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Where to stay in Florence? At Gallery Hotel Art


Where to stay in Florence? Gallery Hotel Art in the heart of Florence!

The Gallery Hotel Art is one of the most luxurious hotels in Florence. With its spectacular location, it offers guests true experiences that involve art, hospitality, and unforgettable moments! Let’s now go to our post of the day: Where to sleep in Florence? Gallery Art Hotel in the heart of Florence! Stay with us and make the most of boot country! Here at Traveling to Italy you can make the trip of your dreams come true!!  Also, check out our Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your Vacations Section!

Our Introduction

Florence, the capital of the Tuscany region, Florence is a city that offers us an immense range of art, culture, and history. It’s impossible to talk about Florence without talking about the Arno River, the

Image from Gallery Hotel Art

beautiful Ponte Vecchio and the Palazzo Strozzi, and it’s there, in the heart of the city, that you’ll find one of the most beautiful luxury hotels in all of Italy: the Gallery Hotel Art!

Get to know a little about the Gallery Hotel Art

The Gallery Hotel Art is a four-star hotel that has been designed to offer guests a stay full of unique experiences! Owner of 4 stars, the boutique hotel was designed by one of Florence’s most respected architects, Michele Bönan.

With her elegant and technical eye, Michele has brought together all the necessary elements to make the Gallery Hotel Art a true jewel, a work of art in the form of a hotel, a real architectural poem. The architect was inspired by works of art, Florentine culture, and various contemporary artists that, once completed, offer guests something incomparable in terms of the lodging experience.

The Bedrooms

The rooms and suites available at the Gallery Art Hotel in Florence are unique! All of them were designed and carried out in a very attentive way, using top-quality Florentine craftsmanship with the signature of renowned artists of the city and presenting us with elegant and charming colors without leaving aside comfort and the already-known Italian hospitality.

All rooms and suites are very bright, modern, and elegantly decorated. The sheets are white, and you also have access to a minibar, flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, and bathroom with amenities signed by Salvatore Ferragamo; in other words, pure luxury!

Gallery Hotel Art: The Hotel and the Art Gallery

The hotel also hosts seasonal art exhibitions on its premises. Works signed by national and international artists attract our eyes discreetly but interestingly since they do not go unnoticed by the curious eyes of guests. With a very well-curated collection chosen exclusively for the hotel, the arts present there impress, enchant us, and make us understand why the Gallery Hotel Art is one of the most artistic luxury hotels in the entire city of Florence. Find out what are the Top Ten Places to Eat in Florence, and Low-Costs Places to Eat Well in Florence!

To find out more and book the Gallery Hotel Art,


The Structure of the Gallery Hotel Art

The structure of the place is also worth mentioning: the breakfast room in the Cha Room is rich in flavors, colors, and aromas, as is the fantastic Fusion Bar & Restaurant, which offers us a very special and eclectic menu, designed solely and exclusively for the place (both are also open to the public). The hotel also offers a beautiful library, ideal for moments of total relaxation. The hotel has parking and offers vans that take you to and from the airport (for a fee), all designed for your comfort.

The staff at Gallery Hotel Art are highly skilled and kind and have a huge knowledge of the hotel industry, which will make your lodging experience impeccable.

Excellent Location

Image from Gallery Hotel Art

The hotel is perfect for all audiences: couples, families, people traveling for work, and, in addition, it is pet-friendly. Its privileged location is one of the most important points for those looking for the ideal hotel in Florence. In the heart of the city, the hotel is just 200 meters from the Galleria degli Ufizzi and only 5 minutes from the Duomo. Where is it? Vicolo Dell’Oro, 5. It is important to mention that the brand also offers other experiences in four more luxury hotels of the respected hotel chain in Florence and a luxury hotel in Rome.



The brand’s collection of hotels in Florence also features:

  • the Hotel Lungarno,  opened in 1967, with balconies with magnificent views of the Arno River and its historic Ponte Vecchio;
  • the Hotel Continentale, the  pinnacle of luxury, with its splendid suites and rooms and its 50s flair completely revisited;
  • the Lungarno Apartments, which is an excellent luxury option for long stays. They are very elegant apartments, with all the hotel facilities for those looking to combine independence and VIP treatment.
  • The Portrait Firenze, is dedicated especially to guests who value exclusivity and the first-class services offered by a highly prepared team. We have this magnificent five-star hotel, which is one of the most luxurious and exclusive hotels in the city, offering its guests the pinnacle of refinement.

In the Eternal City, Rome, you can also have a unique experience in one of the most beautiful, elegant, and unique luxury hotels in the city: the Portrait Roma. With a privileged location, Via Bocca di Leone, 23, the hotel offers a world of unforgettable experiences in the heart of the Italian capital. When you visit one of the chain’s hotels, you will review your entire concept of luxury hotels, as you will have an unparalleled experience.


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Where to stay in Florence? Gallery Art Hotel in the heart of the city! The Gallery Hotel Art is one of the must-see luxury hotels in Florence. If you are looking for a unique lodging experience with an incredible location and you are going to Florence, be sure to check out this incredible hotel! You will fall in love, you can be sure!

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