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Where to ski near Milan?

Winter in Italy is a magical time, transforming the landscapes into fairytale scenes! Today we're going to visit ski resorts near beautiful Milan.


Where to ski near Milan?

For lovers of winter sports, the surrounding area of Milan offer a variety of ski resorts that combine natural beauty with the thrill of icy slopes. Departing from the capital of Lombardy it is possible to go to incredible destinations and make the most of the Italian winter! Find out now: Where to ski near Milan? Stay with us and make the best of boot country! Here at Traveling to Italy you can make the trip of your dreams come true!! Also check out our Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your Vacations Section!

Is it worth spending the winter in Milan?

Valley! But keep in mind that because it is a city close to the seasons, although emptier, it can have an intense flow of tourists – even if it does not compare to the immense movement of summer. If you want to get to know the city, take advantage of it! Because she is calmer than usual, but she prepares for the cold!

What are the ski resorts near Milan?

I’ll leave here tips for stations in Bormio, Madesimo, Chiesa in Valmalenco, Piani di Bobbio and Aprica.

Bormio Ski Resort

Ana Patricia in Bormio

Located in the Italian Alps, Bormio Ski Resort  is an incredible choice for those seeking adventure and stunning scenery.

Its challenging slopes attract experienced skiers, while the panoramic views captivate everyone. Be sure to explore the hot springs of Bormio for a relaxing après-ski experience. Read also: Hot Springs in Bormio – QC Terme!

Madesimo Ski Resort

The Madesimo Ski Resort is an alpine paradise with slopes for all skill levels. Its quaint cottages and cozy atmosphere make it a popular choice for families looking for fun in the snow. Take the opportunity to explore the charming village of Madesimo after a day on the slopes.

  • Travel Time: 02h58min (139 km)

Chiesa Ski Resort in Valmalenco

For an authentic experience in the Lombard Alps, the Chiesa in Valmalenco Ski Resort offers a tranquil atmosphere and alpine tradition. Its slopes, surrounded by pristine landscapes, provide a relaxing getaway for those seeking serenity.

Piani di Bobbio Ski Resort

The Piani di Bobbio Ski Resort, near Milan, is an excellent option for those who want a day of skiing without straying too far from the city. Its varied and accessible slopes make it perfect for skiers of all levels, making it an ideal destination to escape for a day.

Aprica Ski Resort

Situated a short drive from Milan, Aprica Ski Resort is known for its extensive slopes and modern facilities. With a lively atmosphere and diverse entertainment options, Aprica offers a complete experience for ski enthusiasts.

  • Travel Time: 03:33 min (163 km)

What to do in Milan before or after visiting the ski resorts?

With the arrival of winter, Milan, the vibrant capital of fashion and design in Italy, transforms into an enchanting setting. The historic streets take on a romantic aura, and the cool weather is warmed by Italian hospitality and a host of seasonal activities. Discover with us the magic of winter in Milan. Read also: What to do in Milan during the Christmas period?

Lights & Decorations

Milan’s iconic streets, such as Via della Moscova and Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, are adorned with dazzling Christmas lights and festive decorations. At night, the city comes alive with a spectacle of colors, creating a magical and welcoming atmosphere. Get to know the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II here!

Christmas Markets

Milan’s Christmas markets are real treasures during the winter. Venues such as Duomo Square  and Parco Sempione are home to charming stalls offering local handicrafts, seasonal culinary delights, and unique gifts. The smell of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine fills the air, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the festive tradition. They usually run from November to January. Get to know the Duomo of Milan here!

Ice Skating

The emblematic Piazza Gae Aulenti transforms into an ice-skating paradise during the winter in Milan. With the awe-inspiring view of the Unicredit Tower skyscraper in the background, skating under the city lights is a unique and memorable experience for locals and visitors alike. Check dates and locations AT THIS LINK!

Culinary Winter Delights

Milanese cuisine shines even brighter in winter, and several restaurants and trattorias offer comforting dishes such as the famous risotto alla milanese and cassoeula, a stew of meat and vegetables. Enjoy full-bodied Italian wines to warm up the chilly evenings. Find out where to eat in Milan here!

Theatres & Concerts

Milan’s theatres and concert halls present special programs during the winter season. From classical operas to contemporary music performances, there’s something for every art lover. Get to know the La Scala Milan Theatre here!

Refuge in Museums and Galleries

On cooler days, Milan’s renowned museums and galleries offer a cultural retreat. Explore the masterpieces  at the Pinacoteca di Brera or immerse yourself in history at Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper at the Santa Maria delle Grazie Convent.

Does it snow in Milan?

Yes, although Milan is known for its milder climate compared to other regions in Italy, it is still possible for episodes of snow to occur during the winter. The city experiences cold winters, and temperatures can occasionally drop low enough for snow to accumulate. Read also: Where to go on New Year’s Eve in Italy?

However, it is important to note that snow in Milan is not as common as in areas further north in Italy or alpine regions. When it snows, it usually creates an enchanting atmosphere and transforms the city’s architecture into a fairytale landscape. The Piazza del Duomo, with the snow-capped Milan Cathedral, for example, makes for a spectacular sight.

If you are planning to visit Milan during the winter and have a desire to see snow, it is advisable to check the weather forecasts close to the date of your visit. It is worth noting that the occurrence of snow can vary from year to year, and the amount of precipitation can be unpredictable.

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