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Where to stay near the Milan subway?

Milan offers us countless options for accommodation near subway stations, because the Milanese subway network is huge and covers the city in a spectacular way. Today we are going to know where to sleep near the Milan subway.

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Where to stay near the Milan subway?

Milan seems to have been made so that we could walk without any worries. Mostly flat, the city offers us excellent logistics between its main sights and delightful neighborhoods, so even if you don’t stay in the center, you can reach it with very easily either on foot or by subway. Today we are going to find out where to sleep near the Milan subway. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Map of Milan’s main sights

Where to stay near the Milan subway?
*Each red ‘dot’ is a subway station.


Milan is the Italian capital of fashion; Italy’s financial center is a city that doesn’t stop! Of course, its public transport is spectacular and it reaches the main tourist attractions easily, with no major problems. As it is one of the largest Italian cities, it offers us different types of accommodation and the hotels, for the most part, are very well located. Furthermore, the city is full of bars, restaurants, shops, etc. Check out our section with Tips on Drinking and Eating in Italy!

Important Tip

Avoid using public transport, including the subway, during the rush hour. This is because transport is also widely used by city inhabitants to commute. Peak traffic periods are from 7:30 am to 9:00 am and between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Apart from that, use and abuse the Milanese subway, especially if you are staying close to the famous Metropolitana station. To learn everything about the metro in Milan, I invite you to read this post: How to use the metro in Milan? – here you will find ALL pertinent information if you want to use this fast, safe and spectacular means of transport – as well as being cheap!

Let’s get to know a little about Milan Subway…

Milan subway currently has four lines. The line M1, which is the Red line and goes from Sesto 1º Maggio to Rho Fiera or Bisceglie, the M2 line, the city’s green line and runs from Abbiategrasso or Assago Forum to Cologno Nord or Gessate; the M3 line, the Yellow line, which runs from San Donato to Comasina; and finally the purple line, which is the M5, which runs from San Siro to Bignami. Read also What is the difference between trains in Italy?

From a tourist point of view, they all include some interesting point, however, the red line concentrates the main attractions, as it is the Duomo line and, from the Cathedral, you can visit the entire historic center on foot, with no problem. It’s important to remember that, especially during high season, the city center concentrates several activities, and some of them continue into the night, so if you don’t like the noise or the huge tourist mass circulating until late hours, avoid the central area. Now I’m going to tell you where to stay in Milan near subway stations! I advise you to read What is the difference between the hotel categories in Italy?

1) Where to stay near the Milan subway? PORTA ROMANA STATION

An excellent area for accommodation is near the Porta Romana station (M3 – Yellow line). From there to the Duomo station, by subway, it takes about 20 journeys and it is an area with very reasonable prices, which doesn’t leave you so far from the center, but gives you the possibility to escape the great tourist mass, especially during the summer. The area is very quiet, offers great structure around it and is very safe, like the entire city.

2) Where to stay near the Milan subway? PORTA GENOVA STATION

Another very good area is the Porta Genova (M2, green line). Here it is also a very quiet part of the city and, by subway, you are just 20 minutes from the city centre. The station is also close to another station on the green line, Santo Agostino, that is, that region is very well served by public transport and you will not face major difficulties in getting around.

3) Where to stay near the Milan subway? CENTRAL STATION

Milan’s Central Station area, which connects the railway with the city’s underground, is just 8 minutes from the city center and offers good accommodation options. It’s not one of the cheapest areas, but it’s ideal for those who want to use the train to travel to other Italian cities.


  • Avoid staying near hospitals; several subway stations are close to hospitals in Milan, and the back and forth of ambulances – especially in the early morning, can literally keep you up.

4) Where to stay near the Milan subway? PORTOBELLO STATION

A little sought after area, but with excellent hotels, is the Portello station area (M5, purple line). It is next to Fiera Milano City, which is a convention center, and offers very comfortable accommodation options. However, I leave a golden tip: avoid the area when the convention center is hosting an event, because the region is very busy.

5) Where to stay near the Milan subway? ANGELI AND GARIBALDI STATIONS

The De Angeli station area (red line, M1) is also great! Just 10 minutes by metro from the center, it is a little known region, but very quiet. Hotels are not expensive and most of them are well located. Garibaldi station (M3, yellow line) also offers great options and, if you prefer, you can walk to the center. By subway, you can reach the Cathedral in 15 minutes and the region has great options for accommodation, bars and restaurants. Discover the best aperitifs in Milan here!

6) Where to stay near the Milan subway?  FAMAGOSTA SEASON

Finally, I indicate the area of ​​the Famagosta station (M2, red line). It’s a little known area, but the subway leaves you just 15 minutes from the city center. It is a very quiet area that also has excellent accommodation and tourist facilities, such as restaurants, bars and shops.

Good to know…

  • Staying downtown is great, without a doubt, but consider the value of the accommodation, as the difference can be huge for the same service provided in a hotel further away. Search, a lot, always! Also read: what to do in Milan when it rains?

Indications for Accommodation near the Subway

Some indications for accommodations, near the Metro in Milan, especially from “Your Travel to Italy” to you!

Combo Milano

Combo Milano – Located just 10 minutes from Porta Genova Station, it is a delightful place that even offers a small kitchen that can be used by all guests. It has a delightful patio and is a truly charming accommodation.

NYX Hotel Milan by Leonardo Hotels

NYX Hotel Milan by Leonardo Hotels – Super close to the Central Station, it is ideal for those who want to take a round trip from Milan. The hotel is amazing and very well located, even for those who want to walk and get to the center with no major difficulties using the subway.

Naviglio 81

Naviglio 81 – Next to the Famagosta Station, it offers a delightful structure! It is a well-located hotel, with conveniences in all rooms and great options around.

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Where to stay near the Milan subway? The big problem in choosing a hotel in Milan ends up being the countless options the city offers, but one thing is certain: whether central or a little further away, the chosen hotel will certainly give you easy access to all our beautiful, modern, charming and historic Milan.

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