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Where to drink craft beer in Rome?

In recent years, Rome has become a brewing capital. As we have many beer-loving readers, we decided to prepare a list with 7 addresses of pubs and bars serving craft beer in Rome.

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Where to drink craft beer in Rome?

Dear readers, today we have a special guest to talk about this topic here on the Blog Your Travel for Italy. It is with great pleasure that I introduce our friend Klécia Cassemiro. Pernambucana who lives in Rio de Janeiro, but who decided to call the whole world home. Passionate about Rome and beers, she loves to combine these two passions. Since 2016, she writes for the blog Fui ser viajante (“I’m gone to be a traveler”) www.fuiserviajante.com  and expects one of these days to put her backpack on her back and go out to explore the world without a certain date to return. Let’s go to our post: Where to drink craft beer in Rome? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our Introduction

When we think of Rome, we immediately remember the wines that will accompany the famous pasta dishes. However, what if I tell you that you can go beyond this classic combo? Get to know you can, because today you will know where to drink craft beer in Rome, because we have prepared a very special list with information and tips for you to drink that beer in “the Boot” country! Stay with us and make the best of Italy! Visit our section on Examples of Tourist Itineraries!

Rome, the Brewing Capital

You may not know it, but in recent years, Rome has become a brewing capital, with many micro craft breweries and bars specializing in this hoppy beverage (both Italian and other imported breweries). Bars have spread throughout the city and one of the best activities for beer lovers in Rome is to walk the streets full of history, looking for the little doors where the best craft beer bars “hide” in the city, and we are here to help you on this mission. Also read the habits of tourists in Italy that are worth a fine!

This post will take you to an immersive experience in Rome’s beer culture. Prepare the toast and come with me to visit the 07 tested and approved bars where you can drink craft beer in the Eternal City. Find out more about Rome by clicking here!

1) Craft beer in Rome? MA CHE SIETE VENUTE A FÀ

Translated literally, the name of this bar (almost) hidden in Trastevere would be something like “but what did you come to do?” Let me tell you right away: you found one of the best craft beer bars in all of Rome! The door, so small, could easily go unnoticed in the eyes of a traveler who is strolling through the charming and bohemian neighborhood of Trastevere. Nevertheless, it is worth writing down the address and guaranteeing that you will look for this bar in Rome, because the energy of the bar Ma che siete venute a fà is one of those that we live once to never forget.

In addition to the friendliness of the attendants, the attraction is the 16 beer spouts plugged, with a variety of brewing styles – from the legendary Belgian lambic beers to the Italian IPA, among many others. We see diversity here. Without a doubt, this is one of the main craft beer spots in Rome. When the day ends, the movement inside and in front of the bar increases, to the point that the street becomes very crowded with people, each with his glass in his hand. The atmosphere is happy hour and the vibe is delicious. Think you will be drinking like a local, at the bar where the Romans are going to enjoy an evening! It can’t be better than that!


Inside, there is not much space: the counter and a few tables occupy the bar lounge. On TV, sports of all kinds. At the counter, people going back and forth all the time to refill glasses. It doesn’t matter if you are inside or outside, the climate is so good that Ma che siete venute a fà has already become our favorite brewing point in the city. It has become tradition: every time we return to Rome, we have to stop by. Where is it? Via Benedetta, 25, Rome.

2) Craft beer in Rome? BIR & FUD

Still on the same street as Trastevere, we found another beer option that deserves a toast. Bir & Fud offers the infallible “Italian pizza” + “local beer” combo. They select the ingredients of each pizza so that the result of the pizza faithfully follows the tradition of Italian pizza. Artisan pizza, craft beer – everything made with great caution and caress in the final product. Learn more about Food in Italy by clicking here!

To drink, you can enjoy the 36 craft beer spouts plugged, waiting for you. As the two bars are literally next to each other, you can organize a mini “barathon” (laughs) and taste the beers and environments of the two bars. Where is it? Via Benedetta, 23, Rome.

3) Craft beer in Rome? BREWDOG BAR

Have you ever imagined drinking a craft beer in front of the Colosseum in Rome? This experience is possible at the Scottish Brewdog brewery bar, which has a privileged view of the largest tourist spot in Rome from the balcony. The list of plugged beers is available on Untappd, so you can check if the options suit you before you even go to the bar. However, there are so many options that I doubt you can’t find one you want to try.

