best of southern Italy!

Tropea - Southern Italy

When is the best time to travel to southern Italy?

Southern Italy is the region that most represents Europe’s Mediterranean climate: winter with rain and low temperatures and hot, dry summers. In the Apennines region, summer tends to be more ‘fresh’, because with the continental climate the snow on the mountain peak is visible even in the early summer and the heat is not exaggerated. In any case, southern Italy is worth a visit! Of course, if we were to talk about ALL the incredible cities in southern Italy, this post would be huge, even if we only talked about the main cities, because one city is more beautiful than the other. But after all, when is the best time to travel to southern Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


The wonderful South of Italy: when, how and where to go! To get started, and without further ado, let’s see when, how and where to go to Southern Italy? Let’s talk a little about some of the most visited regions and cities, their highlights, when to go and how to get there! Ready to start the ‘journey’? So come on! I also advise you to read our special posts that will be available below:

When is the best time to travel to southern Italy? IN THE SUMMER

When to go to Southern Italy? In summer, of course! Southern Italy is home to the most beautiful and paradisiacal Italian beaches. If you want to make the most of this region and enjoy everything it has to offer, I suggest you go in the summer. Cities are full of life, the sun gives a golden touch to the blue waters of the southern seas and mesmerizes us!

The south of this country full of charms is ideal for those who want to have contact with nature, take refreshing dives and forget about the big urban centers full of ash! Of course it is worth remembering that, like everything in life, it is not always a bed of roses: cities are CROWDED, but VERY lively and full of fun: there are performances on the streets, shops are open until later, cities make special programs, in short, summer in southern Italy is a delight!


How to get to southern Italy?

There are numerous options for reaching southern Italy:

  • Airplane, as there are airports in all major cities – Read our section Airports in Italy;
  • Train, thanks to the fantastic rail network that Italy offers from north to south – Read our section on Transport in Italy;
  •  Rental car, which is an excellent option if you are traveling with more than three people – pay A LOT of attention on the road, as some sections have narrow and winding roads – if you are alone or with someone else, it is more comfortable, economical and easy to choose another mode of transport – Read our Driving in Italy section;
  •  Private driver, which is great for anyone who wants to have an aperitif or enjoy a beautiful glass of wine and will not be able to drive after that (safety first, always!) – Click here and ask for a free budgeting;
  • Bus, which is one of the most affordable options! Not to mention the spectacular view that bus travel offers tourists – Read our section on Transport in Italy;
  • Taxi, which, although the most expensive option, can be useful to get between one city and another, as long as they are close, otherwise it ends up not being worth it due to the value of the trip.

The Attractions of southern Italy

It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to choose only one place  to visit! Naples, Calabria, Sardinia, Sicily and so many other places are impressive and choosing ONE place to visit is almost a martyrdom! We will mention some unmissable places to visit in southern Italy, but we are not responsible for your doubts in choosing which one to visit, O.K.?!


  • Whenever you can, visit the smaller cities, even if they are not known! Many of them are not mentioned in tour guides and hide real treasures! Use the regional bus (or train, where available!) And take an uncompromised stroll, it’s worth it!

1) Attractions in the Campania Region

In the Campania Region we have chosen Naples, Capri and the Amalfi Coast for you.

Visit Naples

With the omnipotent Vesuvius and its privileged view, the volcano is one of the Neapolitan postcards. In addition, the city is full of pizzerias, as it is considered the hometown of this delicacy so appreciated in the world. Of course, you won’t miss the chance to eat real Italian pizza in the city where she it was born, will you?!?! Enjoy! To learn more about Naples click here!

  • UNMISSABLE IN NAPLES: Vesuvius, Church of Saint John, Neapolitan pizza and Pompeii.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by plane, through Naples International Airport, Capodichino. By train, through Naples central station (Napoli Centrale).

Watch this amazing video about Naples

Visit Capri

Elegant and charming, the island of Capri is divided into two and is ideal for those who enjoy beach destinations. With its scent that has become a perfume, the island is surrounded by caves and a turquoise sea with crystal clear and refreshing waters. ABOUT MORE CAPRI!

