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Where to stay in Turin?

The Capital of Piedmont offers a wide and excellent accommodation option. Shall we see some of them?

Piazza Vittorio, Torino (Source Pixabay)

Where to stay in Turin?

Turin is a charming city! It does not always enter the tourist itinerary, but it ends up being a great base city for getting to know its surroundings. But after all, where to sleep in Turin? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Are you going to stay in Turin?

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1) Where to stay in Turin? HISTORIC CENTER

Turin has three excellent areas for accommodation, one of which is undoubtedly the Historic Center. Also read What to do in a day in Turin?

Egyptian Museum

One of the main and most beautiful attractions is the Egyptian Museum; it is the most complete museum in Italy that tells the whole history of Egypt. Highlight for the various mummies and sarcophagi that are exposed there. The Museum is the oldest in the world and is dedicated exclusively to Egyptian culture.

Mole Antonelliana

The postcard of Turin is the Mole Antonelliana (pronounced ‘môle’), which is a structure built between 1863 and 1897. Designed by architect Alessandro Antonelli, the building is 167 meters high and should originally house a synagogue. In the 60s and 90s, the site was used as a belvedere, as it has a beautiful view from part of its height (70 meters).

Mole was one of the first buildings to receive lighting: they were made with gas and generated small flames; this happened at the end of the 19th century, and since 1998, due to the restructuring of the external lighting project and the birth of the manifestation ‘Luci d’Artista (artist’s lights), it is possible to see an installation next to the dome called Il volo dei Numeri (“Flight of the Numbers”). The work was created by Mario Merz and presents the numbers from the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence, which go upwards, in succession, towards the sky. Very beautiful work! Since it is not open every day, it opens every other day, inquire to get to know if your visit coincides with the opening of the museum; and get ready to face a long line: the place gets crowded! Read also: What to do in one day in Turim?

Turin Cathedral

In the Cathedral of Turin is where the Holy Shroud is located, but it is not possible to see it up close: it is in a reserved area, away from the eyes of the general public. Dedicated to St. John the Baptist, it is located in the square of the same name and is strikingly beautiful! The cathedral is in one of the most historically rich places in Turin.

Nearby are other attractions worth visiting such as the Roman Theater. The Theater is part of the Roman ruins of the ancient Augusta Taurinorum, which also includes the entire area of the Archaeological Park on Via XX Settembre. Dating from 13 BC, it operated until the third century and is the only Roman infrastructure that has stood the test of time. After centuries of decay, it was brought to light and splendor again in 1899, by order of King Umberto I.

Royal Palace

Unmissable in Turin is the Royal Palace. The Palace is the first and most important of the Savoia residences in Piedmont. It is in the heart of the city and close to Piazza Castello (Castello Square), which joins other important routes in the city such as Via Po, Via Roma, Via Garibaldi and Via Pietro Micca. The Palace was the heart of the Savoia’s court and signifies a symbol of power, with other historic buildings like the Venaria Reale Palace, the Palazzina di Stupinigi and the Castello del Valentino (Valentino Castle), which are integral parts of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In 2016, it became part of the Royal Museums.

The options of apartments and B&B that I advise with great value for money are:
The options of Hotels that I advise with great value for money are:

2) Where to stay in Turin? PORTA NUOVA RAILWAY STATION

Another good option for staying in Turin is close to Porta Nuova railway station. With a half hour walk it is possible to reach the historic center without any problem, but, if you prefer, you can go by subway (14 minutes by subway).
Parco Del Valentino (Valentino Park)

Close to Porta Nuova is the beautiful Parco Del Valentino and is a great option for those who enjoy morning walks, for example. Turin is essentially a flat city, so there are no huge ups and downs, in addition to having a subway, which makes it easy to move around within the city itself.

The options of apartments and B&B that I advise with great value for money are:
The options of Hotels that I advise with great value for money are:

3) Where to stay in Turin? DORA RAILWAY STATION

If you don’t mind having to take the subway, you can choose to stay close to Dora Railway Station. It is one of the regions of Turin that offers the best price options, but it is 40 minutes from the historic center by subway. As you can see, it is further away, but you will save a lot with the hotel.

The options of apartments and B&B that I advise with great value for money are:
The options of Hotels that I advise with great value for money are:

4) Where to stay in Turin? OTHER OPTIONS

Other affordable options are close to Spezia, Lingotto and Carducci stations. All on Via Nizza. They are relatively close to the center, but it offers the option of using the subway to get around which makes it easier in those days of greater laziness. Another great option is the Porta Susa railway and subway station area. By subway you are 15 minutes from the center and, the great advantage, by having the railway station as an option, you can make the round trips more easily!


  • “Get lost” in the streets of Turin! The city is full of interesting points, beautiful buildings and is a very easy city to walk. Of course, the closer you are to the center the more facilities you have and the closer you are to the sights, but even if you choose to stay further away, you will not miss good restaurants, bars and shops: the whole city is very well served with this kind of service.

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Where to stay in Turin? Turin makes us fall in love with it with enormous ease! It is IMPOSSIBLE to visit the city and remain indifferent to its history, culture, monumental buildings and delicious streets, which seem to transport us to more remote times. Turin welcomes its tourists with love, attention and care and makes us always want to stop by every time we are in Italy. Be sure to visit it!

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