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Where to dive in Italy?

Today I dedicate this post to diving enthusiasts and I will tell you where to dive in Italy.


Where to dive in Italy?

That Italy is beautiful: everyone knows! With its surface of more than 300 thousand square kilometers, the Italian peninsula offers us mountains, plains, and seas, many seas, which makes Italy offer us paradisiacal beaches full of beauty. Italy is one of the countries with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and that brings us to another topic: diving. With its seabed full of diverse aquatic species, the country is perfect for lovers of diving: but do you know where to dive in Italy? Come find out now! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

Italy is amazingly beautiful. Period! This is crystal clear, but what few people know is that the country is also beautiful underwater! The Italian peninsula is bathed by the Adriatic, Ionic, Tyrrhenian, Sicilian Sea, Ligurian Sea and Sardinian Sea. They all offer unbelievable underwater beauties! Click here to see some of the beaches in Italy!

Many of the places indicated for a dream dive are in protected areas, so they are extremely well preserved, clean, and with crystal clear water! In this post we will dive (no pun intended!) into the most beautiful areas of Italy. We will now know where to dive in Italy. Read our Special Post: How to Plan a Trip to Italy?

1) Where to dive in Italy? In Sardinia – Grotta di Nereo!

One of the privileged regions in marine terms is, without a doubt, the beautiful region of Sardinia. In a privileged position, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia presents diving lovers with really special places. One of them is the splendid Grotta di Nereo. With depths that can reach 30 meters, this place is one of the most beautiful underwater worlds in all of Italy. Click here to learn more about Sardinia!

A little more about the Grotta di Nereo

Beneath the limestone promontory of Capo Caccia lies the largest underwater marine cavity in all of Europe. The cave has 300 meters and develops between tunnels and secondary chambers, with a total of more than half a kilometer in length. With several marine species, one of the highlights here is the red coral, beautiful! To learn more about this magical place, click here!

2) Where to dive in Italy? In Sicily – Lampedusa!

Lampedusa is one of the Pelagie Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily. It is very famous for its beautiful beaches, including the trendy Spiaggia dei Conigli (Rabbit Beach). Around here the waters are shallower, but the marine life is very lively. Among the various underwater sites, I suggest the south of Isola dei Conigli, which is particularly rich for lovers of marine life! Here is also the bronze statue that symbolizes the Madonna del Mare, and this is a work of Paduan sculptor Giorgio Crosta. This same statue was blessed by the Pope in 1979, in St. Peter’s Square, Rome. Worth knowing! For more information click here!

3) Where to dive in Italy? In Campania – Naples!

One of the most magnificent places in all of Italy for those who love diving is the splendid Baia Underwater Park, to the north of the Gulf of Naples. This park is called the “Submerged Pompeii”, because here, at the bottom of the sea, is an archaeological site, being the most important underwater archaeological site in all of Italy. Click here to find out more about Naples!

A little more about Baia Underwater Park

The archaeological finds in this area are extremely well preserved and have an invaluable historical and cultural value! In addition to sculptures, at the bottom of the sea you can find mosaics, traces of frescoes, road layouts and several ancient columns. Its depth is not that great, only 5 meters, but the marine life that has settled here enchants even the most demanding tourist. To learn more, click here!

4) Where to dive in Italy? in Tuscany – Isola d’Elba!

Used to the region’s mountains, few know that Tuscany offers us delicious waters! More precisely on Isola d’Elba, the blue sea makes us fall in love as soon as our eyes meet the deep blue of the sea. By the way, one of the attractions on the island is a small ship named Elviscot that sank around here in 1972.

The remains of the vessel are between 8 and 12 meters deep, and it is still possible to see the engine room, the engine and some corridors of the ship. Marine life also takes refuge there, which makes this one of the most beautiful spots in all of Italy for diving lovers. To learn more, click here!

5) Where to dive in Italy? In Ligury – Portofino!

Iconic! This is how we can define the seabed of Portofino. The Portofino Promontory is a classic for those who love diving and is also located in a nature reserve, in a protected area. However, it is important that you ask for authorization to practice diving.

The best areas for diving can be accessed from Spiaggia del Cannone or Pidocchio. Once submerged, you will be able to see several wrecks, walls and caves. If you already have practical experience, you can go up to 50 meters deep in Isuela. Not to be missed, of course, is the famous Cristo di Abissas that made Portofino what it is today for diving lovers. To learn more, click here!

Golden Tips for diving safely!

  • If you’re not used to diving: DON’T DIVE WITHOUT A GUIDE, AND NEVER ALONE! Remember to always prioritize your safety;
  • Prioritize diving with a local expert dive guide. Do not travel alone, especially in areas of “doubt”;
  • Some diving areas are prohibited, so I suggest you talk to professional divers and hire a specialized guide so that you don’t exceed the permitted limits;
  • Pay attention to the pressure of the oxygen cylinder. Do the control according to the guidance of the guide;
  • Before falling into the water, go over ALL underwater signs with the responsible guides;
  • Check all equipment BEFORE entering into water;
  • Do not dive outside of suitable locations;
  • The equipment can be rented in loco, as there are several companies that provide everything you need to venture into the depths of the sea;
  • Use complete diving equipment;
  • If there is guidance not to dive, especially for meteorological reasons, DO NOT DIVE! Follow all guidelines available both from civil defense and from those responsible for protected areas;
  • It is not recommended to dive with children under 8 years old;
  • Do not dive if you have uncontrolled asthma, cardiovascular disease and epilepsy. The same goes for those who take medications that affect the reaction capacity, that is, that cause sleep;
  • Don’t take ANYTHING from the bottom of the sea, not even a shell;
  • Remember to control the return to the surface according to your guide’s guidance.


  • Do not leave trash anywhere;
  • Take towel, slippers and bathing suit;
  • Remember to schedule a rest between dives: the ideal is to rest for at least 12 hours for a single dive, and for multiple dives, between 36 and 48 hours;
  • Eat light food before diving and stay hydrated;
  • If this is your first time, AVOID great depths;
  • If you experience extreme tiredness, itchiness (“diving fleas”), difficulty breathing, pain or become unconscious after diving, seek medical assistance for oxygen replacement. In most cases these symptoms do not indicate anything serious, but they should be treated as soon as possible so that they do not evolve into something more serious.

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Where to dive in Italy? If you are a diving enthusiast and you are going to Italy: enjoy!

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