The taps are divided between the house and guest beers, and the bar food is also very pleasing. The atmosphere of the bar is super cool, with games, posters and photogenic nooks. My recommendation for those who will visit the Brewdog Bar is always the same: be sure to try Brewdog’s Punk IPA, my favorite beer from this successful franchise! Where is it? Via delle Terme di Tito, 80, Rome.

4) Craft beer in Rome? LA BIRRERIA IN EATALY ROME

In addition to the historic atmosphere, we need to recognize that Rome is about good food and drink, and here’s a place where you can try some of the best food and a fantastic selection of beers in Rome: the La Birreria bar at Eataly Rome. Eataly is the favorite shopping for food lovers in Rome. It has already opened some branches around the world, but Eataly Rome is still the mecca for food and drink lovers.

Eataly is located in the Ostiense neighborhood, a little away from the center, but it is worth the trip there for those who really want to live a different gastronomic experience. There are several restaurants and bars in Eataly, for you really to dive in the pestos and pastes. To get even better, the toast can be brewing! Just visit La Birreria bar with its 14 plugged beers and over 400 bottled labels to update your definition of paradise on earth. Where it is: Piazzale 12 Ottobre, Rome.

5) Craft beer in Rome? OPEN BALADIN

We arrive at the classic of classics, the bar of the most famous and trendy brewery in Rome. The strong point here are Italian beers, so if you want to have an intense experience with the local beer culture, this is your place. Open Baladin has 40 Italian labels plugged into the counter (home and guests), but the list goes on with a hundred other bottled Italian beers, waiting for you who want to get to know the production of local breweries.

In addition to this enviable beer menu, the bar’s decor is also a star here. Open Baladin is quite large and each space has its own theme. You will love to discover each one of them – but remember to book in advance because the place is very, very busy. Where is it? Via degli Specchi, 6, Rome.

6) Craft beer in Rome? BE.RE

Do you know that day you booked to go to the Vatican? Because even in this itinerary I have a brewing tip to give you. Be.Re is located close to the Vatican Museums and is a great option for those who want to taste local beers accompanied by pizza.

There are 20 plugged beers (Italian and from other European countries), in addition to a menu to fill your eyes and a decoration that will make you forget the rush that exists outside the door. Take a seat, relax and order your beer accompanied by a Trapizzino, a kind of pizza triangle filled with traditional Rome sauces, which became very popular with the Romans. Where is it? Via Vespasiano, 2, Rome.

7) Craft beer in Rome? BRASSERIE 4:20

A pub specializing in craft beer, in the heart of Porta Portese in Rome. Brasserie 4:20 has 20 chrome taps placed on a wooden counter; it could not be more classic. On the chalk menu written on the wall, there are beers from Italy and the world (and at least one new thing a day!). The bar has a terrace, which is very popular in the summer. The cuisine is based on American cuisine, with lots of hamburgers and fries. In addition to the beers, the pub also has a selection of Scotch whiskeys and craft liqueurs. Where is it? Via Portuense 82, Rome.

Tre Fontane, the famous beer of Rome

Tre Fontane: the beer you need to drink in Rome. Since we are talking about beer and Italy, I need to give you a hint of a super rare and very Italian beer: Tre Fontane is the only Trappist Italian beer (and one of the few certified in the world).

Don’t you know what a Trappist is?

Let me explain you! Back in the Middle Ages, in the monasteries that spread across northern Europe, monks developed beer recipes (for their own consumption and to sell / exchange for products to support the abbey). As this history of beer produced by monks began in the abbey of la Trappe, this type of beer became known as “Trappist beer”.

Authenticity of Trappist Products

Nowadays, there is an association to guarantee the authenticity of Trappist products, and just over 10 breweries in the world receive the Trappist beer production label, despite having many other abbeys brewing in Europe. That’s because Trappist beers, to be certified, need to follow some rules:

  • Beers must be made by the monks or under their supervision;
  • Beer needs to be produced within the walls of the abbey;
  • Production must not generate profit. The money from the sales of a Trappist beer must be used to support the abbey, and what is left over must be donated to charity.

Visit to the Brewery

Most of the Trappist monasteries are between France and Belgium, but there is a Trappist brewery in Italy, Tre Fontane, a Catholic abbey in Rome, which produces the only Italian Birra Trappista. The visit to the brewery is made only under special conditions, but you can enjoy being in Italy and look in stores and pubs for a bottle of Tripel Tre Fontane Trappist beer to try. Since the production is small, it is very difficult (or very expensive) to find this beer elsewhere, so enjoy it. Where the abbey is: Via di Acque Salvie, 1, Rome.

