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Where can I smoke in Italy?

Those who smoke know that the first thing that crosses their minds is: can I smoke here? With that in mind, we made a special post for smokers to say where you can and where you cannot smoke.

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Where can I smoke in Italy?

To smoke or not to smoke? That is the question! For those who smoke, there are certain times that are dedicated to ‘chimney art’: after meals, over coffee, or at a strategic stop for a drink. However, Italy, like many countries in Europe, fought a heavy battle against smoking: they restricted several places (including public ones) where smoking is allowed, increased the price of cigarettes and created very specific (and harsh) laws regarding smoking. But, anyway, where can I smoke in Italy? For those who can’t live without cigarettes, let’s talk EVERYTHING about the subject in this post! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


First of all, in 2014, Italy took heavy steps to reduce the number of smokers: it became mandatory to use ‘shocking’ images on cigarette packs along with black stripes and ‘smoking causes cancer’ phrases (among others ). Another attitude was to increase the value of cigarettes and taxes on the product, banning images of people smoking on TV and in the cinema (with exceptions for international productions). They also limited the weight of tobacco per cigarette, banned the sale of flavored cigarettes (mint, cinnamon, etc.), banned advertisements in the media, created a hotline for anyone who wants to quit smoking with the number printed on all packs and packages and they also banned the sale of electronic cigarettes. In other words, they are increasingly closing in on smokers.

Young Smokers

All of this, mainly, due to the huge number of young smokers in the 90s, it is estimated that one in three Italian teenagers smoked. In the last 15 years, the number of smokers has dropped to 20% of the total population, but still, for the Italian Ministry of Health, the number is huge! (Italy nowadays has about 62 million inhabitants).

2) Where can I smoke in Italy? LEARN THE FINES APPLIED IN ITALY

The government says the laws are not ‘against smokers, but against cigarette smoke!’ (?). There are fines for those who break the law; the values ​​vary between 25 and 250 euros, and can double if the smoker is caught smoking next to a pregnant woman or a child under 12! Owners of establishments that do not respect the standard will also pay (dearly!): In case of contempt the fines can vary between 200 and 2,000 euros!


Well, it is PROHIBITED to smoke in:

  • closed public places (shops, restaurants, malls, etc.);
  • beaches;
  • public squares;
  • under awnings (for hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.);
  • tables outside bars and restaurants (there is a minimum distance of 4 meters to be respected);
  • less than 10 meters from fairs and markets in open places;
  • less than 10 meters from squares with children’s toys;
  • less than 4 meters at the entrance to the train and subway stations;
  • at train stations;
  • in hotel rooms;
  • in the car.

Important Informations

  • It is also prohibited to throw the butt on the floor, which can lead to a fine of 50 Euros. You must put out the cigarette and throw it in the trash!
  • The ‘no smoking’ sign is the universal one (red) and may contain ‘Vietato Fumare’ (no smoking) and / or ‘Area Non Fumatore’ (non-smoking area).


  • In areas for smokers! The areas are indicated by a blue sign that says ‘Area Fumatori’ (smoking area) and, in several cities, there is a kind of awning with the indication.
  • At airports and some train and subway stations, outside, there is a yellow line with a black sign on the floor that indicates that smoking is allowed there; inside airports, it is very common to have a type of ‘Smoking Point’, which is a cabin with a differentiated ventilation system, where you enter and smoke without major problems.
  • ATTENTION: smoking points exist only in the largest airports, NOT in the smallest ones, O.K.?
  • When in doubt, just ask: ‘Posso fumare in questo posto?‘ (Can i smoke in that place?).

Gold Tip

  • Take your cigarette from home! Cigarettes in Italy are QUITE EXPENSIVE! So only buy it, at all, as a last resort, O.K.?!

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Where can I smoke in Italy? Those who smoke know that what they hear most is ‘why don’t you stop smoking?’, but only those who smoke also know the pleasure that a cigarette can offer in different situations, so if you don’t smoke, don’t judge your friend because he does! And if you are a smoker: respect those who don’t smoke, O.K.?! That way, everyone can live well, in peace, with or without a cigarette!

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