Here and learn more about Capri!
  • UNMISSABLE IN CAPRI: Augustus Garden, the cable car, Anacapri – on the other side of the island and the Fariglioni.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by boat, departing from Naples.
  • UNMISSABLE IN AMALFI: Emerald Cave and Town Square.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by plane, through Naples International Airport, Capodichino. By train, departing from Salerno. From Salerno, you can continue with the SITA bus or ferry to Amalfi that leave from Piazza della Concordia (“Concordance Square”).

Watch this breathtaking video about Positano on the Amalfi Coast

Visit the Amalfi Coast

With 60 km of coastline, it is formed by cities such as Maiori, Minori, Amalfi, Praiano and Positano, among others. It is full of belvederes with impressive landscapes of the sea. Each city has a different charm, but Amalfi deserves to be highlighted. Click here and learn more about the Amalfi Coast!

  • UNMISSABLE IN AMALFI: Emerald Cave and Town Square.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by plane, through Naples International Airport, Capodichino. By train, departing from Salerno. From Salerno, you can continue with the SITA bus or ferry to Amalfi that leave from Piazza della Concordia (“Concordance Square”).

Watch this breathtaking video about Positano, on the Amalfi Coast

2) Attractions in the Basilicata Region

One of the least visited regions in Italy, Basilicata is, however, one of the most beautiful! Little known, the region is also known as Lucania and hides charms, history, culture and breathtaking landscapes. Nestled in the mountains, this is also the city chosen to be the European Cultural Capital of 2019, Matera!

Visit Matera

One of the places that I love the most and that NEEDS to be visited! Matera was chosen the European Capital of Culture for 2019 and this victory is sure to put the city in evidence in a significant way! The scene of several famous films such as the controversial ‘The Passion of the Christ’ (2004) and the new version of Ben Hur (2016), the city will undergo a real ‘reform’: it will receive a university center , the old neighborhoods will be revitalized and a design school will be opened there as well. There is a project to create a tourist route in the city and an open-air museum, that is: it will be a tourist center with numerous attractions, in addition to the existing ones! ABOUT MORE MATERA!

  • UNMISSABLE IN MATERA: Sassi di Matera, the beaches that are perfect with their calm and clear waters and the Matera Cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, under the designation of Madonna della Bruna, and Saint Eustace.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by plane, via Bari Airport. By train, departing from Bari central station.

Watch this fascinating video about Matera

3) Attractions in the Calabria Region

The “boot tip” of the Italian map was chosen as one of the must-see regions by the New York Times. Cities like Tropea, Scilla, Reggio Calabria and Cosença (where I live!) are unmissable cities full of cultural and natural attractions. With beach options that seem to have come out of a Hollywood movie, the cities are beautiful and this is where the most beautiful villages in Italy are!

Calabria is also the region that has the most castles in the country, with more than 400 among castles, fortresses and towers, in addition to being an important enogastronomical center, in Reggio Calabria are the famous Riace Bronzes, which are considered the 12th wonder of the world in artistic terms. In Papasidero you will find the Cave of Romito, where is one of the three most important rock paintings in Europe! It is impossible not to fall in love with this land, whether you are passionate about history, art, enogastronomy or culture!

Did you know?

I am a authorized guide in English in the Calabria region! Come and see this incredible region with me, you will fall in love! Click here and also visit the blog Your Travel to Calabria. 

Watch this video and be enchanted by Calabria just like me!

Visit Tropea

One of the most visited cities (and one of the most beautiful) is Tropea. With beach options that seem to have come out of a Hollywood movie, the city is known as the Pearl of Calabria, it is a small town with a sea of transparent waters and blue skies. Impossible not to fall in love. ABOUT MORE TROPEA!

  • UNMISSABLE IN TROPEA: The beaches are the main attractions, but it is also possible to visit the old mansions from the 18th century, the pier, which holds up to 400 boats, the Church of Santa Maria dell’Isola (St Mary “of the Island”), which is BEAUTIFUL, and also don’t miss the historic center and the Cathedral.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by plane, through Lamezia Terme airport, where there is a need to use another means of transport to get to Tropeia. Suggestion: take the train from Lamezia Terme station to Tropeia station.

Watch this video about Tropea and fall in love!

Visit Scilla

The Venice of the South! Considered one of the most beautiful villages in the whole Italy, the city is full of canals, which resembles Venice. The gastronomy is unique: the typical restaurants are cozy and invite us to taste the best of Calabrian food in an unforgettable way with flavors, colors and aromas! READ MORE ABOUT SCILLA: THE VENICE OF SOUTHERN ITALY!