Bars and Pubs in Rome?

There is no shortage of bars to drink craft beer in Rome. I bet you didn’t realize that Rome had so many bars and pubs specializing in craft beer. I bet even more that you had no idea that there were so many breweries in Rome! Now that you know, dive right in! In addition, if you try any of these brewing tips during your trip, come back here in the comments and tell us!

Important to Know

Oh, let me warn you just one more thing: in general, there is no concept of “ice-cold beer” in Europe. They serve beer at a slightly warmer temperature than you may be used to. It is a matter of time before you get used to it and, at first, it is quite common to think that the beer is being served hot, but that’s not it, okay? It is just a cultural difference in the service temperature.

Are you going to stay in Rome? So you can get our exclusive hotel tips!

Here you will find great and free tips to not get fooled when choosing your hotel in Italy.

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Hotel I suggest near the Historic Center

If you are passionate about art and would like to stay in the center where you can move around walking, as well as having countless possibilities for places to have lunch / dinner or a snack, I advise you to stay in the historic center. Regions near the Trevi Fountain, the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, the Imperial Forum and the Villa Borghese, Piazza Spagna and Piazza Navona can be considered as “historic center”. These are the most expensive areas, but you will be close to everything, literally!

If you want to save a great option is the B&B, click on the links below and get to know each one. If you like the suggestion make your reservation and guarantee good prices.

If you prefer a good hotel, I have three options that I really like, click on the links below and get to know each one. If you like the suggestion make your reservation and guarantee good prices;)

Hotels that I suggest near the San Giovanni Region

For those who want to find cheaper alternatives in quiet areas, but at the same time close to the means of transport to the center, I suggest the region of San Giovanni or Monti (near the metro stations San Giovanni, Castro Pretorio and Circus Massimo) – which it is a more residential neighborhood; therefore, more economical and quiet! And with just 15 minutes by subway you will be in the center too!

I have two options for Hotels that I recommend, click on the links below and get to know each one. If you like the suggestion make your reservation and guarantee good prices;)

I have two options of B&B that I recommend, click on the links below and get to know each one. If you like the suggestion make your reservation and guarantee good prices;)

Hotels I suggest near Vatican City

An interesting area to stay and a little cheaper than the historic center is the Vatican area (Vatican Museums) which is very well connected with everything.

I have two options of B&B that I recommend, click on the links below and get to know each one. If you like the suggestion make your reservation and guarantee good prices;)

If you prefer a hotel, I have three options that I recommend, click on the links below and get to know each one. If you like the suggestion make your reservation and guarantee good prices;)

Hotel I suggest near Termini Station

For those who prefer to stay in neighborhoods that have good access to the rest of the city and at a better price, then you should choose accommodation in the surroundings of Termini Station (from where a dense network of public means of transport starts, serving both: the local people and tourists).

I have 3 good hotel suggestions in Termini, click on the links below and get to know each one. If you like the suggestion make your reservation and guarantee good prices;)

If you prefer B&B I have 2 good suggestions, click on the links below and get to know each one. If you like the suggestion make your reservation and guarantee good prices;)

Hotels that I suggest in Trastevere

For those who prefer to “taste” authentic and characteristic Rome, there is nothing better than booking a hotel in Trastevere (on the outskirts of the city’s historic river), full of typical Roman history and traditions, known for the tortuous streets of sampietrini stones and the centers medieval style housing.

The neighborhood is in the historic center and to the right of the Tevere River, in the midst of a spectacular landscape, where each visitor can observe the countless churches and squares (such as Santa Maria in Trastevere). In addition, this neighborhood offers several local restaurants and canteens for those who want to try typical Roman cuisine.

If you want to save a great option is the B&B, click on the links below and get to know each one. If you like the suggestion make your reservation and guarantee good prices;)

If you prefer a good hotel, I have two options that I really like, click on the links below and get to know each one. If you like the suggestion make your reservation and guarantee good prices;)


Where to drink craft beer in Rome? Did you like the post? Here on Your Travel to Italy we try our best to satisfy the curiosities and answer the questions of our readers, and today I am immensely grateful for the participation of our friend Klécia Cassemiro for this post with so much information and tips for our readers.

If you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier ????

Did my post help you? If yes, make sure to leave your comment below, but if you still have questions, just leave them as a comment below and I will reply, O.K.?

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