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Where to rent a wheelchair in Italy

Today we are going to talk about a little known subject, but essential for many: mobility. So let's find out where to rent a wheelchair in Italy.


Where to rent a wheelchair in Italy

Traveling in Italy is a wonderful experience, but if you – or someone in your group – have limited mobility, there may be some extra worries. For some people around the world, renting a wheelchair is an essential solution that offers independence, freedom and access to a fulfilling life, including while traveling in Italy and, fortunately, wheelchair rentals are available in several Italian cities. Today we are going to know where to rent a wheelchair in Italy. 

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Our introduction

Renting a wheelchair plays a crucial role in ensuring accessibility and mobility for those facing physical difficulties, particularly while travelling. This practice allows people to move around independently, participate in social activities, perform everyday tasks and explore different environments with ease. The wheelchair offers support and stability, allowing users to overcome architectural obstacles and enjoy greater autonomy.

Where can I rent a wheelchair in Italy?

It is possible to rent a wheelchair in some Italian cities, and although the service is not yet available in many others, you can pick one up at strategic points and continue your journey with them. Today I’m going to leave you some tips for renting a wheelchair in three main Italian cities: Rome, Milan, and Venice.

Where can I rent a wheelchair in ROME?

In Rome, you can contact the following company: Rental Therapy.

Useful information:

Where can I rent a wheelchair in MILAN?

In Milan, you can contact Wheel Chair in Italy. They serve in the Milan area, and to pick up the chair you can request all the details directly from the company via email, as well as informing the day of your arrival, the airport at which you will arrive, your height, and weight, as well as they will tell you the best product for you.

Useful information:

Where can I rent a wheelchair in VENICE?

In Venice you can contact Accessible Venice. Also in the same procedure as the others: you request the rent, provide the necessary information, and you will have all the guidance you need. Also read: How Is Accessibility In Venice For Disabled People?

Useful information:

Remembering that all companies offer several options:

  • Manual and electric chairs; multiple pick-up locations – just negotiate during booking, and it’s all very secure.

Useful tips for renting a wheelchair in Italy:

  • Book in advance: Always, regardless of the time of your trip! It is always recommended to book your wheelchair in advance, especially during high season periods, to ensure availability.
  • Check specifications: When renting a wheelchair, make sure it meets the specific mobility needs of the person using it. Consider factors such as the maximum supported weight, the type of terrain it will be used on, and the possibility of adjustments.
  • Lease conditions: Carefully read the lease conditions of the contract you are offered! Ever! See everything in detail including deadlines, cancellation policies, values, and any extra fees. Make sure you understand EVERYTHING regarding the terms before making your reservation.

Good to know…

  • In the Tourist Information Centers you can also find information about places to rent wheelchairs, however, depending on the city and the period of travel, there may be no availability, so: book as soon as possible.
  • Airport assistance: If you require a wheelchair for use at the airport, please contact your airline in advance to request this service. Many airlines offer special assistance to passengers with reduced mobility at no cost, so get informed before travelling!

How is accessibility in Italy?

Like many countries in the world, Italy has an accessibility that has progressively improved in recent years, but there are still MANY challenges to be overcome. As it is a very historic country, with several ancient areas, the country’s great challenge is to become accessible without touching historical heritage, especially in terms of old pavements, monuments, museums, etc. To learn more about accessibility in Italy, click here!

The country has regulations and laws that aim to promote inclusion and ensure accessibility in public spaces and services, however, the implementation of these regulations may vary by region and specific city.

How is Italian infrastructure in terms of accessibility?

As we’ve said before, many Italian cities have narrow streets, uneven sidewalks and historic buildings. All this together presents numerous challenges for people with reduced mobility. Some cities have invested in access ramps, wider sidewalks and elevators in public buildings and tourist monuments, without touching the historical value of it all. It’s not easy, know that, but Italy is very committed!

And how is the accessibility in public transport?

Public transport in Italy has been working to become more accessible in all cities. Many subway and train stations already have elevators or access ramps to facilitate boarding and disembarking for people with reduced mobility, in addition, some urban buses already have designated space for wheelchairs.

What about hotels and accommodation across the country? Are they accessible?

Many hotels in Italy already cater well for people with reduced mobility, another – not yet. That’s why it’s important to do some careful research about the hotel you plan to stay at, and contact them directly to ensure the hotel has accommodations that suit your specific needs.

Good to know…

While Italy is working to improve accessibility, it’s important to be aware that not all locations may be fully accessible. It is recommended that you plan your trip carefully, research accessibility options in advance, and, when necessary, consider renting a wheelchair to facilitate mobility during your stay in the country.

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Where to rent a wheelchair in Italy – Exploring Italy is a dream for many travelers, and renting a wheelchair gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the wonders of the country, regardless of mobility.

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