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Where to buy wines in Rome, Florence and Milan?

Italian wines are famous all over the world and nothing better than buying them directly from the source! Here you have the best indications of Italian wine shops!

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Where to buy wines in Rome, Florence and Milan?

Speaking of Italy without mentioning its wines is almost a crime! The country is one of the largest wine producers on the planet and, every year, many of them are on the list of the best in the world; each region produces a characteristic wine, but it is possible to find all of them in different stores throughout Italy. Let’s go to our post of the day: Where to buy wines in Rome, Florence and Milan. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

1) Where to buy wines in Rome, Florence and Milan? IN ROME

Let’s get to now know where to buy wines in Rome? Stay with our list with tips and information. Find out all about food in our Food in Italy section!

  • Enoteca Trucchi: Various labels, fair prices and in the center of Rome. It is worth checking out! An important note: it is possible to schedule tasting. Address: Via Cavour, 198 – Roma.
  • Solo Vino: With a different proposal in Rome that offers natural wines, which are wines made with organic grapes. Address: Via Rialto, 25 – Roma.
  • Enoteca Buccone: One of the most traditional wine bars in Rome. It is filled with incredible wines, new and old vintages. Address: Via Di Ripetta, 19/20 – Rome.
  •  Enoteca Costantini: It is beautiful and it also offers whiskeys and saké. There are also tastings upon reservation. Address: Piazza Cavour, 16 – Rome.

Map with Wine Shops in Roma

Where to buy wines in Rome, Florence and Milan?
Source: Google Maps

2) Where to buy wines in Rome, Florence and Milan? IN FLORENCE

Let’s get to know now where to buy wines in Florence? Stay with our list with tips and information. Read also What is the best time to visit Italian wineries?

  •  Enoteca Alessi: One of the most beautiful in Florence, close to the Duomo. Address: Via delle Oche, 27 / red – Florence.
  • Bonatti Enoteca: In operation since 1934, it is one of the most complete and beautiful in the city! It is worth a visit! Address: Via V. Gioberti 66 / 68r – Florence.
  • Enoteca Obsequium: Besides being beautiful, it presents an impressive range of wines. It also has a restaurant and offers tastings. Address: Borgo S. Jacopo, 17 – Florence.
  • Enoteca Millesimi: With finer labels, it is ideal to buy wines as a gift. Address: Borgo Tegolaio, 33 / r – Florence.

Map with Wine Shops in Florence

Where to buy wines in Rome, Florence and Milan?
Source: Google Maps

3) Where to buy wines in Rome, Florence and Milan? IN MILAN

Now let’s know where to buy wines in Milan? Stay with our list with tips and information. Also read What are the types of Italian wines?

  • Enoteca El Vinnat: It works in the same place since 1964. It is full of charm, in addition to many label options. (Closed in August for the vacation!). Address: Via Leone Tolstoi, 49 – Milan.
  •  Enoteca Cotti: One of the most beautiful and complete enotecas in Milan! It’s been there since 1952! Address: Via Solferino, 42 – Milan.
  •  Enoteca Iemmallo: In addition to the immense variety of wines, it also sells grappa and other typical Italian drinks, such as limoncello. Address: Via Cardinal Federico Borromeo, 7 – Milan.
  • Cantine Isole: Ideal for those who want to buy wines that will be consumed more on a daily basis. Great prices, incredible service and delicious atmosphere! Address: Via Paolo Sarpi, 30 (corner with Via Arnolfo di Cambio, 1A) – Milan.

Map with Wine Shops in Milan

Where to buy wines in Rome, Florence and Milan?
Source: Google Maps

My Golden Tips

  • LOOK FOR WINES IN THE SUPERMARKETS! The variety of labels and values is AMAZING! Top quality wines for less than 20 euros: white, red, sparkling, sweet, dry … There is everything, for all tastes and for all budgets!
  • Gastronomic little markets can hide true enological treasures, especially ‘cantina’ wines, those made at home!
  • Buy at wineries! If you are going to visit any winery, take the opportunity to supply your winery: the values are excellent and the wines even better!
  • In some wine shops it is possible to do a tasting before buying the wine, inquire in the wine shop chosen by you to find out if it offers the service.
  •  Research the labels you would like to buy before traveling and compare the values. This is because, despite taxes, some Italian wines may be found in your country for very modest prices, and in this case, it is not worth bringing it from there since it would be six of one and half a dozen of the other!

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