  • UNMISSABLE IN SCILLA: The Scilla Marina, Chianalea – next to Scilla, Ruffo Castle.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by plane, through the airport of Lamezia Terme or Reggio Calabria. By train, departing from Reggio Calabria and getting off at Villa San Giovanni.

Watch this video about Scilla and travel with us!

4) Attractions in the Puglia Region

The ‘heel’ of the boot! Puglia is bathed by the magnificent Adriatic Sea and Bari, its capital, is the main entry point into the region that is well worth a visit! It is a region FULL of beauty, blue sea, impeccable gastronomy and indescribable charms.

Visit Polignano a Mare

One of the most special cities in Italy! The blue sea and its huge cliffs form landscapes worthy of frames! A little-known city, it is famous in the world for its fascinating restaurant inside a cave. READ MORE ABOUT POLIGNANO A MARE!

Watch this amazing video about Polignano a Mare

5) Attractions in the Region of Sicily

Historic, the island of Sicily is a land full of beauty! The mixture of culture of the different peoples that passed through it gives the region a charming air, with unique details and fantastic monuments.

Visit Catania

It is in this beautiful port city that is located one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the world, Etna! The city is full of historic monuments in the Byzantine-Norman style and is ideal for those who want to combine culture, art and the sea! READ MORE ABOU CATANIA!

  • UNMISSABLE IN CATANIA: Via Crociferi, which is where most of the city’s churches are located, such as Church of Saint Julian and Saint Benedict, in addition to the Biscari Palace. Be sure to see Piazza Duomo.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by plane, through Catania-Fontanarossa airport. By train, to Catania central station.

Visit Agrigento

One of the most cultural cities in Italy. With ruins, museums, churches and a historic center full of culture, it is the ideal city for those who want to combine a tour of discoveries and unique monuments! READ MORE ABOU TEMPLES OF AGRIGENTO!

  • UNMISSABLE IN AGRIGENTO: Valley of the Temples and its historic center.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by plane, through Catania Airport or Palermo Airport. By train, proceed to Agrigento Central Station.

Visit Taormina

It is almost a crime to visit Sicily and not stop in Taormina. Called the Pearl of the Ionian Sea, the city is a ‘painting’ for visitors’ eyes: sea, monuments and culture blend harmoniously in this unique city.

  • UNMISSABLE IN TAORMINA: Corso Umberto and Taormina Theater.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by plane, through Catania airport. By train, get off at Taormina-Giardini station. From there, take a taxi or take the bus to the center.

Visit Syracuse

City dominated by Greece in distant times is the type of city in which one is not indifferent! Architecture is highlighted in its historic center and on the outskirts of the city. READ ABOUT MORE SYRACUSE!

  • UNMISSABLE IN SYRACUSE: Vermexio Palace and Cattedrale Metropolitana della Nativitá di Maria Santissima (“Metropolitan Cathedral of the Nativity of Holy Mary”).
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by plane, through Catania airport. By train, via Stazione Centrale Siracusa.

6) Attractions in the Sardinia Region

The island located in the middle of the Mediterranean is one of the most beautiful in the world! Its phenomenal beaches enchant tourists from all over the world with its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. The Costa Esmeralda (Emerald Coast), a holiday destination for many international VIPS, is enchanting and seems to have been shaped by hand. To learn more about this piece of Paradise on earth, take a look at this post! READ MORE ABOUT SARDINIA!

Watch this fantastic video and get to know the Arcipelago della Maddalena – Sardinia

Visit Cagliari

The main city and capital of the region is Cagliari, a city full of mysteries, surrounded by historic buildings and it is home to one of the most beautiful castles in Italy, which, of course, is in the neighborhood of Castello.

  • UNMISSABLE IN CAGLIARI: Castello District, Saint Mary’s Cathedral and Civic Palace.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: by plane, through Cagliari airport; or by boat, through the port of Cagliari. The ships that take to Cagliari leave from the main Italian port cities like Genoa, Palermo, Naples and Catania.

Watch this video and learn: 5 Things to never do in Italy!

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When is the best time to travel to southern Italy? Southern Italy is starting to please tourists, the infrastructure dedicated to them is growing and southern Italians are increasingly in love with distant visitors, making their stay in southern Italy unforgettable, full of joy and unique memories!

And if you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier

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