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Where to sleep in Tuscany: Villa Due SS

Today we head to a small town called Casole D’Elsa, in Tuscany. And it is in this refuge that we find the magnificent Luminosità Winery with its splendid Villa Due SS. Are you ready for it? Come with me!


Where to sleep in Tuscany: Villa Due SS

Come with me to Tuscany! The region located in the center of the Italian peninsula is a real gem! Full of fantastic cities, this region is very famous for its capital, Florence, but it is also home to small towns that are little known, but offer us a world of beauties, attractions and magnificent hotels! And one of them is the special Villa Due SS, which is part of the sublime Luminosità Winery. Today I tell you EVERYTYHING about this magical place: Where to sleep in Tuscany: Villa Due SS! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Watch this video and fall in love with Villa Due SS

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Our introduction

That Tuscany is famous for its wineries we have always known, but the wine route especially celebrates the most famous cities like Chianti and Montalcino, however, what few know is that some cities – even smaller ones – are home to magical places full of magic. One of these cities is Casole d’Elsa, in the province of Siena.

Casole d’Elsa is a town with almost 4,000 inhabitants and, despite being a small town, it is immense in terms of attractions, history and culture. To read our special post about this delightful little town, click in the following link: Casole d’Elsa: a gem in the heart of Tuscany.

The Luminosità Winery

Luminosità Winery is a gem in the heart of Tuscany. It’s hard to even begin to describe this very special place.
Between Brazil, Italy, wines, and passion, this winery so special and full of beauty! It all started with the owner of Vinicola Luminositá, who is a Brazilian passionate about wines. He’s Nick Salussolia.

Nick is the son of Italian immigrants who passed on to him a great passion for the world of oenology. He grew up surrounded by this passion and at the beginning of this century he was chosen to carry out the sale of some family lands in Tuscany, located between San Gimignano and Volterra, however in his heart he knew he needed to do something extraordinary!

A passion for wine and hospitality: the perfect combination!

When following his dream, Nick found land and rural houses (over 400 years old houses!) abandoned, and he knew he would have a LOT of work to be able to get his ideas off paper. And that’s what he did!

He revitalized Luminosità Winery, and the whole process required time and dedication, taking years for everything to be exactly as he wished. Of course, with so much love, patience and passion, the result could not have been different: perfection!

Not satisfied with offering a splendid winery to its public, Nick and his wife, Nice, decided to offer more: renting houses so that wine lovers, like them, could live a true experience in the Tuscan heart. And so the Villa Due SS was born.

The Villa Due SS: a dream come true!

Villa Due SS is a GEM! A real gift to your guests. The place offers visitors three beautiful, comfortable and very cozy rural houses. Surrounded by abundant vineyards, with grapes that turn into magnificent wines, Nick remains passionate about this universe of hospitality and combines it with his knowledge of enology in a constant and enthusiastic way!

Nick and Nice were also largely responsible for the decoration of the agriturismo and, it is not uncommon, that they themselves receive guests personally, with that hospitality that only Brazilians have. Also read: The ten must see agrotourism in Tuscany. 

What does Villa Due SS offer?

Villa Due SS offers guests three houses of different sizes, suites and environments, however the rent is PER GROUP, that is, the entire property is closed only to people who know each other, whether a large family or a group of friends. And that makes the experience even more unique and special! Believe me!

In the common areas there is an outdoor pool, covered terrace, gourmet space, wood oven and laundry. It also offers us ample parking, space for recreation and a ping-pong table.

All houses have a kitchen, balcony, TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and heating for the winter. The decor of all of them is rustic, typical of the Tuscany region, and they also offer the possibility of extra services that can be requested on demand. All offer excellent privacy, silence, and magnanimous views!

Where to sleep in Tuscany: Villa Due SS – The Villa Due SS houses

Let’s know the Villa Due SS houses and what each one offers!

The Lavender House

This is the PERFECT home for large families and larger groups as it comfortably sleeps up to 8 people! This is the largest of them and has 4 suites, large rooms, fireplace, full and spacious kitchen, and is of a beauty that enchants!

The Sunflower House

Another great option for families of up to four people. It has 2 spacious, comfortable suites, rustic decor full of charm, and it’s a wonder! Great for a smaller family, with two kids for example, or two couples.

The Rosmarino House

For those looking for something smaller, more intimate, the solution is Casa Rosmarino. Despite being smaller, it also accommodates 4 people very comfortably.

Whichever option you choose, I can assure you: you will fall in love with!

Want to stay at Luminosità Winery? Book in advance!
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My experience at Villa Due SS

As I mentioned earlier, Nick and his wife, Nice, make everything they can – whenever possible – to receive their guests personally! And, I swear: what a delightful reception! Full of affection, attention, care!

The place is beautiful, the panorama splendid, and the place gives us an indescribable peace. The road to get there is easily identified by GPS, so you won’t have much trouble getting there!

Another question that may arise: how is the road to get there?

Very peaceful! Attention, only, with the curves, which are characteristic of the region.

It is good to remember that the place is categorized as an agriturismo.

An agriturismo is an accommodation format that, in other parts of the world, is better known as a farm hotel. The category gained strength in Italy and defines a type of accommodation that is widely used, especially in smaller cities located in rural areas in different regions.

Another important feature:

Normally, agriturismo in Italy is sustainable, that is, they offer guests the best gastronomic experience, as many ingredients are grown and produced right there.

This accommodation format is very intimate and connects you directly to local traditions. It’s a delight to live it so intensely and authentically.

Thinking about a Destination Wedding in Tuscany? You found the right place!

I need to tell you this! Villa Due SS offers a very special package for the newlyweds and their guests. In addition to being able to get married in an impressive location, with a magical panorama and a fairytale atmosphere, your guests will also be able to stay with all the comfort in the world in the various accommodation configurations that the hotel offers for special celebrations. Want to learn more? Talk to me! 

Is it worth staying at Villa Due SS?

I’ll give you a round YES! Especially if you are looking for a more authentic tourism, away from the big tourist mass.

For those looking for tranquility, wanting to do something different, going to discreet places, but offering access to other cities without great difficulties, the place is perfect.

If you want to spend quality time with your family: another perfect choice! The place is safe, full of nature, pleasant, and offers an excellent tourist structure, that is: it has everything you need to spend unforgettable moments.

How do I make a reservation? How does house rental work?

If you want to stay in the special Villa Due SS, let me know! Bearing in mind that the hotel does not offer availability on the main hosting platforms for a simple reason: they prefer to keep the experience as exclusive as possible. And can I tell you a secret? They do it masterfully!

As for the rent of the houses: the rent requires a minimum of people (at least 6). Why? Because the space, despite being ample, is fully integrated; although there is privacy, the common environments are the same, that is: exclusivity is also due to this reason! It’s something VERY familiar, private, and that makes it the PERFECT space for those who want to travel with the whole family or a group of friends!

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Where to sleep in Tuscany: Villa Due SS. Staying at Villa Due SS is something that will stay in your heart forever. Knowing the history of this place, which is actually a dream come true, will make you fall even more in love with this special, rich and precious land called Tuscany.

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